Every Single Upcoming Drag Race Season & Spinoff



Every Single Upcoming Drag Race Season & Spinoff

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Buckle up for every single “Drag Race” season and spin-off in 2020 and beyond. For this list, we'll be looking at all the shows related to “RuPaul's Drag Race” that are either currently airing, aired recently, or in development. Our countdown includes “The Pit Stop,” “Whatcha Packin',” “AJ and the Queen,” and more!
Remember when we only got one “Drag Race” series a year? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down Every Single Drag Race Season & Spin-off in 2020 and Beyond.

For this list, we’ll be looking at all the shows related to “RuPaul’s Drag Race” that are either currently airing, aired recently, or in development. This includes the main competitions, new series featuring famous queens and fun web series.

Season 12
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2009-)

The excessive style of queens on season twelve of “Drag Race” set it apart from what came before. Along with the show’s increase in nerdy queens, there has been an overall focus on distinct looks on the season. And the international diversity of France’s Nicky Doll and Canada’s Jackie Cox has helped spice up the global approaches to drag. Young competitors like Gigi Goode have interestingly given seasoned veterans like Brita a run for their money. And there has been a lot of extra Tee dished from “Untucked” and our own RuCaps on MsMojo. Thanks to the shocking moments we’ve seen on season twelve already, it’s been easy to get hyped for what’s still to come.

“The Pit Stop” (2016-)

After any episode of “Drag Race,” you can pop over to “The Pit Stop” to break down the week’s events. Each season of the show follows a different queen and a rotating cast of guests from previous seasons discussing episodes week-by-week. With Bob the Drag Queen hosting season twelve’s segments, outfits are being clocked and everyone’s crazy statements get fact-checked. The post-show format allows for a solid exploration of references and influences on looks and jokes. The addition of catch-up time between hosts gives each episode its own fun facts to keep up on. Plus with praise and reads for RuPaul’s outfits, the rare shade at her is reason enough to watch.

“Whatcha Packin’” (2014-)

When you want to know more about contestants leaving the show, “Whatcha Packin’” gives you details that could otherwise be lost. The series finds Michelle Visage talking to queens as they’re eliminated to discuss their backstories and journey to the show. Michelle digs through everyone’s episodes to celebrate their highlights and offer less brutal dissections of their mistakes. The real meat of the show is the outfit corner, where we can see amazing dresses that don’t get airtime. “Whatcha Packin’” is a great companion piece to the main series if you want to see where queens are going next.

“Fashion Photo RuView” (2014-)

Rather than briefly discussing many parts of one episode, “Fashion Photo RuView” goes in-depth on runway outfits. “Drag Race” icons Raja and Raven take apart every dress from the show, and decide if they pass or fail. While this is usually done with a “toot” or “boot,” they reserve “shoot” and “scoot” for the absolute best and worst looks. For those looking to explore “Drag Race” fashion with a lot of hilarious reads, “RuView” has episodes for everything onwards from season four. And they cover award shows like the VMAs and Grammys with the same biting humor.

“UNHhhh” (2016-)

Trixie Mattel and Katya are already hysterical, so “UNHhhh” leaves the two of them to chat about anything and everything. This scatterbrained approach allows the pair to go off on bizarre rants about astrology, movies, conspiracies and whatever tangent they end up on. The show’s wacky editing enhances all their jokes, and manages to cleverly tap into meme humor. Sporadic energy produces the best catchphrases and clips, so it’s not uncommon for their makeup time to end up on an episode. The off-the-wall improv is consistently hilarious, since Trixie and Katya are always trying to make the other bust up giggling.

“Wait, What?” (2018-)

Despite her ditzy energy on “Drag Race,” Kimora Blac is doing a great job hosting an educational show. “Wait, What?” has Blac and a guest learning about different science topics. The fun is that the two have to face off in a quiz while they make dozens of lewd jokes. Derrick Barry and Mariah Balenciaga return enough to keep the sense of competition on the show high. Alternatively, “Bro’Laska” tackles a similar range of topics without the competition, and with more Alaska. So if you need drag entertainment that teaches something, settle in for trivia on “Wait, What?”

“AJ and the Queen” (2020-)

Drag queen Ruby Red drives across America to raise money, while a young child named AJ stows away in their RV. This unique road-trip concept is the backbone of “AJ and the Queen,” which features RuPaul as Ruby. The series is one of Ru’s few serious acting roles, and it’s a rare chance to see him leading a series outside of reality TV. One-off roles for “Drag Race” alumni like Bianca del Rio, Trinity the Tuck and Chad Michaels will delight long-time viewers. The whole season is out on Netflix, so it’s the perfect time to binge the whole thing.

“We’re Here” (2020- )

If you want to see more of the amateur side of drag, “We’re Here” tries to train a new generation of queens. “Drag Race” veterans Shangela, Eureka and Bob the Drag Queen go to small towns to educate people trying to break into drag. The six-part series follows them hearing unique stories from locals, before schooling people for a one-night performance. Trailers suggest a focus on places where drag and LGBT culture are discouraged, so it’s looking to be a tear-jerking watch. It’s unscripted, so there’s room for plenty of comedic relief from this wacky trio. “We’re Here” is set for a late April debut 2020 on HBO, and will offer a dose of drag reality TV that’s not directly about “Drag Race.”

UK Season 2
“RuPaul’s Drag Race UK” (2019-)

With the great success of the United Kingdom’s first “Drag Race” season, the BBC called for more before the competition was over. The second series will see RuPaul returning with comedian Alan Carr and late night host Graham Norton as judges. Visage accidentally leaked notes about contestants like Joe Black, Ellie Diamond, Cherry Valentine, Tayce, Tia Kofi and Asttina Mandella. Meanwhile queens like Ginny Lemon and Sister Sister have also been rumored to appear. While the 2019-2020 pandemic has delayed filming of the season, it hopefully won’t slip past its initial 2020 release window.

“Canada’s Drag Race” (TBA 2020)

The Great White North is getting its own “Drag Race,” but it’ll be the first English edition not to feature RuPaul. Instead, “Canada’s Drag Race” sees alumnus Brooke Lynn Hytes with stars Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Stacey McKenzie judging. TV host Traci Melchor is listed as a “Squirrel Friend,” which may mean this series is debuting a new guest position. National treasures like Montreal’s Rita Baga, Vancouver’s Ilona Verley and Toronto’s Tynomi Banks are rumored to compete. While it could be the perfect bridge between various mainline seasons of “Drag Race” in 2020, as of April it’s currently unclear exactly when exactly it’ll be debuting.

More International Seasons

The global success of “Drag Race” is moving past reruns to get local spin-offs in more places than ever before. Australia is using the original series’ success to start their own edition, (xref) though no host is currently set. While Bob the Drag Queen and Courtney Act are joking about helming the show on Twitter, a “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” reunion could round out the judge table nicely. “Drag Race Thailand” continues to be a success thanks to hosts Art Arya and Pangina Heals. Though there has not been a formal announcement, a lack of cancellation news means its third season is very likely. Plus with the colorful possibilities from Brazil's (xref) incoming “Drag Race” series, international versions of the show could fill up our schedules indefinitely.

“RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race” (2020-)

Drag is now so popular that famous stars are trying to explore it themselves. So “Celebrity Drag Race” is giving cultural icons one episode to attain drag super-stardom. Rather than a full-season competition, each episode of the “Celebrity” edition will be an isolated competition with a winner. This has the show focused down to three celebs at a time and four episodes for its initial run. “Drag Race” veterans Alyssa Edwards, Monique Heart, Trixie Mattel and more are acting as wisecracking mentors throughout the season. The winners are competing to give money to charity, so there are still stakes to earning the title.

All Stars 5
“RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” (2012-)

With so many series showing off new queens, “All Stars” five is a nice change of pace with proven competitors. The fifth season of the show is already confirmed, and set for a launch in 2020. The queens involved are still under wraps months after the announcement. Online speculation based on cancelled tours and prior seasons list Alexis Mateo, Jujubee, Miz Cracker and Shea Couleé as strong frontrunners. Following season four’s big twist, it’s unclear if there will also be multiple winners or a similar shakeup to the competition. Given how many favorite queens are still waiting for a second chance, June fifth isn’t long to wait for all the drama.

Season 13
“RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2009- )

If there isn’t already enough “Drag Race” for you, season thirteen of the show is on the way too. While the twelfth edition is set to end in 2020, the next iteration of “Drag Race” is already past the casting phase for new queens. All RuPaul mentioned in the announcement is that a lot of “Cattitude” is desired. The details for the thirteenth season are still very scant, though it looks to be coming for 2021. There are at least seven different competitions in 2020, so it’s nice that we’re hearing about the following year already. While it’s far away, this announcement is a nice reminder that “Drag Race” is set to keep going for awhile.