Top 10 Worst Things Ellen Has Done



Top 10 Worst Things Ellen Has Done

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
She may be beloved by many, but Ellen DeGeneres can be quite the controversial figure. For this list, we'll be looking at various times in which Ellen DeGeneres displayed unsavory and/or shocking behavior. Our countdown includes not supporting the writer's strike, allegedly treating her staff like "peasants", making Kathy Griffin cry, and more!
Script written by Nathan Sharp

Top 10 Times Ellen Was the Worst

She may be popular, and beloved by many, but Ellen DeGeneres can be quite the controversial figure. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Ellen Was the Worst.

For this list, we’ll be looking at various times in which Ellen DeGeneres displayed unsavory behavior. This can come in the form of controversial moments on her show or allegations that were made against her in the media.

#10: Forgetting Katy Perry Was Married

Ellen has had a few problematic run-ins with poor Katy Perry. One came in October 2017, when Ellen referenced Katy’s breasts on Twitter while wishing her a happy birthday. The post was immediately labeled as sexist, and some people saw it as a double standard within the industry, especially amidst the #MeToo movement that was occurring at the time. Another instance occurred on Ellen’s show, when she told Katy Perry directly to her face that she was never married. Katy was forced to awkwardly remind her about Russell Brand, which probably wasn’t easy considering she battled depression after the divorce. To make matters worse, Katy had to remind Ellen that she gave her wedding gifts on the show…

#9: Making Kathy Griffin Cry

There have long been rumors and allegations that Ellen is not nearly as friendly as her public persona suggests. In fact, Kathy Griffin references this in her book “Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index,” saying that Ellen has “a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about.” While Kathy doesn’t explicitly mention Ellen’s name, she accidentally revealed that the allegations were about Ellen while promoting the book. This caused Ellen to call her up, and as Kathy recalls, “I think she had a thought that she was going to…put me in my place.” The two proceeded to fight over the phone, and when Kathy eventually hung up, she “sobbed like a baby.” Her words, not ours. Let's move on!

#8: Calling Out Nancy

May we present to you one of the most controversial bits in “Ellen” history. To test the honesty of her audience, Ellen and her team set up hidden cameras in the gift shop and placed them near a free swag table. The catch? You could only take one free item. Well, good ol' Nancy took more than one item. So, Ellen decided to call her out – in front of everyone and on camera! – and proceeded to make her sit in “Ellen jail,” which was a very high seat to the side of the stage. Yeah, the whole thing is most likely staged, but still, that just proves how fake and manufactured these “hilarious” “skits” really are…

#7: Annoying Celebrities

By times Ellen can be so annoying that even her guests can’t hide their frustration. Every now and again, Ellen does some kind of remote segment where she takes celebrities out and does silly things with them in public. And inevitably some end in the guest telling Ellen how annoying she is. Two great examples of this happening are Michelle Obama and Cher. When Ellen took Michelle Obama shopping to prepare her for life outside the White House, it ended with Michelle telling Ellen that she’s “really annoying.” Meanwhile Cher's clip sees her and Ellen styling hair for some fans. And wouldn’t you know it, it ends with Ellen making fun of Cher’s lyrics and Cher calling Ellen “a bitch.”

#6: Not Working with Howard Stern

Remember when Ellen was a judge on “American Idol?” Back in 2010, Ellen and Howard Stern were embroiled in some drama when it was announced that Stern was potentially taking over for Simon Cowell. Ellen wasn’t having any of that, and she allegedly claimed that she would leave the show if Stern was brought in. Howard reciprocated, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I won’t work with Ellen. She’s out if I come in.” He was a bit more candid on his radio show, saying, “I’m not going to sit there with her – that dummy.” Luckily, they seem to have made up, and Ellen revealed on Stern’s show that hosting “American Idol” was “one of the worst decisions [she'd] ever made.”

#5: Dakota Johnson’s Birthday Party

If you’re not going to show up to someone’s birthday party, you better have a solid excuse. Ellen didn’t. This awkward interaction began when Ellen claimed that she wasn’t invited to Dakota Johnson’s birthday party. Dakota, however, did invite Ellen, she just didn't show up. Ellen’s crew vaguely responded that she was “out of town,” and Ellen answered in agreement by saying she “had that thing.” When Ellen “remembered” that she had been invited, she said that Malibu was too far away. So, to recap: she lied to Dakota by saying she wasn’t invited, she didn’t give Dakota an excuse for not showing up, only to claim that the party was “too far away.” Some friend…

#4: She Didn’t Support the Writers’ Strike

From November 2007 to February 2008, Hollywood went through the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America Strike, centered on increased funding and profits for professional film and television writers. Ellen was identified as the first scab of the strike, as she crossed the picket lines and went back to work after just one day of protesting alongside her writers. The WGA East subsequently declared that Ellen was “not welcome” in New York following her decision, and scathingly stated that she “couldn’t even stand by her writers for more than one day – writers who have helped make her extremely successful.”

#3: People Can’t Talk to Her on Set... Allegedly

If any stock is to be found in anonymous “insider sources,” then Ellen really isn’t a good person to work for. For one, you literally can’t even speak to her. Radar Online has alleged that only a select few employees are allowed to speak to Ellen on set. They claim that employees are also expected to turn their backs to Ellen as she walks by, which to us sounds a little extreme and gossip-y, but hey, it could be true. The source is directly quoted as saying, “No one is allowed to engage Ellen in conversation or even look her in the eye.” We get wanting to work on a big-time talk show, but that sounds like a pure nightmare.

#2: The George W. Bush Fiasco

Ellen found herself in a bit of trouble when she was caught attending a football game with George W. Bush. Some felt this betrayed Ellen’s activism within the LGBTQ community, as W was opposed to same sex marriage while in office. Ellen’s defense also garnered some criticism – she stated that we should be kind to everyone, regardless of their personal or political beliefs. This response led to accusations that Ellen practicing clear class solidarity, that “being kind” trumped defending human rights, and that she was telling the discriminated to forgive and befriend their oppressors. A satirical video about the situation – which her team fought to erase – certainly didn’t help matters…

#1: She Allegedly Treats Her Staff Like “Peasants”

We briefly touched on Ellen’s alleged hostile working relationship with her staff, but it gets much, much worse. Not only does she allegedly disallow conversation, she allegedly treats staffers as peasants. Aside from the no-speaky-speaky thing, she apparently also doesn’t brief her employees about the show, and we assume they’re supposed to just go along with her plans. It’s also reported that she has an enormous ego, flips out on people over the smallest things, and perhaps worst of all, generates discord within her staff by excluding certain people from events “to create tension, jealousy and hurt feelings.” She sounds like a great boss…

Regarding #4 she fired Karen Kilgariff for refusing to pass the line for the workers strike. She apparently has never talked to her since, but Karen is thriving %u2728