Top 10 Cringiest Love Is Blind Moments



Top 10 Cringiest Love Is Blind Moments

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Love hurts and the cringiest Love Is Blind moments are proof. For this list, we'll be looking at the most awkward moments from this Netflix reality show. Our countdown includes the group dinner, Cameron rapping, runaway bride, and more!
Is love blind? Probably….not. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cringiest Love Is Blind Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most awkward moments from this Netflix reality show. And for those of you who have yet to watch the show, a spoiler alert is now in effect.

#10: The Group Dinner
"Couples Retreat"

During the show’s fourth episode, the couples all had dinner together shortly after learning that they’d all be staying at the same resort. In a sequence not unlike the “Summer Nights” scene from “Grease”, the men and women separate and discuss what did or did not happen in the privacy of their rooms. Although they never explicitly stated what that took place, it was largely hinted at. As the men were boasting about their evenings, it was clear that poor Mark wasn’t exactly happy about how things were going for him.

#9: Damian and Gigi Arguing
"Moving in Together"

After the remaining couples all moved into the same apartment building together, they faced the challenge of having to deal with both internal and external conflicts. For Barnett’s birthday, Amber decided to throw him a party and invite all their “Love Is Blind” buddies. What could possibly go wrong? While their relationship initially seemed like a couple we’d want to root for, Damian and Giannina pretty much ruined the evening when they got into a massive fight because of something awkward Damian said to Lauren. It all ended with Damian leaving in a huff, leaving viewers to wonder what they were even arguing about in the first place.

#8: Cameron Rapping
"Meet the Parents"

Fan favorite couple Cameron and Lauren provided viewers with some of the show’s most romantic moments, but also some of the creepiest. When Cameron goes to meet Lauren’s mom, it becomes pretty clear that he’s trying to make a good first impression. So what better way to impress your fiance’s mother than by not only mentioning that you were once in a rap group back in college, but to then proceed and rap in front of her. Being that he’s already pretty awkward, doing this in the interest of wowing Lauren’s mother certainly doesn’t seem to help the situation at all.

#7: Amber’s Student Debt
"Moving in Together"

While some of the couples clearly had some deep and serious conversations right off the bat, the same can’t exactly be said for Amber and Barnett. Despite having a strong physical connection, they were soon forced to get real about some more practical issues, including the fact that Amber had some serious student debt that she had yet to pay off. This is the sort of info that you’d probably like to have before you ask someone to be your wife, so it’s understandable why Barnett wasn’t exactly pleased.

#6: The Pod Date
"Countdown to I Do's"

By the show’s eighth episode, Mark and Jessica’s relationship was clearly unraveling despite having such promising beginnings. The first episode saw them forming a great connection in their pods, with Jessica seeming sure that Mark was the one for her despite their major age gap. But things started to look less rosy as the season wore on, and at one point Mark resorted to essentially recreating their pod dates by having them converse while being in different rooms. It seemed like a desperate move of a man who knew this relationship was not working in the real world.

#5: Jessica Flirting with Barnett on His Birthday
"Moving in Together"

We already talked about Barnett’s birthday, but we actually have yet to discuss the cringiest incident which took place. Despite ending up with different partners, it was pretty clear that there was still some tension between Barnett and Jessica, especially considering how he rejected her after she was convinced that he was going to propose. But, despite the way he treated her, it was evident that she still had a thing for him when she unabashedly flirted with him after a few drinks. The fact that he was not returning her feelings was incredibly obvious and makes this scene all the more difficult to watch, especially when she tries to imply that neither of their relationships are working.

#4: Runaway Bride
"The Weddings"

Though several couples were getting ready to walk down the aisle, the audience knew that it wouldn’t end happily ever after for all of them. After their relationship had gotten increasingly rocky, Damian and Giannina had different ideas of what they each wanted during the wedding. While Gigi was ready to try and make things work, Damian had second thoughts. Overcome with emotion after being rejected, Gigi decided to dramatically run away. Why did she literally have to run? Where was she planning on going? Perhaps we’ll never know.

#3: The Carlton Blowup
"Couples Retreat"

As we watched Carlton and Diamond’s relationship progress, we became more and more concerned about the information he was confessing to the cameras but not sharing with his fiance. When they went to Mexico as an engaged couple, he decided to finally reveal to her that he had relationships with both men and women in the past. Considering the circumstances, her initial reaction was fair. But after meeting with each other the next day, he blew up right away and made the entire situation far more dramatic than it needed to be. As their discussions went on, it became clear that Carlton couldn’t be reasoned with and should probably learn a thing or two on how to be respectful towards women.

#2: Damian and Gigi’s Sex Fight
"Meet the Parents"

While their relationship may have begun with no physical contact whatsoever, Damian and Gigi were quick to make up for lost time when they had the chance, with Gigi seeming particularly eager. Fast forward a few episodes later, their sex life became a point of contention and Gigi didn’t mince words. Ouch! Talk about being honest. We can’t help but feel bad for Damian during this scene. Despite how much this made us cringe (and probably laugh), the moment also served as a clear indication that things weren’t going to work out between these two.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Amber Meeting Barnett's Family

Phone Fight Round Two

The Random Boat Argument

The “Days Without Sex” Scene

Damian and Gigi’s Proposal

#1: Messica
Various Episodes

If there was one break out internet star from “Love Is Blind”, it had to be Jessica. Viewers loved to hate her but you’ve got to admit, she definitely made things interesting. We’re not exactly sure how anyone fell for her without ever seeing her face considering she sounds like a baby. But hey, we never even thought about sharing a glass of wine with our dog before she did! Throughout the season she gets drunk (a lot), goes after the wrong guy and is for the most part a trainwreck. We’re honestly pretty happy she didn’t go through with her wedding to Mark because that guy deserves better.