Top 10 Shocking Moments from Love, Death and Robots

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Biswajit Guha
These shocking moments had our heads spinning! For this list, we'll be looking at the moments from this animated anthology series that made our jaws drop. Our countdown includes "Automated Customer Service", "The Witness", "Beyond the Aquila Rift", and more!

Top 10 Shocking Moments from Love, Death and Robots

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Shocking Moments from Love, Death and Robots.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the moments from this animated anthology series that made our jaws drop. We'll also be considering moments from both seasons. And yes, we're heading into spoiler territory.

Which moments made you stare at your screen in silence? Let us know down below!

#10: Purge Mode

"Automated Customer Service"
When you see this futuristic retirement community, you can't help but lean back and relax. Robotic helpers take care of everything for the residents twenty-four/seven. The Vacuubot, an AI vacuum for one of the residents, starts getting a bit pushy. After some passive-aggressive rearranging and giving a certain haircut, the resident tries to turn the Vacuubot off and on again to reset it. This triggers its 'Purge mode' setting. From there on out, things just keep escalating. Although she’s eventually able to destroy it, its destruction sets an alert causing every robot to hunt her until her DNA is wiped off the face of the Earth. It’s a scenario that seems somewhat plausible in the distant future, but one we’d least expect considering the setting and environment.

#9: Blindsided

"Snow in the Desert"
Snow is a wanted man and hides on a scorched planet. Everyone is after his regenerative ability which makes him essentially immortal. He doesn't take kindly to people trying to capture and experiment on him, which puts him at odds with Baris, a local crime boss. After tussling with some bounty hunters, he is saved by Hirald, an Earth Central Intelligence agent. When Baris and more bounty hunters later track down Snow, Hirald comes to his rescue again but is shot. One would think that she’s down for the count considering the power of the blast, but just when all hope seems lost for Snow, she comes to his rescue in epic fashion. If ever pursued by bounty hunters, make sure you’re with a synthetic being. They might really come in handy.

#8: The Twist

"Sonnie's Edge"
This episode takes place in a dystopian society where back-alley beast brawls are common. People control these beasts using neural links and fight to the death. Dicko, an appropriately named organiser, tries to strong-arm Sonnie into throwing her fight, but she refuses. We witness Sonnie and her beast, Khanivore, in action, and she’s able to win her fight by a hair. Everyone presumes that her thirst for vengeance after experiencing a traumatic event is what gives Sonnie her edge in order to win her battles. So when confronted by Dicko and his companion, Jennifer, we are just as confused as they are when it's revealed that her human body is nothing but a puppet. We soon learn that her edge derives from the fact that her consciousness is actually in her beast, meaning that whenever she steps into the ring, she is fighting for her life.

#7: The Cats

"Three Robots"
The idea of cats ruling the world might seem far-fetched, but you might think otherwise after watching this bit. Three robots take a trip to what remains of the Earth after all the humans are wiped out. They come across a cat and carry it with them since they're unsure if it'll explode if they stop petting it. One of the robots explains that humanity probably went extinct because we neglected our planet, also adding that it probably didn't help that cats were genetically modified to have opposable thumbs. It's then that the cat speaks and demands that he be pet forever. We may never look at cats the same way ever again. Thanks guys!

#6: Gift Delivery Gone Wrong

"All Through the House"
You better watch out, you better not cry… okay, crying is a very appropriate response in this instance. A brother and sister wake up to the sounds of someone being noisy in their living room. They assume it's Santa and rush down to get a glimpse of him. Instead of seeing a jolly old man with a white beard, it's a monster looking like it came straight out of a Guillermo del Toro movie. After having its fill of milk and cookies, it corners them. And if that wasn’t surprising enough, it unexpectedly confirms that they are nice and then vomits the gifts they had asked for. To say that the children are traumatized might be an understatement. Broll [04:36 “Billy what would have happened if we weren’t good?”] We’re wondering the same thing kids, we’re wondering the same thing.

#5: The Cycle

"The Witness"
At the start of each episode, three symbols appear that foreshadow what's to come. One of three for this episode is an ouroboros, and rightfully so. A woman witnesses a murder and is pursued by the man who did it. The whole chase is grimy and feels oddly intimate. With thrill after thrill, it ends with her killing him… or so we think. She looks out of the window and sees the man she just killed in the opposite building. The ambiguity, along with the episode’s distinct art style, makes this shocking ending all the more baffling.

#4: The Pool Cleaner

"Zima Blue"
A mysterious solitary artist named Zima is preparing to unveil his long-awaited final piece. During a meeting with a journalist, he confesses that he was originally conceived as a simple machine whose sole purpose was to clean a swimming pool. This comes as a big surprise but what amps up the awe is his final piece. During the showing, he unveils the same pool from his past and as the world watches, he dives in, progressively losing his parts until all that’s left is the original pool cleaning device. They say that you should enjoy the little things, and for an artist like Zima, who was constantly searching for purpose in his work, this couldn’t be more true.

#3: The Arm Break

"Helping Hand"
This episode opens with an astronaut named Alexandria attempting to repair a faulty satellite. From out of nowhere, she is hit by a single stray screw that damages her suit and equipment. Flung into the nothingness of space, Alexandria can't cling to anything and is slowly losing oxygen as she drifts helplessly. She decides to remove her left glove and fling it in the opposite direction so she can reach her ship again. As soon as she removes her glove, her arm starts freezing. It is hard to watch her in pain but what will make you clutch your arm is when Alexandria fails to reach her ship by an inch and then takes extreme measures in a last ditch attempt to save herself. If you find yourself looking for a way to dissuade someone from travelling to space, this is it.

#2: No More Room

"Pop Squad"
With easily accessible immortality, a neo-noir setting and a stoic protagonist, this episode really popped. It takes place in a world where humanity has achieved immortality and everyone is allowed to enjoy it. There is a catch though; since no one can die of old age, overpopulation is inevitable. In order to prevent the population from growing further, it becomes illegal to have children. As a result, the police department regularly searches for "unregistered offspring." This leads to a grim and ghastly moment at the start of the episode where the protagonist has to do the unthinkable. Even though it happens off-screen, it will still stay with you.

#1: The Truth

"Beyond the Aquila Rift"
The crew of the 'Blue Goose' slip into hyper-sleep as their ship returns home. Unfortunately, there's an error in their coordinates and they end up way off course. When the crew wakes up, they are greeted by the Captain's old flame, Greta. He soon eventually realises that there is something very wrong with this space station and that Greta isn't really Greta. After an intense confrontation, she reveals the truth to him. He awakens to the sight of a giant hive full of ships and 'Greta', who is actually a spider-like being that spins this web of lies to comfort him. Prepare to feel your skin crawl after watching that and then seeing that the simulation repeats itself, much like “The Witness”.