Top 20 Angry Outbursts Caught on Live TV



Top 20 Angry Outbursts Caught on Live TV

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nathan Sharp
We all lose our temper sometimes, but these angry outbursts caught on live TV were as raw as it gets. For this list, we're looking at times people lost their cool on live television. Our countdown includes Dan Marino's freak out, Charlo Greene quits on air, Kanye on Bush, and more!
We all lose our temper sometimes. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 20 angry outbursts caught on live TV.

For this list, we’re looking at times people lost their cool on live television. This means that Bill O’Reilly’s infamous “We’ll do it live!” meltdown will not be included, as it obviously did not air live.

#20: “Frankly Just Bulls***”

In late February 2020, convicted Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich appeared on CNN to talk with Anderson Cooper. Blagojevich was serving fourteen years in prison for soliciting bribes, a sentence later commuted by President Donald Trump on February 18, 2020. Blagojevich is playing up his prison time, referring to himself as a “political prisoner” and comparing himself to Nelson Mandela. Cooper rightfully calls this comparison “offensive.” But that’s not all. As the interview goes on, Cooper grows increasingly resentful and impatient with Blagojevich’s statements, and he eventually refers to his “alternate universe of facts” as “bullshit.” This isn’t the first time that Cooper has spoken his mind: back on “Anderson Live,” he called the so-called Human Barbie a “dreadful” person and cut the interview short.

#19: Dan Marino’s Freak Out

In the 2000s, former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino co-hosted weekly football talk show “Inside the NFL”. When talking about golfing with Terrell Buckley, he had a wild freakout that came completely without warning. After stumbling over his words, Marino slammed his fists into the table, startling those around him. Marino even seems to have caught production off guard with his little tantrum, judging by the cameras’ rapid movements, zoom-ins, and zoom-outs. Hey, we all word up our messes sometimes! Uh, mess up our words . . . Jesus!

#18: Danny Dyer on David Cameron

English actor Danny Dyer is often typecast as the “tough guy” in movies and TV shows. Now we know why. While appearing on “Good Evening Britain,” Dyer began passionately discussing prior UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the issues surrounding Brexit. His rant included several profanities and various colorful names for David Cameron, like “geezer” and “twat”. His passionate comments garnered some chuckles, while then Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn managed to keep a straight face. When he was done, he sat back in his chair, crossed his arms, and shook his head in disappointment. So he’s not a fan of David Cameron, then?

#17: Weatherman’s Cold Response

We all get a case of the winter blues sooner or later. It affects some people worse than others. Even the meteorologists. In 2018, a Grand Rapids, Michigan meteorologist named Garry Frank let loose on one particularly cold day venting not as much about the cold weather but the reactions and expectations of his co-workers for constantly complaining about it. His sarcastic rant includes mimicking his co-workers’ disappointed sighs and suggesting maybe he should just misrepresent the weather to be warmer to make everyone happy. It’s actually refreshing to see such human moments like this on the news.

#16: Sam the Cooking Guy Calls for Silence!

Hey, many of us get flustered and frustrated while cooking. Fortunately, our freakouts aren’t caught on live television. While appearing on “Today” with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, Sam the Cooking Guy grew tired of the hosts’ constant interjections and firmly told them to pipe down. Sam realized his mistake when his outburst was met with a painfully awkward silence, and he tried alleviating the awkwardness with some smiles and jokes. Unfortunately, that was an error he simply couldn’t fix, and the rest of the segment proceeded rather coldly, with Gifford seeming particularly defensive.

#15: Maher Kicks Out Conspiracy Theorists

Live audiences are typically well behaved, but sometimes you get the clown who just wants to make noise. While Bill Maher was talking with U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, conspiracy theorists started loudly yelling from the audience. At first, Lee and Maher simply looked at them in amusement and cracked some jokes at their behalf. But then they kept going. This prompted Maher to stand up, colorfully inquire about the security, and personally run over to the conspiracy theorists to kick them out himself. This was met with loud cheers from the studio audience, so we think they were just as fed up with the troublemakers.

#14: Anchor Untethered

Back in 2009, Drew Smith, a news anchor for SNN News 6 in Sarasota Florida, had very little patience for poorly-worded transcripts. After struggling to get through a story, Smith sighs in frustration and hangs his head in shame. After a brief pause, Smith brandishes his copy of the script, and asks “Who writes this stuff!?” and asks either the crew or the viewers at home if they are as confused as he is. Before continuing on, Smith seemingly answers his earlier question by stating “some intern at NBC News Channel writes this crap.” But we get it. Poorly worded news is confusing for everyone, and quality control is important.

#13: Alexi Lalas Speaks His Mind

Sports commentators aren’t ones to mince words. If a performance sucks, they’re going to tell you about it. And Alexi Lalas, a former soccer star and pundit for Fox Sports, certainly told us about it. While covering a match between the Seattle Sounders and LA Galaxy, Lalas unleashes a barrage of insults against the national United States soccer team. He singles out specific people, including Tim Howard, Geoff Cameron, and Clint Dempsey, and says that those he didn’t single out “don’t even warrant a mention.” And that’s before calling them all “soft, underperforming, tattooed millionaires.” We don’t know if this is tough love or just straight up mean!

#12: “Let Me Talk, Carol!”

If this list proves anything, it’s that meteorologists are hanging on by a thread! This outburst concerns Chad Myers, the severe weather expert for CNN. While discussing Hurricane Katrina, anchor Carol Costello interrupts Myers and asks him to clarify the complex and technical terminology that he's using. Myers proceeds to yell, “Let me talk, Carol!” and throws his papers on the ground in frustration. Costello and Myers both laugh the incident off, and Myers states that he was “just having fun” with Costello. It seems clear that they do this simply to diffuse the palpable tension, because Myers was obviously not “having fun.” He is stressed the heck out.

#11: Andrew Dice Clay Fights Back

Live TV and comedians rarely make for a safe combination - especially comedians known for their provocative humor. When Andrew Dice Clay appeared on CNN, the anchor opened that Clay “was a headline guy” and asked him what it was like running a gym. The comments greatly upset Clay, who stated that he is still a headline guy - and never ran a gym. Following that, Clay launched into a tirade that involved numerous f-bombs and the very loud and very verbal disapprovement of the production. Our personal favorite bit has to be the anchor trying to segue into the next segment while Clay yells and swears off-camera.

#10: Weatherman Flips Out

This one was a question of priorities. In Dayton, Ohio, a local broadcast of “The Bachelorette” was interrupted by an emergency weather statement regarding an impending tornado. Midway through the broadcast, weatherman Jamie Simpson checked social media and saw that viewers were complaining about the interruption. This sent Simpson over the edge. He yelled at the viewers at home, went on a minute-long tirade, and called their reaction “pathetic”. Viewers weren’t happy, and Simpson wasn’t happy that they weren’t happy. Basically, no one was happy.

#9: Burning with Frustration

This is a hot one. OK, not literally, but there is fire involved! Mika Brzezinski is the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” a weekday morning political talk show. Back in 2007, Brzezinski grew frustrated with the constant coverage of Paris Hilton. She attempts to set her news documents on fire, saying, “I’m done with the Paris Hilton story!” When her co-anchor takes the lighter away, Brzezinski gets up and throws the papers into a nearby paper shredder. When reflecting on the moment for a ten-year anniversary special, co-anchor Willie Geist called it “a symbolic moment for the show,” in that Brzezinski was refusing to air and discuss such trivial matters of celebrity.

#8: Charlo Greene Quits on Air

This rant by Alaska’s KTVA anchor Charlo Greene went viral. After reporting on the Alaska Cannabis Club, Greene shockingly revealed that she was the owner of the cannabis club and quit on live TV. Her resignation involved a lengthy speech, a well-timed f-bomb, and a dramatic walk off camera. This left the other KTVA anchor stunned and literally speechless as she tried to recover from Greene’s colorful on-air resignation. The clip subsequently went viral, and Greene found herself a bit of a champion within the marijuana industry. Unfortunately, her club was raided by police in 2016 and Greene was slapped with a felony conviction and a $10,000 fine.

#7: Ben Affleck Gets Worked Up

Back in October 2014, Ben Affleck appeared on the talk show “Real Time with Bill Maher” alongside author and podcast host Sam Harris. And it didn’t take too long for the fireworks to really get going. The discussion veers towards the subjects of radical Islam and Islamophobia, and battle lines are quickly drawn. Maher claims that Islam is [“the only religion that acts like the Mafia”] and Harris says that [“Islam is the motherload of bad ideas.”] The Oscar winner then goes off on the two men, calling their assertions “gross,” “racist,” and “ugly things to say.” All this while sitting back in his chair in frustration and muttering “Jesus Christ” under his breath. So, suffice to say he didn’t agree with their opinions.

#6: Sue Simmons Drops an F-Bomb

There’s something really funny about an otherwise professional news anchor breaking character and yelling out an f-bomb. After reading through the news teaser for WNBC, Simmons could loudly be heard cursing off-camera as the footage was rolling. Simmons was reportedly yelling at her co-anchor Chuck Scarborough, who was distracted by his computer. Unfortunately, Simmons didn’t realize that the segment was live. She later apologized to the viewers for her outburst, but really, more people were probably amused than offended. Seeing that boat drift in silence following her f-bomb is just comedic gold.

#5: R. Kelly vs. Gayle King

Even though this interview wasn’t aired “live,” it was presented exactly as filmed. R. Kelly has long been the subject of numerous sexual assault allegations. In March 2019, Kelly appeared on “CBS This Morning” with Gayle King to discuss the allegations and the recent documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.” Kelly grew increasingly emotional and frustrated as the interview progressed, culminating in him screaming right into the camera. He then stood up and continued to shout, pounding on his chest. It didn’t end there even, as his tirade continued for almost another minute.

#4: Walking Away From Bill O’Reilly

And here we have another disagreement arising over religion and extremism. Back in 2010, political commentator Bill O’Reilly appeared on “The View” to promote his book “Pinheads and Patriots: Where You Stand in the Age of Obama.” The discussion turns towards an Islamic community center called Park51, then scheduled to be built near Ground Zero. O’Reilly claims (without proof) that “70% of Americans don’t want that” and that it’s inappropriate [“because Muslims killed us on 9/11].” Whoopi yells “Oh my God!,” shoots back in her seat, and swears at O’Reilly, before she and Joy Behar storm off the set. This is anything but scripted, just a real impassioned reaction.

#3: Jim Ryan vs. Dick Oliver

This legendary argument took place on July 19, 2001. “Good Day New York” anchorman Jim Ryan is watching a report from Dick Oliver on a landlord-tenant dispute. It’s pretty normal, everyday stuff. Until it isn’t. After Oliver lets his tenant interviewee leave, Ryan chastises him for the quality of his reporting. This results in a bitter and very awkward back and forth on live television, and you can even see the tenant cringing and suppressing a laugh in the background. This incident would become so infamous that it inspired Bill Hader’s “Herb Welch” character on “Saturday Night Live,” with Hader portraying an elderly reporter as combative as he is incompetent.

#2: Kanye on Bush

Back in 2005, no one knew that rap extraordinaire Kanye West would become one of the most controversial and outspoken artists of the 21st century. That is, until “A Concert for Hurricane Relief.” This was a live benefit concert that was meant to raise money and awareness for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. West was paired with comedian Mike Myers and went off script, and Myers could only stare at him in confusion and nervousness. He knew something was coming. And something indeed came. West’s comment is now legendary, as is Myers’ reaction and the hilarious cutaway to Chris Tucker.

#1: Mike Tyson Blows His Stack

Back in 1992, Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison for the rape of 18-year-old Desiree Washington. This topic was brought up years later, in 2014, when Tyson was visiting Toronto’s “CP24” news channel on a promotional tour after meeting with the city’s then-mayor, Rob Ford. News anchor Nathan Downer broaches the idea that the mayoral meeting could possibly have interfered with Ford’s election race, as Tyson is a “convicted rapist.” And Tyson is not happy. He initially responds in a seemingly controlled manner before utterly and profanely losing his composure multiple times eventually calling Downer “a rat piece of shit.” Downer reminds Tyson that they were on live TV, but he doesn’t seem to care. At all.