Top 10 Fairy Tail Final Season Moments (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

VOICE OVER: Todd Haberkorn WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
All of you had better get fired up because its time to go out with a bang! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fairy Tail Final Season Moments.
Top 10 Fairy Tail Final Season Moments
All of you had better get fired up because its time to go out with a bang! Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fairy Tail Final Season Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most awesome moments to come out of Fairy Tail’s last outing. Ready your dragon cries!

#10: Bluenote Gets Roasted

Don’t you just love when arrogant scumbags that were previously uber-powered get their due? In this instance, the former member of Grimoire Heart found himself with ashes in mouth after he tried his luck against Wendy and her lot with his gravity magic…only for Natsu to swing in at the last second. Thanks to his intense training, not only was he able to brush off the gravity manipulation like it was nothing, but he also scorched Bluenote so badly he likely got flashbacks to the time Gildarts wrecked him in an equally humiliating manner.

#9: END vs Corrupted Gray

It’s a battle of the dark sides! After the apparent deaths of Lucy and Juvia, Fairy Tail’s resident hothead and ice bro find themselves giving into their inner evils, with Natsu unleashing the Etharious within him along with a single-minded drive to exterminate Zeref, while Gray lets his demon out the bag in order to destroy END once and for. Match meet dynamite. It’s a brawl tainted with misplaced hatred given how the two frenemies are being driven by their darkest urges, thought thankfully Erza is there to knock some sense into them before they cross too many lines.

#8: Pairings Confirmed!

That’s right people, the ships have sailed! All of them, in fact. Kind of. As the cast reunite in celebration of Lucy’s literary achievement, its quickly revealed that all our favourite wizards have been getting busy! Gray finally admitted that he wants a piece of Juvia, Gajeel and Levy apparently have a little one on the way, Laxus is quite possibly involved with three of Fairy Tail’s most desirable ladies, Erza and Jellal have been given the chance to be reunited, even Zeref and Mavis got their own happy ending, in a timey-wimey sort of way. As for Natsu and Lucy…we’ll get to that.

#7: Gray vs Invel

This is what happens when you rob the shirtless wonder of his liquid lover. After being bound to The Winter General’s ice magic, both Gray and Juvia choose to make the ultimate sacrifice as opposed to being forced to kill each other by Invel’s control. Just when it looks like both have kicked the bucket, Juvia uses the last of her strength to heal her crush. Naturally, Gray is a tad heartbroken over this, causing him to brandish his demon side before getting some swift payback against Invel courtesy of a sub-zero beatdown.

#6: Natsu vs Zeref: The Finale

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again until you burn down the son of a bitch that nearly killed your guild mates! In the final clash between these two embittered brothers, Natsu’s flames appear to be no match for Zeref’s ancient magic, especially when he absorbs the Fairy Heart’s power to push himself into the realm of omnipotence. Does that stop Natsu? Of course not! He just burns his way through space, time and whatever else the dark mage throws at him through the ever-expanding power of the Dragon Force until he knocks Zeref’s immortal ass down for the count.

#5: The Truth Behind END

It’s the reveal we were all waiting for. In one hell of an exposition drop that casts light over both the dragons and dragon slayers we’ve all come to love, Zeref informs Natsu that he is one of his creations, the ultimate weapon designed to finally put a stop to his immortality – Etharious Natsu Dragneel. Then you’ve got all the crap that happened four hundred years ago, the origins of Wendy, Gajeel and the rest, Igneel’s plans, etc. Honestly it’s no surprise Natsu somewhat blows a gasket and tries to give the dark wizard another taste of his Fire Dragon King Mode!

#4: Makarov’s Sacrifice

By far the most heart-breaking moment of the final season, the parting words of the old geezer as he gives his life to protect his kids will hit you right in the feels…along with the sight of him purging the life out of the encroaching berserker Alvarez army. While Fairy Law manages to waste the enemy before they can execute anyone else, the toll for wiping out so many is just a tad too much for the Guild Master to take, turning his body to nothing more than a pale shell. While he does eventually get revived, the initial impact here is still sublime.

#3: Erza vs Irene

It’s the non-stop daughter vs mother battle that we didn’t know we wanted. Even if you ignore the bad blood between these two (stemming from how Irene simply saw Erza as a runaway host body that she’s now determined to steal back) you’ve still got the epic visual feast that is Erza and Wendy battling against intense enchantments, body-swaps, a fight against an incoming meteor, and of course, Irene’s last desperate transformation into a dragon, which Erza promptly slays in spite of the fact that ninety percent of her body has been paralysed! Holy crap people!

#2: 100 Year Quest

And just like that, that tale of Salamander, his flying cat and the beautiful blonde comes to a close. While some might find the apparent absence of a love confession “slightly” irritating, seeing the trio come full circle and set out on a new adventure is in its own way rather delightful. Not only is Lucy able to reminisce about how far she’s come as a person and all the connections she’s made, but once again gets roped into another one of Natsu’s escapades, where they and the rest of the guild embark on Fairy Tail’s enigmatic 100 Year Quest. So much for final!

#1: Dragon Slayers vs Acnologia

Its only fitting that the final boss of the franchise would be none other than an evil as hell dragon, one so powerful that while its outer form brings destruction to all, his inner self plans to seal away every Dragon Slayer as fuel for his rampage. In turn, it falls to the combined magic of Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Laxus, Sting, Rogue and Erik to bring down the Dragon King once and for all. With bombastic visuals, plenty of heart and one hell of a blazing conclusion courtesy of a Seven-Flame-Imbued Natsu, this battle gives everyone a time to shine as the Dragon of the Apocalypse is put down with one last punch.