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VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Jarett Burke
Geralt of Rivia has a few flings across the Witcher video game trilogy. His two main love interests are Yennefer of Vandenberg and Triss Merigold. They have a confusing and open-ended love triangle, and we are here to break it all down for you.
If – like a lot of gamers – you’ve only played “The Witcher 3” and not the first two games, then you were probably super confused as to who Geralt should be romancing and why. It seemed like he’d known Yennefer the longest (Who could forget that opening scene!), but then there’s this other red-headed babe who’s interested in the White Wolf as well. Choices! Choices! What to do?! What to do?! Well, we don’t want to lead you in one direction or the other, but we will provide some background information on Geralt’s relationship with both women (and how Yenn and Triss know each other as well), so you can make a more informed romantic choice the next time you get the itch to fire up “The Witcher 3” again…

We’ll start off with Geralt and Yennefer’s relationship that goes back to the books written by Andrej Sapkowski. Geralt first met Yennefer after seeking out a sorceress to heal his injured friend Dandelion. As, you see, Dandelion had found and released a Djinn (otherwise known as a genie) while on a fishing trip and was gravely injured in the process of doing so. Yennefer agreed to heal Dandelion but, unbeknownst to Geralt, she only agreed to do so because she wanted to use Dandelion to harvest the Djinn’s power for herself. But, she’s unable to capture the Djinn and its power because it was actually linked to Geralt and not Dandelion the whole time -answering Geralt’s wishes all along. After this new information is known, Yennefer refused to give up on trying to capture the Djinn, and Geralt came to realize that the genie is far more powerful than Yennefer thinks and could easily kill her. It’s during this time that Geralt sees Yennefer’s true form (that of a formerly deformed child in an abusive family) and falls in love with her and wishes to protect her from the Djinn. So, he uses his last wish to somehow link his and Yennefer’s destinies together, ensuring she survives the Djinn’s wrath. And, thus began Geralt and Yennefer’s on-and-off-again relationship where they cycle through periods of passionate love and also mistrust and promiscuity. Though Geralt loves Yennefer, she is always confused whether her feelings for Geralt are her own or whether – somehow through the Djinn’s magic – she is forced to love Geralt against her own will, thus leading to rocky times in their relationship.

Before discussing Geralt’s relationship with Triss Merigold, it’s important to first explore Triss’ relationship with Yennefer, as the two have known each other for far longer than either has known Geralt. Yennefer and Triss are both sorceresses and are members of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Thus, they share a history together as members of a one-time overlooked group and a one-time persecuted group. Though Geralt gets in the way of their friendship, it’s important to remember that they were friends and comrades long before Geralt ever entered the picture and remain so even after the affair.

Geralt and Triss’ relationship began after he was killed at The Massacre of Rivia (the uprising against non-humans that killed and injured many, including Yennefer). After he was revived (with the help of Ciri), Geralt suffered from severe amnesia and couldn’t remember his past with Yennefer. It’s during this time that Geralt met Triss and the two began a torrid love affair while at Kaer Morhen. Triss was taking care of young Ciri at the time, and when Geralt returned with no memory, she developed feelings for him and chose not to tell Geralt about his past with Yennefer. Instead, she seduced Geralt and for much of the first two video games they remained in a steamy relationship together. But, Yennefer soon found out about Triss’ betrayal (and angrily confronted her about it), but it doesn’t severe the friendship altogether as she ultimately forgave her, seeing it as a minor incident and something not worth throwing away a long-term friendship over. Also, Yennefer not only blames Triss but she puts a hefty part of the blame on Geralt as well (despite not having his memory). In fact, there are many times when Yennefer takes out all her frustration about the affair solely on Geralt, not wishing to complicate her relationship with Triss any further.

In “The Witcher 3,” Geralt regains his memory and he and Triss split up. And, at this point, it’s really up to the player to decide whom Geralt should romance and whom he should snub. Should he go for the destined romance with Yennefer or should he go for the hot fling with Triss? Well, hopefully with the help of this short explanation it’ll make your choice easier the next time you’re playing “The Witcher 3.” Or, it could just make you want to romance them both!!