Top 10 Killer Robots In Video Games



Top 10 Killer Robots In Video Games

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Christopher Lozano
Because you can never have enough deadly automatons! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Killer Robots in Video Games. For this list, we'll be looking at those mechanical monstrosities which are very good at what they do, namely killing humans.

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Because you can never have enough deadly automatons! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Killer Robots in Video Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those mechanical monstrosities which are very good at what they do, namely killing humans.

#10: Metal Sonic

“Sonic The Hedgehog” series (1991-)

Dr. Robotnik may be an evil genius, but we have to wonder if the irony is lost on him that his deadliest creation got as far as it did because it was a metallic clone of his blue nemesis. Designed to match Sonic in almost every way, including speed, Metal Sonic is obsessed with proving his superiority. While he would inevitably go on to be defeated by his organic counterpart over and over again (much like his creator) you can't help but admire Metal Sonic's persistence. He's so committed to taking out his target he's even abandoned the good doctor and tried his luck as a solo villain on multiple occasions.

#9: P-Jack

“Tekken” series (1994-)

Also known as Prototype Jack, this buff bot may have been the first draft for what would eventually become an assembly line of mechanised-fighters, but even in its earliest stages this thing still packed one hell of a wallop. It may have essentially been a training dummy made to test the newer models, but several years and tournaments later, P-Jack is still kicking around and showing its replacements why its the O.G robot of the King of the Iron Fist. Just because he's rather clunky looking doesn't mean you should be any less afraid of its capacity to terminate!

#8: Sektor and Cyrax

“Mortal Kombat" series (1992-)

What's more dangerous than a ninja? How about a ninja that has had it's entire body converted into a cybernetic tool of destruction. The Lin Kuei obviously don't do anything by half measures. Taking two of the clan's most loyal members and converting them into the now iconic, colour-coded death machines, Cyrax and Sektor are armed to the teeth with weaponry that can even bring down targets as capable as the second Sub-Zero. While Cyrax may have struggled to retain his humanity over the course of the franchise, Sektor is more than content to just burn everything in his path

#7: Legion

“Mass Effect 2” (2010)

Even among the technical marvels that are the Geth, this particular unit stands out as something special. Far more than just another machine with an itchy trigger finger, this independent platform has hundreds of programs coursing through its system, capable of both speech and interact with organic life forms like any other average Joe. An average Joe with a galaxy's arm's worth of knowledge, but still. While he may be more open to verbal communication compared to the rest of his brethren, don't think he won't snipe your ass down if it means putting a stop to the Old Machines!

#6: HK-47

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” (2003)

You know you've got some major cred among Droids when your creator is none other than THE Darth Revan, even more so when you're built with the express purpose of blasting apart said Sith's enemies. Alas, it's days of hunting down Jedi following the Mandalorian War eventually came to an end when it was damaged, never to shoot another meat-bag again. Or so it thought, as it would eventually find itself returning into the possession of the infamous Dark Lord, albeit with both suffering some heavy memory loss. No matter if its in service to the light or dark side of the force, this bot is just happy to drop bodies!

#5: A2

“NieR: Automata” (2017)

You can call her YoRHa Type A No.2, you can call her A2, you can call her the baddest robo-bitch on the block, but remember that if you cross her, you will get skewered. A renegade android with no love for those still cleaning to YoRHa's lies, A2 went from elusive traitor to a tragic heroine that ended up taking over the mantle of 2B following her harrowing death. Her inner turmoil over the fate of her fallen comrades as well as her own tragic existence is only matched by her fierceness in battle. Just when you think she's another run of the mill scantily clad android, she pulls out something like B-Mode. Do not get in her way!

#4: Machines

“Horizon Zero Dawn” (2017)

There are some things that just go naturally together. Who would have guessed robots and dinosaurs would be one of them? In the wake of humanity's collapse and a machine uprising that pretty much took everything back to the dark ages, these mechanical predators are now very much the dominant species. While some exhibit the appearances and traits of more complacent creatures like gazelles, they aren't the ones you need to worry about. No, no, you need to worry about the lovechild between a T-Rex and a military base. Also known as a Thunderjaw. You don't know fear until you see this thing chasing you down with its settings set to exterminate. Run Aloy!

#3: Bastion

“Overwatch” (2016)

You say High Noon? We'll raise you a Configuration: Tank. What was once a peacekeeping force of highly capable sentries is now a lone machine with plenty of firepower to its name, but in constant struggle to not fall under the influence of its old programming and start laying siege to cities! Of course, when you need to clear the field of rival players, it's more than capable thanks to its three modes. Whether its letting loose a hail of machine gun fire, transforming into a turret or bringing the pain with an explosive cannon, this ironclad hero is bound to bring you a swift victory!

#2: Liberty Prime

"Fallout" series (1997-)

If someone were to ask you to picture a giant killer robot, there’s a good chance this gargantuan mecha would come to mind. Built to combat communists and pretty much anything else anti-American, this symbol of order in the post-apocalyptic world is a tad more hands on than something like the Statue of Liberty. After all, you don't see her tossing atomic bombs at the enemies of capitalism. In addition to tossing nukes like they're softballs, Liberty Prime also shoots laser beams out of its eyes, because, come on, why wouldn't it? Of course, the only thing better than its world ending weaponry is the hilarious propaganda it spouts while vaporising everything in the immediate vicinity.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


“Crash Twinsanity” (2004)

The Robot Masters

"Mega Man" series (1987-)


“Killer Instinct” series (1994-2013)

Marko Dragic's Robot

"Red Dead Redemption 2" (2018)

#1: Raiden

"Metal Gear" series

Honestly, with this guy the line between human and soulless killing machine is constantly blurred! Born during the first Liberian Civil War, the future lightning bolt was taken under the tutelage of Solidus Snake and turned into a child soldier, earning himself the apt nickname of Jack the Ripper. What became of hime? Oh you now, now he's a cyborg warrior with a penchant for swords, slicing his enemies to shreds, occasionally teaming up with Solid Snake and defending the free world from crazed Senators who played football in college, that's what! Doesn't matter how technologically advanced you are, you will never beat the Rain Transformed in terms of badassery.