Top 10 Jinkx Monsoon Moments on RuPaul’s Drag Race



Top 10 Jinkx Monsoon Moments on RuPaul's Drag Race

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These Jinkx Monsoon moments from RuPaul's Drag Race hit us like a storm. For this list we're showcasing Monsoon's best accomplishments from her time on Drag Race. Our countdown includes her courtroom scene, bad swimmer, commentary during telenovela, and more!
Batten down the hatches, there's a storm coming...and it's fabulous. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jinkx Monsoon Moments from RuPaul's Drag Race.

For this list we're showcasing Monsoon's best accomplishments from her time on "Drag Race." We're basing our choices on a mix of absurd humor, unique glam and the unusual charm that gave her time in the competition so much life. We'll be going over JInkx's whole season so a SPOILER ALERT is in order.

#10: Her Courtroom Scene
"The Final Three, Hunty"

As season five of "Drag Race" was wrapping up, RuPaul had the top three queens play three roles in a courtroom drama. Jinkx Monsoon fired on all cylinders, as a laughably shaky attorney with a wacky accent. Her witness character also had the most excitingly dramatic reading of their "A Few Good Men" reference. Though we got a taste of Jinkx's ability to act while joking in the "Crying game" challenge, (xref) she revealed much more comedic range here. She had Alaska laughing at her character motivations for goodness sake. And with the amount of polish that Monsoon had added to her drag over the season, this scene proved she'd grown as a performer.

#9: Delusion Fragrance
"Scent of a Drag Queen"

For a parody bit on the show, Jinkx created a perfume commercial about a new scent called Delusion. But before she even sat down to film, Monsoon already had her models laughing at the silly story behind their poses. Her goofy use of legs was interestingly more suggestive than the judges wanted, although they were giggling during her filming session nonetheless. All of JInkx's lip licking and zany faces made for great slapstick too. Though it was her dream narrative and the idea that her fragrance would make users believe in their seductive qualities that elevated this above her other comedic skits.

#8: Bad Swimmer
"RuPaullywood or Bust"

To gauge everyone's talent from the first episode, RuPaul got his queens to jump in the water for a photo challenge. It was hard not to crack up when Jinkx panicked about the water, and sank her modeling. As she comically interjected about her inability to swim, her already humorous flailing only looked funnier. Plus Monsoon had the laughable misfortune of being blinded immediately. Jinkx perfectly accented her messy performance by explaining just how traumatically she'd been taught to swim. So while most queens stumbling over their outfit and body would be a misstep, Monsoon failed so spectacularly that it was memorable in the end.

#7: Day of the Dead Chic
"Drama Queens"

After performing in a Spanish-fuelled soap opera, Jinkx and her fellow contestants had to hit the runway to a similarly Latin-inspired theme. And as her opponents mostly flashed some warm colors and Selena-like frocks, Monsoon took unique inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The reveal of her captivating skull makeup was powerful enough to leave Ru breathless. And Jinkx's use of stripes and a layered skirt added a strong mix of patterns to the already spooky look. The makeup alone was a significant step-up from her competitors' homogenous outfits. Monsoon's outside-the-box concept reminded fans she wasn't only a thoughtful queen, but one who could spin her knowledge into a knockout runway.

#6: Water off a Duck's Back
Multiple Episodes

When Jinkx got nervous about the judges' critiques and roadblocks in the competition, she often resorted to a surprisingly cute mantra. Her avian catchphrase popped up in the workroom and when she was on stage plenty of times. Adorable as it was, the message of treating mean words like harmless water was a powerful idea. The phrase also helped Jinkx show her more vulnerable side as a nervous person, especially given how often she would repeat it. Heck, even RuPaul praised Monsoon's signature line. Coping mechanism or just great branding, "Water off a duck's back" cemented Jinkx as a relatable queen who could still be both anxious and fabulous.

#5: Can I Get an Amen
"Can I Get an Amen?"

Since Jinkx Monsoon had bragged about her singing training, expectations were high for her contributions on a song recording. Monsoon beautifully stacked harmonies with her teammates, and avoided stealing the limelight during other people's lines. But as nice as her own verse was, her high note absolutely blew the socks off of everyone else's vocals. Jinkx sustained her solo for well over ten seconds, before she shockingly brought it back into the mix. It was so remarkable to hear in fact, that it was difficult not to laugh when Roxxxy Andrews mean comments were placed mid-solo. With all the growling fills Monsoon fit in too, "Can I Get an Amen?" was truly when Jinkx revealed that she had talent and then some.

#4: Roast
"RuPaul Roast"

Halfway through season five, the judges put comedy first with both a trip to the library and a Roast. Jinkx wasted no time tearing down her opponents on the stage, and used her transition from Coco Montrese to mock her in the most hysterically lewd way possible. However it was Monsoon's comical stop in a much crasser joke about Michelle that had Ru screaming with laughter. Jinkx also took the unusual approach of complementing RuPaul's kindness, only to leave us in tears at her insult to her fellow queens. Jinkx's confidence and smart delivery was good enough to earn some career praise from Leslie Jordan. Though ultimately it was Monsoon's knack of getting all her targets chuckling that kept her routine so enjoyable.

#3: Commentary During Telenovela
"Drama Queens"

For a Latin soap opera challenge, Jinkx ended up working on a team with Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese. Despite being paired with such seasoned queens, Monsoon gave comedic gravitas to her lines and her reaction looks. The cherry on top was her feedback on the confession cams, where she hilariously summed up her over-the-top style with plenty of rolled R's. And her loud moans were so excessively funny that Ru used her as the benchmark to motivate her teammates. Then again, her side-splitting jab at Alyssa was worth all of that poor acting. By injecting so much personality into the script and honing in on details, Jinkx presented one of her most iconic performances.

#2: Candy Lip Sync
"Sugar Ball"

A rough set of sweet-themed outfits landed Jinkx in the bottom two, where she would lip sync to the cheesy operatic style of "Malambo Number One" against Detox. Luckily the comedic energy of the intense vocals allowed Monsoon's zany faces to steal the show. Every "Wao wao wao" saw her laughably twirl her hips and use her critiqued dress for giggles. Though her Latin-inspired dance steps didn't hurt either. Even Alaska couldn't deny Jinkx danced circles around Detox. But it was Monsoon's ability to tie her comedy into consistent choreography that earned her another chance at the competition.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Crush on Ivy
"Scent of a Drag Queen"

Playing off Her Hair
"Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza"

"RuPaul Roast"

"Draggle Rock"

Magic Bush
"Draggle Rock"

#1: Snatch Game as Little Edie
"Snatch Game"

Rather than playing a modern celebrity for her turn on "Snatch Game," Jinkx took a risk on obscure film star Little Edie. Though the reference might not have landed with everyone, Monsoon comically played up Edie's elderly character. Between her poor spelling bits and a magnifying glass prop, Jinkx's silly antics got RuPaul wheezing repeatedly. She managed to swoop in on Ivy Winters' misstep on a Kennedy gag, and turn it into a brilliant riff of her own. This well researched character saw Monsoon improvising laughably throughout the "Snatch Game" to outdo her other comedic highlights on Season five.