Top 10 Memorable Grey’s Anatomy Weddings



Top 10 Memorable Grey's Anatomy Weddings

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Say, “I do,” to the most memorable “Grey's Anatomy” weddings. For this list, we'll be looking back at the many weddings the medical drama TV series has shown so far. Our countdown includes Cristina Yang & Preston Burke, Miranda Bailey & Ben Warren, Izzie Stevens & Alex Karev, and more!
They do… or do they? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Top 10 Memorable Grey's Anatomy Weddings.

For this list, we’ll be looking back at the many weddings the medical drama TV series has shown so far. These are ranked based on the storylines leading up to the weddings, and how the ceremonies ultimately turned out. Since these tend to be tearjerkers, be sure to keep those tissues on hand.

#10: Owen Hunt & Amelia Shepherd
“Family Affair”

While this wedding is ultimately a success, it severely lacks where the romance is concerned. After witnessing Meredith and Owen talking about his ex-wife Cristina, a nervous Amelia runs away while still wearing her wedding dress. With Maggie and Meredith in tow, she looks for reasons not to go through with the ceremony, eventually being convinced by a relatively weak argument. Not only does Owen see the bride before he’s supposed to (okay, his eyes are closed), but also the nuptials don’t feel complete considering many significant characters aren’t even in attendance. By the time the proceedings get underway, the wedding comes across as more of a formality than a celebration of love.

#9: Cristina Yang & Preston Burke
“Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”

The ever-volatile relationship these two had guaranteed a fiasco on the wedding day. The miscommunication brings an eye-opening realization on Burke’s part, who initially prepares a beautiful vow to say to her at the altar. As the wedding is due to commence, with the guests having arrived and the venue looking spectacular, Cristina begins to freak out. Although it takes some time to convince her to go through with it, the delay causes Burke to confront Cristina himself. Claiming he never loved the “real” Cristina, he leaves for good. While the event remains memorable, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Between the wedding’s cancellation and Cristina’s heartbreak, this was clearly not a good day for love.

#8: April Kepner & Matthew Taylor
“Get Up, Stand Up”

This couple’s romance was fleeting, and Matthew’s proposal was out of the blue as well. However, April and Jackson’s lingering feelings remain in both of their minds. A number of distractions arrive for most of the characters as the ceremony commences. And, upon realizing that he might lose April forever, Jackson interrupts the wedding and professes his love for her. As everyone is left shocked, the following episode reveals that April did reciprocate Jackson’s feelings. Although this turned out to be another failed wedding, it does carry romantic sentiment due to Jackson’s grand declaration. Since it also brings the “will they/won’t they” dynamic between April and Jackson to a fitting conclusion, poor Matthew being left at the altar makes for a necessary heartbreak.

#7: Richard Webber & Catherine Fox
“You’re My Home”

Things rarely ever go Richard Webber’s way, and it appears as if his wedding to Catherine Avery is headed the same route. Just before the big day, the groom and bride-to-be enter into a long argument over how their married life will go about. It takes a stern lecture from Meredith to set them straight, as the couple then begins to reach various compromises. The ceremony itself doesn’t feel as grand as it should be since it takes place in the hospital’s chapel, although the presence of all friends and family does make it a heartwarming occasion. The couple’s eagerness to be married being apparent, and the celebration that follows, seals off a feel-good wedding to remember.

#6: Cristina Yang & Owen Hunt
“With You I'm Born Again”

The hospital shooting creates a chaotic environment among the characters, with most of them struggling to cope. Because of this, Cristina and Owen’s wedding takes place on a smaller scale, inside a house to be specific. While there aren’t any cold feet on this occasion, the build-up is relatively tepid due to the memory of the shooting hanging over everyone’s heads. Despite Derek’s failure to fulfill his role as Best Man, the ceremony carries on once Meredith assures Cristina that Owen is perfect for her. Although there's no big celebration, this wedding accomplishes being an intimate gathering with loved ones. With the characters finding joy once again after the shootout, the ceremony proves that love does eventually prevail.

#5: Callie Torres & Arizona Robbins
“White Wedding”

This couple doesn’t seem that strong due to the many number of times they’ve broken up, but their wedding did highlight their strengths. The lead-up is marred by a number of issues, including the disapproval of Callie’s parents and Arizona’s grief over her brother’s death. It gets worse when the minister no-shows and Callie’s mother decides not to attend, before Miranda Bailey comes to the rescue. After she convinces the couple to continue with the ceremony, a beautiful outdoor wedding is held under a bright sky. With Mark giving Callie away, and Bailey taking up duties as the minister, the initial sour mood is forgotten as the couple is officially married. The return of Callie’s father completes the turnaround to cap off the day.

#4: Miranda Bailey & Ben Warren
“Things We Said Today”

Even the strongest couples face wedding problems on this show, with Bailey and Ben facing a long delay before they could be husband and wife. Unsure if her second marriage might have similar issues as the first, Bailey begins second-guessing, as Richard’s wife Adele is rushed to the ER. While he initially believes Bailey might have run off, Ben learns the truth and stands by her in a touching exchange where they reaffirm their love. The ceremony carries on with a sense of romance, as Bailey and Ben happily share their first dance as a married couple. Although Richard loses Adele, he attends for Bailey’s sake, as we’re shown parallels from Bailey and Ben’s successful wedding to Richard’s marriage with Adele.

#3: Alex Karev & Jo Wilson
“All of Me”

Everything about this relationship was unconventional, making it fitting that their wedding was just as unusual. The bride and groom remain on the same page, but things around them are repeatedly threatened. After the wedding planner has a major health scare, it looks like there won’t be any wedding at all. However, Meredith becomes ordained on the ferry ride back, where she officiates Alex and Jo into marriage. It’s not the wedding they planned, but the occasion couldn’t be happier considering the many ups and downs the couple went through the get there. One couldn’t ask for a more beautiful venue either, with the oceanic background making this a breathtaking wedding. Add to that: April and Matthew’s simultaneously impromptu second wedding erases the bitter memories of their first.

#2: Izzie Stevens & Alex Karev
“What a Difference a Day Makes”

Leave it to Grey’s Anatomy to spring a wedding surprise on its fans. While Meredith and Derek are unenthusiastic about their wedding plans, Izzie’s chances at surviving her cancer seem slim. In order to lift her spirits, and potentially give Izzie her final moment of joy, Meredith reveals that she’s handed over her wedding ceremony to Izzie. As far as grand events go, nothing can beat this one as Izzie arrives to an enormous reception with all eyes on her. The magnitude of this gesture highlights the strength of the characters’ friendships, as well as Alex’s undying love for Izzie. More than anything, it’s the fact that everything goes right for once, making this a beautifully perfect ceremony.

#1: Meredith Grey & Derek Shepherd
“Now or Never”

Unlike everybody else, Meredith and Derek realized that getting married was something to cherish between each other. With that in mind, the two went ahead with a wedding that, while strictly not legal, was inherently spiritual. As a number of crises emerge, and it seems their planned wedding ceremony might be off, Derek proposes a spontaneous wedding, with just the two of them present. Having nothing other than Post-its, they write down their vows and accept each other as husband and wife. Despite lacking the benefit of wedding dresses or decorations, this moment manages to be so much more romantic. For Meredith and Derek, their promises to be together are reasons enough to consider this their wedding. And a couple years later, they make things official at Seattle Municipal Court.