Top 10 Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Games



Top 10 Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Games

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Saim Cheeda
Let the Jimmy Fallon games begin! For this list, we'll be looking at the best games played by Jimmy and the celebrities featured on “The Tonight Show”, based on the level of fun they bring. Our countdown includes slapjack, water war, box of lies, and more!

Top 10 Jimmy Fallon Games

Let the games begin! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jimmy Fallon Games.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best games played by Jimmy and the celebrities featured on “The Tonight Show”, based on the level of fun they bring.

#10: Pictionary

While this game might not be an original idea, the hilarity that ensues is one of a kind. Featuring multiple players, “Pictionary” has Jimmy team up with one guest to compete against another duo. The best part about this is how unique the pairings are as celebrities join forces at random. With the drawer not allowed to talk, the results can turn out to be hilariously awkward. An interesting variation is the Virtual Reality Pictionary, where Jimmy and the contestants put on high tech goggles to predictably mixed results. Despite some A-List names, everyone ends up letting out their inner child as the competition gets intense. And you never know which pair will have the best chemistry.

#9: Slapjack

Talk about gambling with high stakes. In this game, Jimmy and a guest play to avoid the ultimate disrespect. The rules are the same as blackjack, with the catch that the loser gets slapped in the face with a giant hand. Since there are multiple rounds, the chance of getting whacked is very high. The real reason to enjoy watching this game, though, is the banter between Jimmy and his opponent. With the possibility of being slapped in front of the audience at stake, these guests bring their best jokes to ease the tension. Of course, the biggest payoff remains the actual slaps, which pack quite a wallop.

#8: Five-Second Summaries

Here’s a game that takes “short and sweet” in a literal way. The rules are just as the title suggests, with one person giving out hints in five-second bursts, while the other has to guess the subject. While Jimmy and his guest are technically competing, the sheer joy of beating the clock turns them into a team every time. Due to the short timespan, guests tend to get creative with their explanations, leading to some hilarious moments. Things turn up a notch as the game progresses, with the timer going lower until it’s down to just one second. This is when it’s most exciting, though, as Jimmy and his guests try their best to come away with the win.

#7: Word Sneak

Unlike many other games, “Word Sneak” involves Jimmy and his guest working together. The intention here is to create a conversation as seamless as possible, only with the addition of a lot of quirky words. Although it’s usually pretty easy to guess which words are being shoehorned in, it’s the attempt made by the participants that makes it such a hit. Since Jimmy has often played this game with comedians, the conversations are filled with their signature brand of comedy. However, no guest is able to resist breaking down in laughter, as the interjection of these words usually involves creating a fictitious wild event from their lives.

#6: Water War

Who knew water could be this deadly? This game is designed to empower the winner and humiliate the loser. With five large glasses of water for each contestant, they play the classic game of war to see who gets to splash their opponent. Most guests take extreme liberties with this privilege, leaving Jimmy a soaking mess. The contest usually starts off on a lighter note, before both parties stop pulling their punches. However, the most memorable Water War victory belongs to Jason Momoa, who had absolutely no mercy for Jimmy. By the end of this game, Jason made water look like a weapon as he decimated poor Jimmy. Makes sense coming from Aquaman!

#5: Lip Sync Battle

Perhaps the best known of all the games played on the show, “Lip Sync Battle” involves Jimmy and his guest competing to see who can deliver the best lip syncing performance. Technically, it features both contestants against one another, although that rule usually gets forgotten once they begin. Contestants’ interpretations of the lyrics can be funny, sexy, or just downright silly. Of course, busting some serious dance moves is certainly welcome as well. The performances can actually be pretty amazing, with some guests pulling out all the stops. With so many laughs and memorable moments, it’s no wonder this game got its own spin-off show.

#4: Whisper Challenge

In a game that requires a keen eye, Jimmy and the guest try to guess what the other person is saying. This is made challenging as one of them wears headphones blasting songs at full volume. The idea here is to work in tandem and try to get as many right answers as possible, although the fun part is when a hilariously bad guess comes out. On the flip side, it’s always fun to see Jimmy and his guest own the scene, as their teamwork is entertaining in its own right. Then again, watching celebrities with no patience for something this silly is worth a watch too . . .

#3: Box of Lies

It’s not often that being outed as a liar is a good thing. On “Box of Lies”, however, the one who fibs the best is the winner. With Jimmy and his guest each taking turns to pick a box with mysterious contents, the objective is to lie, or pretend to lie, in order to fool their opponent. The real attraction of this game comes from what’s in the box, because discovering crazy stuff is par for the course. Some of these items certainly turn out to be far weirder than expected. On other occasions, it’s the incredibly well thought out lies from Jimmy or the guest that make for the best moments.

#2: True Confessions

Never underestimate the power of a good lie... or a great true story. In “True Confessions”, Jimmy brings in two guests, with each of them taking turns to read cards that contain incidents from their pasts. However, not all the stories are true, and it’s up to the other participants to guess if the event actually happened or not. Making this such an interesting game to watch are the elaborate tales the celebrities come up with, and it’s always a shock when one of these turns out to be true. Not only do fans get to learn something they didn’t know about their favorite stars, the outrageous stories make every game one you just can’t miss.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Brain Teaser?

Three-Word Stories
It Takes Two to Tell a Great Story

Best Friends Challenge
There’s Nothing Like True Besties

Who Knew One Word Could Make Things So Thrilling?

Egg Russian Roulette
No One Wants to Have Egg on Their Face

#1: Wheel of Impressions

Celebrity impressions are always a riot to watch, and this game has celebrities impersonating other big stars. In “Wheel of Impressions”, Jimmy and the guest take turns receiving a random scenario that they have to act out. The key to a good act is to bring out the personality of the person they’re imitating, making it as believable as possible. The nonsensical topics are what make this game so entertaining, with both participants improvising their lines along the way. Another popular variant is the musical version of the game, where contestants blend the mannerisms of popular singers with a variety of musical genres. Out of all the games, this one definitely best showcases the entertainers’ talents.