Top 10 Weirdest Food Commercials



Top 10 Weirdest Food Commercials

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Try not to lose your appetite watching the weirdest food commercials. For this list, we're looking at the weirdest commercials for food products from around the world. Our countdown includes Burger King, Jack in the Box, McDonald's, and more!
Try not to lose your appetite. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 weirdest food commercials.

For this list, we’re looking at the weirdest commercials for food products from around the world.

#10: Eat Like Snake
Burger King

This triple whopper might look delicious, but there are definitely better ways to eat one – like, literally any other way. A hungry office worker, after seeing his colleague leave his lunch unattended to go get a soda, decides he can’t wait to buy his burger and has to steal the one in front of him. He slides along the floor and eats the burger “like a snake” – that is, by dislocating his jaw to consume the whole thing in one bite. Unnerving CGI aside, this is just plain rude. It’s not the only time Burger King has dabbled in strange, however; they ran commercials for their new breakfast line where unassuming people woke up in bed with the Burger King himself.

#9: Give a Little Nibble

If you’ve ever thought a fast food burger was way too small, don’t worry - this Wendy’s commercial has you covered. This ad was designed to encourage people to taste the burger patty on its own to make sure it was good quality meat, but someone decided that the best way to get this message across was to show people taking chunks from a giant, floating burger. Customers drive, walk, or fly past the enormous hamburger and rip off a piece. It gives the impression that dozens of other people might have had their hands all over your food, which isn’t very appetizing.

#8: Jack
Jack in the Box

Fast food mascots often leave much to be desired, but Jack has to be one of the creepiest yet – but don’t let him hear you say that. If you do, you might become an unwilling participant in one of these 90’s commercials, where Jack himself shows up at your house in the middle of the night because he heard you’ve been criticizing Jack in the Box. When Brad says he doesn’t want to apologize, Jack chases him through his yard and tackles him, then force-feeds him a burger. Threatening your customers probably isn’t the best way to encourage them to visit your restaurant.

#7: Fruit Gushers

These Gushers are so juicy that if you eat just one of them, your entire head will turn into a giant, grotesque piece of fruit. And since this ad is from 1997, the fruit is horribly animated and is as far from “appealing” as you can get. But it’s not just your head that will turn into a fruit, your entire house will become themed around whatever fruit you’ve eaten – that’s the unpleasant fate the boy who eats the watermelon Gusher is in for. Ultimately, this seems like more of an ad for the fruit itself than the Gushers; do you want a watermelon Gusher after watching, or an actual watermelon?

#6: A Certain Gooey Thing
Jammie Dodgers

This commercial has so much going for it; it’s for a beloved product and the song is definitely a “jam” – at least, as much as a song in a commercial can be. But it all went wrong when they opted to use a strange, red monkey as the mascot. It was one in a series of commercials using these monkeys, but they’re all odd, and the monkeys didn’t sing until they appeared in this pretend music video. It’s an emotional power ballad all about falling in love with a cookie, and weirder yet, it gives off the impression that Jammie Dodgers are our only reason to go on living.

#5: Mac Tonight

Another piano-playing musical mascot next, but the story behind this advertising campaign might be even weirder than the ads themselves. The first Mac Tonight ad focused on the character Mac Tonight, a jazz singer with a moon for a head, who sings a song about burgers from on top of a roof. But the song was more or less just a cover of Bobby Darin’s “Mack the Knife”, which was noticed by Darin’s son. He brought a lawsuit against McDonald’s for copying his father’s music and playing style without permission. But just who is the man in the moon? It’s actually actor Doug Jones in his first-ever role – a far cry from “The Shape of Water.”

#4: Umbilical Cord

One company notorious for weird ads is Skittles, who have given us memorable spots like the “Yogurt Boy”, where a boy made entirely of yogurt is kept in a dark room so he can be used to produce Skittles dipped in yogurt. But the 2017 Mother’s Day commercial is a doozy, even compared to that. A woman is eating Skittles and, as she does, her son correctly guesses all the different flavors. That’s because these two are still connected by a grisly umbilical cord, and that rainbow taste passes through the tube intact. It was eventually pulled because so many people made complaints.

#3: Dancing Roe

This is a commercial for spaghetti, believe it or not, featuring a little girl just trying to eat her dinner with an army of singing cod roe in front of her. While roe is fish eggs, it’s more than a little unsettling to see these bright-red baby-faced monsters. Are we supposed to equate buying Tarako with eating infants? If anything, this ad will put you off caviar for life. On top of all that, their song is enough to drive anyone to madness; you’ll desperately want to forget ever seeing this commercial, but the catchy jingle will make it next to impossible.

#2: Tomato McGrand

It’s been a long time since anybody thought clowns were friendly, thanks in no small part to Stephen King, but does that mean Ronald McDonald needed a makeover quite this drastic? Donning the trademark bright red and yellow colors, as well as a vibrant red wig, supermodel Agota Varga promotes the Tomato McGrand, a burger exclusive to Japan. According to the masterminds behind the ad, however, all they did was “play around” with Ronald’s traditional costume; rather than appearing as a new character, as some outlets suggest, Varga is still playing Ronald themself. But when will we get a “high fashion” makeover for the Hamburglar?

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:

Cheese Monster

The Memer

The First Time

The Neighborhood Kids

Giant Cat

#1: This Is a Special Time
Little Baby’s Ice Cream Company

Ice cream is so delicious that you really don’t need to go all-out to advertise it – but Little Baby’s Ice Cream Company has never played by the rules. This commercial is so disturbing that it might put you off ice cream for life, and that’s saying something. The model is completely covered head to foot in white ice cream which he eats very slowly and deliberately, never blinking, from the top of his head. He says the ice cream keeps him young and makes his skin glisten. It seems that this bold move was the wrong move, however, as in late 2019 the shop closed its doors for good.
That Skittles stuck on the boy commercial , i clearly remember it from years ago and it always grossed me out !!!! LOL