Top 10 Fall Guys Courses



Top 10 Fall Guys Courses

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
This little game of bean people and obstacle courses has captured our hearts! For this list, we're looking at our favorite courses (or “Rounds”) in the adorable battle royale “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”. Our countdown includes Slime Climb, See Saw, The Whirlygig and more!
Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Fall Guys Courses

This little game of bean people and obstacle courses has captured our hearts! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fall Guys Courses.

For this list, we’re looking at our favorite courses (or “Rounds”) in the adorable battle royale “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout”. Hope your bean people are up to these challenging levels!

#10: Slime Climb

If you’re wanting a taste of everything “Fall Guys” has to offer, then the Slime Climb round offers a wide mix of obstacles you’ll come across in other matches. This course demands players push past pushers, rotators, conveyor belts, slippery slime, and even a ball cannon. There’s also a set of pendulums towards the end of the round! You’d best be careful, though! The course's main schtick is the pool of slime that slowly consumes the stage from beneath. Watch your step or you may end up eliminated before you get your shot at winning the round!

#9: See Saw

This round will either be a breeze or a painful walk on hot coal. See Saw puts the lobby through an obstacle course of tilting platforms. However, these aren’t platforms that teeter on their own. Instead, the number of players on one end determines how far they’ll tilt! So, if one side gets too loaded, you can guarantee everyone is going down. It may be frustrating for some players, but the trick here is planning your path as you approach each set of platforms and adapting to the situation...which we realize is easier said than done. But that’s really the only way you’ll be able to qualify for the next round!

#8: The Whirlygig

Round and round the rounds go, which one is next nobody knows! If you find yourself competing in the Whirlygig round, be prepared to leap and maybe get a little topsy-turvy! This round is all about rotating bars and windmills, and you WILL get smacked a few times. Some may spin slowly and be easy to get around, but there are others that spin so fast they’ll send you flying, thus putting you back at the start of the section. In other words, tread lightly and brush up on those platforming skills.

#7: Jump Club

Want to try something that’s more like a test of survival? Well, “Fall Guys” has a few of those, and one round you’ll come across is Jump Club. This round sees players avoiding two rotators - one with two bars and a single one below it, and both are set to different speeds, slowly increasing the longer the round goes. The trick here is anticipating when which bar is going to approach you first, forcing you to prepare jumps well in advance. Luckily, there isn’t much pressure as this round only eliminates a small portion of the lobby.

#6: Gate Crash

Seems like an easy course, right? All you have to do is pick the path that isn’t walled off, and you’re good! If only it were that simple… Gate Crash puts players before a series of alternating walls with each section set to different speeds. With a lobby of sixty players, this can be hard to navigate as everyone congests different gates and tries to leap over the chaos. Adding to the challenge is the final obstacle where players slide down purple slime and must leap across a gap coupled with one last set of gates. Hope your timing is impeccable!

#5: Rock ‘N’ Roll

While most of your time playing “Fall Guys” will be spent solo, the game does offer a few team-based rounds to balance things out every once in a while. One of our favorites is “Rock ‘N’ Roll” which divides the lobby into three separate teams and tasks each with delivering their team ball to the finish line. In true “Fall Guys” fashion, this is harder than it sounds. Multiple players have to push the ball to get it past certain obstacles. On top of that, the second half of the round removes all barriers, allowing players to slow down each other’s progress. The savagery!

#4: Fruit Chute

Fruit Chute may be one of the shortest courses in terms of length, but players may feel like it takes an eternity to get through. In this round, players race up a conveyor belt while avoiding cannons that shoot massive pieces of fruit. Expect giant oranges, apples, bananas, blueberries, and even watermelons to come flying your way! Sure, you can try jumping to speed up your progress, but that very brief burst of speed could put you at risk of ragdolling over someone else or getting hit by fruit. So, don’t be afraid to take your time and play it safe!

#3: Hex-A-Gone

When you make it into the final round of “Fall Guys”, you’ll come across one of three different games reserved for the finale. One of these is the tense and exciting Hex-A-Gone! Players stand atop multiple floors of hexagonal tiles that disappear when they’re stepped on. Don’t be surprised when you get hysterical from falling through one floor only to fall through another hole below! This one will definitely demand good skills in preplanning and adapting! So, keep your eye on what other players are doing and try not to gamble with jumps too frequently!

#2: Door Dash

This one is a little more like Gate Crash, but this time, it’s more of a guessing game. Before the lobby lies a set of doors, but only a few will open while the others will just stun and put you in a ragdoll state. As you progress through the round, you’ll be given fewer and fewer doors, which means more and more fakes will be placed. Try not to straggle too far behind as you may get caught in the congestion as players scramble to get through the real doors!

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

Dizzy Heights

Bumpers, Spinners, & Ball Cannons! Oh My!

Fall Ball

Because Who Doesn't Enjoy a Rousing Game of Soccer?

Tip Toe

Because Seeing Everyone Falling Into the Abyss is Hilarious

Roll Out

It's an Epic Game of Logrolling

Hit Parade

The Congestion Gets Real Here

#1: Fall Mountain

This is, by far, the hardest and most entertaining round in the entire game, and it is arguably the most unique! Fall Mountain tasks players with ascending a steep course loaded with spinning panels, rotating barricades, and ball cannons. The round leads up to one nerve-wrenching segment where players must leap for a crown. Whoever gets the crown first becomes the winner! That crown isn’t gonna make it too easy, though! The crown does move up and down, so if you try to rush your leap, you may find yourself on a conveyor belt that sends you back to the segment. Make the jump count!