Top 10 Worst Switch Games of All Time



Top 10 Worst Switch Games of All Time

VOICE OVER: Dave Thibault WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
For as amazing of a console as it is, even the Switch can't escape god awful games. For this list, we're looking at the most foul titles to have soiled the Switch's reputation. Our countdown includes “Sonic Forces”, “The Deer God”, “WWE 2K18”, and more!
Script Written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Worst Switch Games of All Time

For as amazing of a console as it is, even the Switch can’t escape god awful games. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Switch Games of All Time.

For this list, we’re looking at the most foul titles to have soiled the Switch’s reputation. Well...just a bit, but we’re always going to love this thing!

#10: “1-2-Switch!” (2017)

In 2006, Nintendo released a revolutionary console known as the Wii, and to show off its potential, the console was bundled with a wonderful little title, "Wii Sports". Fast-forward to 2017 where Nintendo would pull the same stunt, but demand more money. "1-2-Switch" was a game that showed off the capabilities of the Switch, like the HD Rumble and infrared sensors, but it was insanely overpriced. Pay fifty dollars for a tech demo after paying hundreds of dollars for a Switch AND look like a fool in front of your friends and family? You can achieve the same level of embarrassment by breaking wind in a crowded elevator. Sure, you soiled your reputation (figuratively and literally), but at least you aren't out fifty bucks!

#9: “Sonic Forces” (2017)

Every few years, the planets align to summon a new "Sonic" game to wreak havoc, and in 2017, the newest punishment from the cosmos came in the form of "Sonic Forces”. For the first time ever, players can create their own "Sonic" OC and team up with the Blue Blur while sporting cringey a hat with the word “GAMER” emblazoned on the front. Fan service aside, “Sonic Forces” just isn’t enjoyable, even in an ironic way. The story tries to be dark and edgy but ends up being incoherent, levels are uninspired in both design and visuals, and combat is almost non-existent given how you can solve all of your problems with the flamethrower.

#8: “Don’t Knock Twice” (2017)

If you feel that the Switch has been lacking in providing solid horror experiences, we wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way, especially after witnessing the trainwreck that is “Don’t Knock Twice”. Because of how poorly designed it is, most of your time will be spent clicking on everything just to make something happen. You’re also kept in suspense for the majority of it as there aren’t really any scares. In other words, there isn’t much that defines this as a horror game outside of tense music and grim atmosphere.

#7: “The Deer God” (2017)

For a title like “The Deer God”, you’d think there must be something to hold your attention, something that really made it unique and interesting. Alas, that is not the case, because dear god this is one of the most mediocre games you could play. Its voxel style feels uninspired, collecting things, and gameplay doesn’t get any more complicated than jumping over a pit or two. Needless to say, “The Deer God” is overly basic and unequivocally dull to the point where you’ll be left asking yourself why you aren’t playing other games.

#6: “Senran Kagura Reflexions” (2018)

The “Senran Kagura” franchise has carried a notably infamous reputation for its hyper-sexual nature, but there is some respect for the franchise. How many other IPs have dipped their toes into fighting, shooting, rhythm, cooking, pinball, and card battling? Surprisingly, dating sim is not “Senran Kagura’s” forte as “Reflexions” has gone down to be known as the worst game in the series. “Reflexions” heavily utilizes motion controls, but because of how unresponsive they are, the entire experience grows frustrating quickly. On top of that, it has a creepy feature where the player fondles the characters bodies, while the Switch’s HD Rumble provides feedback based on a character’s jiggle physics. ...What the $#%@ is this game?

#5: “Cooking Mama: Cookstar” (2020)

Ever since its release, “Cookstar” has been completely embroiled in controversy. First, there were rumors that it contained software used for cryptocurrency mining. Shortly after these rumors were picked up, publisher Planet Entertainment found itself in legal trouble with IP rights holder Office Create, and a lawsuit has been filed at the time of this recording. Even when ignoring the controversy, the game is still terrible. The gameplay is painfully tedious, the motion controls are infuriating, and its minigames are blander than white bread. Why anyone would pay for this kitchen engulfed in flames is beyond our comprehension, but it isn’t like you can get it anymore!

#4: “Garfield Kart: Furious Racing” (2019)

Yes, we get it… “Garfield Kart” is teh best game ever, haha, memes, Nyan Cat, rage face comics... Let’s be honest, though - the memes have gone too far, and now we’re stuck with a game worse than its predecessor. “Furious Racing” did absolutely nothing to make itself better than the first game albeit opting for mediocrity over being a broken, unplayable mess. The simplistic graphics, AI, and tracks make it obvious that this game was rushed out the door to cash in on the memes. And considering this version of the game is charging Switch players DOUBLE the price than other platforms, you’re better off paying your sixty bucks directly to Nintendo. Speaking of which, have you heard of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”?

#3: “WWE 2K18” (2017)

2K’s “WWE” games have seen a rather alarming dip in quality over the years. Before “WWE 2K20” became the laughingstock of the Internet, “2K18” had the displeasure of being the worst of the bunch. Well...on Switch, anyways. The game was loaded in graphical glitches, and most of your time was spent in loooongg loading screens. To make matters worse, none of the wrestlers looked like their real-life counterparts. Are you sure that’s The Rock? He’s looking a little more like the Pebble...or the Gravel. This only made us boot up the Nintendo 64s and play the GOOD WWE games, just so we can forget this ever happened.

#2: “ARK: Survival Evolved” (2018)

“ARK” has never really been known to be a stable game, but some of its technical issues can be easily forgiven. How else would it have garnered such a sizable community otherwise? Well, if the game had launched on the Switch before any other platform, there would be no future. “ARK’s” Switch port is marred to the core with problems; if the severely downgraded visuals weren’t enough to make you breathe a sigh of disappointment, the terrible optimization would make your blood boil. With its abysmal dips in framerate and terrible draw distance, you’d have more luck running a railroad spike through a rusty wood chipper.

#1: “Vroom in the Night Sky” (2017)

We thought we’d never get another travesty like the ill-fated “Superman” game on Nintendo 64, and yet, here we are with “Vroom in the Night Sky”, a game so terrible it may as well be a spiritual successor to “Superman 64”. As a magical witch girl, you must fly around barren areas, collecting stardust and flying through rings--EXCUSE ME, “MAGIC GATES”. (See? It IS “Superman 64”!) In addition to mind numbing gameplay, “Vroom in the Night Sky” is plagued with awful controls, piss-poor visuals, and enough effort put into localization to make YouTube’s Closed Captioning read like a best-selling novel. Even for laughs, one cannot play this game long before going mad.
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I'm surprised that Overwatch for the Switch did not make this list.