Top 10 Most Shocking Grey’s Anatomy Moments



Top 10 Most Shocking Grey's Anatomy Moments

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This show is full of drama, but these are the most shocking “Grey's Anatomy” moments. For this list, we'll be looking at incidents from this medical drama that took place when audiences least expected it, along with the fallout from these moments. Our countdown includes Meredith's near-death experience, Jackson objects to April's wedding, Seattle Grace explodes, and more!
These medical professionals just can’t catch a break. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Shocking Grey’s Anatomy Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at incidents from this medical drama that took place when audiences least expected it, along with the fallout from these moments. Since these impact most of the major arcs on the show, here’s your Spoiler Alert!

#10: Meredith’s Near-Death Experience
“Some Kind of Miracle”

A ferryboat accident brings much of the staff of Seattle Grace to the situation, where Meredith tries to help an injured man. In his hysteria, the man ends up knocking Meredith in the water, where she’s helpless to do anything but drown. However, the real shocker happens after she wakes up, or at least when she thinks she’s woken up. With the ghost of Denny welcoming her, Meredith realizes she’s trapped in limbo. The surprises don’t stop there either, as she meets some other deceased patients from her past in the hospital. After she comes to terms with why she didn’t fight for her life, Meredith meets her own mother, revealing her death at the very moment that Meredith’s about to resuscitate.

#9: Izzie & George Meet at the Elevator
“Now or Never”

Following surgery to treat her tumor, Izzie falls into a dreamlike state. Resembling the night she’d come across the death of a loved one wearing the same dress, Izzie enters the elevator just as before. However, she’s visibly of two minds, making it ambiguous as to what’s waiting for her on the other side. It’s when the doors open that it becomes apparent r what’s taking place. The scene cuts to both Izzie and George, who’s been in an accident of his own, flatlining at the same time. With the elevator symbolizing the place between life and death, the season concludes without making it clear if Izzie decides to join George.

#8: Jackson Objects to April’s Wedding
“Get Up, Stand Up”

Jackson and April are always going to be remembered for their turbulent love story. After starting out as friends and becoming more, they hit multiple snags in their relationship before April starts dating Matthew. Although clearly jealous, Jackson refuses to do anything about it, that is until he witnesses her about to be married. At first, it seems as if he might have second thoughts about his decision, before throwing caution to the wind and revealing his feelings right in the middle of the wedding. Understandably, each guest is left speechless at this sudden interruption, as a stunned silence fills the room. Eventually, the two are shown happily escaping from the chapel, making Jackson’s decision truly worth the risk.

#7: Burke Leaves Cristina at the Altar
“Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”

From the beginning of their attraction to one another, it’s clear that Cristina was more interested in Preston Burke the doctor than Burke the person. This severely impacts their relationship for years, as Cristina is unable to fully commit. Once she sticks by him through the debacle with Burke developing a hand tremor, it seems there’s nothing this couple can’t overcome. On the day of their wedding day, though, it’s clear Cristina might be getting cold feet right before the big moment. However, unforeseen disaster strikes when it’s Burke who walks out on Cristina instead, claiming he’s setting her free. Not only does he leave her at the altar, but Burke also steps away from her life completely.

#6: Alex Returns to Izzie
“Leave a Light On”

Out of all the characters, Alex Karev probably had the most character development. Going from a friendless jerk to becoming Meredith’s person, and a seemingly loving husband, it seemed he’d put the past behind him. However, his friends are given the shock of their lives when Alex writes that he's reunited with his ex-wife Izzie and has two children with her. Considering how Izzie had broken things off with him to disappear for years, this information is completely out of the blue. It’s an even bigger surprise for Alex’s current wife Jo, whom he simultaneously sends divorce papers. After all the ups and downs they’d been together, Alex abandoning her this way is a reality that’s hard to stomach.

#5: Seattle Grace Explodes
“As We Know It”

The arrival of a paramedic holding a patient’s wound turns out to have dire consequences. It’s soon revealed there's unexploded ammunition inside of him. With just the paramedic’s hold keeping the bomb from exploding, almost the entire hospital is evacuated. To make matters worse, Meredith is left as the one holding the bomb once the paramedic has a nervous breakdown. Surprisingly, things start going pretty smoothly afterwards, as the explosive is removed safely. So of course, it's just when it seems the day’s saved when it all comes crashing down, as Meredith witnesses the bomb go off while in the hands of the bomb squad leader. Having seen death up close, a barely conscious Meredith remains in shock as her friends then try to comfort her.

#4: Derek’s Death
“How to Save a Life”

The once impenetrable marriage of Meredith and Derek is put on the rocks once he’s offered a permanent position in Washington DC., where his business trips were becoming more and more frequent. Once it becomes clear that their relationship is suffering, Derek chooses his marriage over his career and to remain in Seattle. While on his way to making one final trip to DC, he comes across a car accident, where he uses his skills as a doctor to help resolve the situation. Unfortunately, just when it seems like things will be okay, the scene cuts to a stunned Derek seeing an incoming truck crashing into his car. Even though things look bleak, it seems as if Derek might pull through as he tries to fight by remaining conscious. However, his fate is sealed when Meredith herself gives him her blessing to move on, and puts an end to MerDer forever.

#3: Denny’s Passing
“Losing My Religion”

Denny Duquette’s case inspired a lot of drama, both ethically and personally for the characters. After trying to keep her attraction to Denny at bay, Izzie finally succumbs to her feelings and accepts his proposal. Due to constant problems with him receiving a heart, she resorts to cutting off Denny’s LVAD wire so he receives a heart first. When this is a success, it seems Izzie and Denny might finally get to be together. However, during the night of an impromptu prom at the hospital, Izzie excitedly arrives to celebrate with Denny, only to find her fiance has passed away. When her friends arrive, they find her numb with shock and holding onto his body, destroying any future they might have had.

#2: John Doe Is George
“Now or Never”

After struggling his way through the series, George acknowledges his talent for trauma surgery, going so far as to enlist as a doctor for the army. Strangely, this announcement isn’t given much attention in the season five finale, where the story shifts toward treating a John Doe patient. While the main cast is busy trying to treat Izzie, John Doe tries to communicate to Meredith. It’s here where it’s revealed that the mysterious patient was actually George all along. Having jumped in front of a bus to save a person’s life, poor George is left completely unrecognizable. Now at death’s door, he can do nothing other than let his friends know who he is before the end arrives.

Before we unveil our shocking top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Meredith Is Attacked by a Patient
“The Sound of Silence”

Preston Burke Returns
“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

The Hospital Is Under Attack

Derek Is Meredith’s Boss
“A Hard Day’s Night”

Derek Has a Secret Wife

#1: The Plane Crash

With Meredith and her colleagues making post-residency plans, and Mark and Lexie’s relationship still uncertain, a tragedy is the last thing on anybody’s minds. However, just when Meredith contemplates bird migration, the scene cuts to absolute havoc as she finds herself in the wreckage of a plane crash. Things turn out to be far worse than expected, with Derek, Arizona, and Mark nursing severe injuries. The most shocking outcome from the crash is what happens to Lexie, who’s crushed under the debris of the plane. Despite the efforts of her friends, the younger Grey sister succumbs to her injuries, leaving her love story with Mark unresolved. With no way to contact the outside world, and being stranded in a forest, the doctors have no choice but to wait out this predicament and try to stay alive.