Top 10 Most Badass Things About Bloodshot



Top 10 Most Badass Things About Bloodshot

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Bloodshot is NOT one to mess with. For this list, we're looking at the powers and feats that make this Valiant superhero a capable and ridiculously cool character. Our countdown includes his abilities to shapeshift and control nanites, his dramatic backstory, his tactical and weapons expertise, and more!
Script written by Andrew Tejada

Top 10 Most Badass Things About Bloodshot

We hope that anyone who gets on this hero’s bad side has already written their will. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Badass Things About Bloodshot.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the powers and feats that make Bloodshot an extremely capable and ridiculously cool character.

#10: Knows How to Shapeshift/Camouflage

Bloodshot’s blood contains billions of tiny machines known as nanites. These little robots are smart and tiny enough to alter the structure of cells. Bloodshot uses this ability to shapeshift at will. He can alter his bleached skin color, height and weight to blend into crowds and can also blend into his surroundings like a chameleon. Bloodshot’s awesome camouflage ability does have a few limits. He’ll change back to his normal pale appearance if he takes too much damage or if he doesn’t have enough protein in his system. Despite the drawbacks, if Bloodshot’s shape shifting ability is working properly, his enemies will never see him coming.

#9: Gained Enhanced Strength

If Bloodshot is ever discovered sneaking behind enemy lines, he can definitely fight his way out, as his nanites grant him increased strength. While Bloodshot’s not on Wonder Woman or Hulk’s level, he’s pulled some impressive feats of strength. He's broken steel chains, ripped off the top of a car with his bare hands, knocked over a bulldozer, and torn robots apart like they were made out of paper. While his strength levels have been inconsistent over the years, he’s usually jacked enough to toss the average goon around with ease. At the end of the day, we wouldn’t recommend challenging him into an arm-wrestling contest.

#8: His Mind Holds Lifetimes of Fake Memories

The organization that gave Bloodshot his powers was called Project Rising Spirit. After the nanites erased his memory, the shady group implanted false memories into his head to control and manipulate him. If Bloodshot’s mind rejected one set of memories, Project Rising Spirit would just start over and upload an entirely new backstory into his mind. Unfortunately, they repeated this process more than a few times. As a result, Bloodshot has lifetimes of conflicting memories bouncing around his head at all times. Although the layers of backstories in his head cause him to occasionally break down or lash out, the fact that he’s able to stay sane at all is incredible. Bloodshot’s mind may actually be stronger than his fists.

#7: Survived a Painful Procedure

Project Rising Spirit was willing to pay any price to make super soldiers. Unfortunately for the man who became Bloodshot, the cost of getting superpowers was enduring a lot of pain. He was strapped down and injected with nanites via extremely uncomfortable looking machinery. During the procedure, his torso was either pierced or marked by a special surgical tool. That part of the process left him with a large red dot permanently emblazoned on his chest, and based on his expressions of pain, they didn’t use enough anesthetic during the superpowered surgery. When you combine the physical pain he suffered with the mental strain of having his memories rewritten, it’s a miracle he lived. Bloodshot’s survival proves he was strong even before he got superpowers.

#6: Has Tons of Weapons Expertise

While Bloodshot’s memory issues have made his true origins uncertain, his skill with weapons is undeniable, as he can pick up any gun and immediately be ready to use it to its maximum potential. Bloodshot’s excellent aim and precision often means his enemies go down before they know what hit them. He is also versatile enough to pick up a sword and slice enemies to ribbons when the occasion calls for it. And if guns or swords are not available, any sort of object can become a deadly weapon in his hands. We bet Bloodshot could even take a page out of John Wick’s book and kill an enemy with a pencil.

#5: He’s a Master Tactician

Although Bloodshot’s physical feats are impressive, the soldier’s brawn would be nothing without his sharp brain. His keen mind allows him to analyze opponents on the battlefield within seconds. Once Bloodshot figures his enemy out, he can easily improvise ways to take them down. If his opponents are foolish enough to give him time to prepare, he can devise a brilliant battle plan that might even make Batman jealous. Bloodshot’s brains have allowed him to turn the tables on many powerful opponents at the last second. Even people who have similar or greater powers have found themselves outclassed. So if anyone believes that they have the upper hand on Bloodshot in battle, they better think twice.

#4: Has a Versatile Sonic Scream

When you have as many abilities as bloodshot does, we can understand why you’d forget to use some of your more obscure powers. But one ability that we’d love to see him use more often is his sonic scream. By manipulating the nanites in his throat, Bloodshot can produce a disorienting wave of sound. His low intensity screams can make opponents so euphoric that they stop attacking. When Bloodshot cranks up his scream to the highest level, it can cause extreme pain. His ability can both be used at close range or travel over radio waves. The sonic scream’s wide applications of use and insane range make it one of his most underrated powers.

#3: Defeated an Enhanced Killer Without Using Superpowers

After years of using his superpowers, a fellow hero removed the nanites from Bloodshot’s body and without the microscopic machines, he essentially becomes a normal human again. While trying to live a peaceful life, a group of enhanced superhumans with nanite based superpowers start murdering innocents. Despite not having any powers left, Bloodshot goes to stop the killers. Although Bloodshot slowly starts to gain his abilities back, he only does so after killing one of the enhanced murderers without any powers of his own. The amount of courage it took for him to face down superhumans is both astounding and a big sacrifice. Instead of living the life of peace he finally earned, he instead headed into battle once more to protect innocent lives.

#2: Can Communicate With and Control Nanites

You already know by now that Bloodshot relies on nanites for his powers, but did you know he also counts on them for conversation? The little machines within him speak to him constantly. They can update Bloodshot about his health condition, suggest plans of attack and can take a human form within his mind. After learning to communicate with his mini machines, he gained the ability to speak to and hack electronic devices. He can also control nanites outside of his body. If his opponents have tiny machines in their blood, he can literally destroy them from the inside out. Although Bloodshot’s nanite conversations can drive him crazy sometimes, there’s no doubt he’s grateful for the abilities they’ve given him.

Before we target our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

May Have Been a Mobster Named Angelo Mortalli

Skilled Fighter

Inspired a Future Superhero Named Rai

Protected a Group of Psychics

Can Dodge Bullets

#1: Can Heal From Practically Anything

What makes Bloodshot practically unstoppable? The answer lies in his insanely fast regeneration abilities. The nanites in his blood can replicate themselves quickly to help him heal from injury within seconds. Enemies have tried to blast Bloodshot with bullets, burn him to a crisp and blow him up. But he still recovered and kept fighting every time. Even a point-blank gunshot to the head is just a minor inconvenience for him. Although he can still feel pain, it rarely slows him down. The only caveat to his rapid healing is that he requires extra protein to recover quickly. But we’d eat a few extra steaks too if we could have the badass healing factor that Bloodshot has.