Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You Based on Your Sign?



Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Santana Briggs
Which "Grey's Anatomy" character are you based on your sign? Our countdown includes Derek Shepherd, Cristina Yang, Miranda Bailey, and more!

Which Grey's Anatomy Character Are You Based on Your Sign?

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re asking which Grey’s Anatomy character are you based on your sign

For this list, we’ll be looking at each astrological sign and matching them with characters from the medical drama. We’re excluding spin-off series characters and issuing a spoiler alert! Do you think Meredith is a Libra too? Let us know in the comments!

#12: George O’Malley
Pisces (circa February 19 — March 20)
Pisces are able to connect with the people around them on a deeper level, just like our pick for this sign, George O’Malley. He was the heart of the original interns, displaying compassion and empathy to those who needed it the most. He was also thoughtful and caring, almost to a fault, often helping those around him instead of himself. In the cutthroat world of doctors, we’re glad the hospital staff had someone like George to look out for them.

#11: April Kepner
Aquarius (circa January 20 — February 19)

Aquarians can be adventurous and love their freedom, but they also have trust issues. We think this fits our pick for this, April Kepner. April is passionate about making a positive impact on earth, even becoming a trauma surgeon. She tends to think the best of people, much like an Aquarius, and can sometimes be unpredictable, surprising even herself with her decisions. We know we could trust April in a difficult situation though and we admire how she is truly one of a kind.

#10: Richard Webber
Capricorn (circa December 21 — January 19)

If you’re a Capricorn, we have a feeling you find yourself relating most to this general surgeon, Richard Webber. Like a Capricorn, Richard is measured and tries to think through his actions, considering all the possible consequences. No challenge is too big to take on. He likes to avoid making mistakes, but this can sometimes lead him to be too cautious. As a natural leader, Richard is committed to teaching others and helping them achieve their goals, acting as a monitor to several people on the show.

#9: Derek Shepherd
Sagittarius (circa November 21 — December 21)

No one better embodies the energetic, spontaneous Sagittarius than our pick for this sign, Derek Shepherd. Derek is charming, handsome, and open to new things. He loves deeply and brings a sense of positivity to the people around him. Just like a Sagittarius, Derek is able to easily adjust to new situations and sees change as an adventure. However, his easy going attitude can also be his downfall, as his instinct to act first, think later, can sometimes hurt the people around him.

#8: Alex Karev
Scorpio (circa October 22 — November 21)

Scorpios are known for being polarizing figures, much like this former intern, Alex Karev. At first Alex comes off as blunt and cold, seemingly looking only to get ahead. But soon we realize how deeply he cares about his friends. Alex is one of the most loyal people at the hospital, but his loyalty is only given to a few, like a Scorpio. Others might be unable to see past the cold, tough exterior, but those who know him, know how sensitive and caring he can be.

#7: Meredith Grey
Libra (circa September 22 — October 22)

Libras are all about balance and what’s best for everyone, just like Meredith Grey. During her time at what’s now known as Grey-Sloan, Meredith has become the hospital’s moral compass, fighting injustice and trying to do the best for her patients. She is social and great at connecting with the people around her, making her very popular. Like a Libra, Meredith is understanding and works to see both sides of a problem, even when it might be easier to take the easy road. However, sometimes the need to do what’s right ends up getting her in hot water.

#6: Maggie Pierce
Virgo (circa August 22 — September 22)

Virgos are practical and down to earth, a great way to describe our pick for this sign, Maggie Pierce. Maggie depends on logic and reason to make decisions, a common Virgo trait. Sometimes she has difficulty being vulnerable and overanalyzes things, but she is also able to put herself first. Like a Virgo, Maggie is able to prioritize her own goals and works very hard to achieve them. Sometimes her ambition can get in the way of caring about those around her, but we know that if you want something done right, you should always ask a Virgo.

#5: Cristina Yang
Leo (circa July 22 — August 22)

If you’re a Leo, we have a feeling you’ll be very happy with our pick for this sign: Cristina Yang. Cristina is a total boss. She’s known for going after what she wants and working extremely hard. Just like a Leo, Cristina is hardcore and confident to a fault. While sometimes this results in overconfidence and losing her grip on what really matters, she is loyal to the ones she cares about and does whatever she can to protect the people she loves.

#4: Arizona Robbins
Cancer (circa June 20 — July 22)

Cancers have a reputation for being immensely caring, which perfectly describes Arizona Robbins. As a pediatric surgeon, Arizona has to be extra empathetic with her patients, working to balance scared kids and their parents. She is a compassionate doctor who went above and beyond for those she worked with. Like a Cancer, her insecurities could sometimes make her controlling. Even though Arizona’s feelings could sometimes get the best of her, she was always there when someone needed a friend or a shoulder to cry on.

#3: Jackson Avery
Gemini (circa May 20 — June 20)

Geminis are sociable, easy-going, and can be a little tricky. If this doesn’t describe Jackson Avery, we don’t know what does! Like a Gemini, Jackson is great at adjusting to new situations, often becoming different versions of himself to fit the situation. He is extremely clever, with what seems like a little bit of knowledge about everything. Jackson is well liked by most people, but his Gemini side also leaves him prone to changing his mind and being flaky.

#2: Miranda Bailey
Taurus (circa April 19 — May 20)

Our pick for this sign is a true icon: Miranda Bailey. Miranda is great at seeing the rational side of things, without forgetting to acknowledge the feelings of those around her, which is a classic Taurus skill. When she sets her mind to something, she doesn’t give up on her goals, which can be a good or bad thing. As one of the most dependable people at Grey-Sloan, she is trustworthy and always there to give advice or listen. As a Taurus, it only makes sense that she becomes a great chief of surgery!

#1: Amelia Shepherd
Aries (circa March 20 — April 19)

Aries are known for being independent and brave, just like our pick for this sign, Amelia Shepherd. Amelia is confident and a bit of a loner at times, choosing to go through her struggles alone. Even though she can be impulsive, this makes her open to taking risks like no other and a great person to turn to. She never backs down from a challenge, and while this can mean getting frustrated with a lack of progress, you know she won’t let go of something just because it’s difficult.