Every Single Upcoming Keanu Reeves Release



Every Single Upcoming Keanu Reeves Release

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Give us all the Keanu! For this list, we'll be looking at movies, shows, games, and even comics that will keep the Keanuassaince going for years to come. Our countdown includes “The Bruce Lee Project”, “John Wick: Chapter 4”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, and more!

Every Single Upcoming Keanu Reeves Release

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down Every Single Upcoming Keanu Reeves Release.

For this list, we’ll be looking at movies, shows, games, and even comics that will keep the Keanuassaince going for years to come. We’re including projects that Reeves is producing, as well as rumored releases.

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#12: “Dogstar Siriusly Singing Backup”

In 2016’s “Keanu,” Reeves voiced an adorable kitten who shared his name. Reeves is going from cats to dogs, producing this music documentary. We all know that Reeves rose to fame as Ted Logan, whose music with Bill Preston is destined to unite humanity in harmony. What you might not know is that Reeves comes from a musical background, although his band wasn’t called Wyld Stallyns. In 1991, Reeves co-founded Dogstar, an alternative rock band featuring Robert Mailhouse, Gregg Miller, and Bret Domrose. Serving as the bass guitarist, Reeves ultimately left Dogstar to focus on his acting career. While the band found something of a following, it’s still best remembered for Reeves’ involvement. Dogstar may not be a household name, but hopefully this documentary will mark a comeback.

#11: “Rally Car”

“Rally Car” is one of the biggest question-marks on Reeves’ plate. In 2017, it was reported that Lionsgate picked up the U.S. distribution rights for this action flick. Directed by Olivier Megaton of “Transporter 3” and the “Taken” sequels, the film stars Reeves as a hotshot NASCAR driver who gears up for a race in China. With help from a Chinese woman who has racing aspirations of her own, Reeves’ character learns the value of teamwork. “We believe ‘Rally Car’ has tremendous potential to see Keanu in action once again, this time behind a steering wheel,” said Jason Constantine of Lionsgate. Over three years later, though, there’s been little to no reports on the film’s status. We guess it’s moving at a “reasonable speed.”

#10: “Past Midnight”

Like “Rally Car,” the details on “Past Midnight” are still developing. As of writing, it’s been rumored that Reeves will star in this Netflix film from Rick Famuyiwa, whose previous directing credits include “Dope” and two episodes of “The Mandalorian.” The screenplay is being written by T.J. Fixman, who’s known for his work on several “Ratchet and Clank” games. Most exciting of all, the film is being produced by Anthony and Joe Russo of the MCU. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a superhero movie, a genre well-suited for Reeves. “‘Past Midnight’s’ still in a very formative stage,” Joe Russo said in late 2019. “So it’s probably not best to talk about it yet, but it is a fascinating script.”

#9: “Conquest”

“Past Midnight” isn’t the only Netflix project that Reeves reportedly has lined up. In 2019, Reeves ventured to São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, to produce this Netflix show. “Conquest” is set to star Bruna Marquezine, a Brazillian actress who broke out at a young age with her role on the telenovela, “Women in Love.” It’s been speculated that Reeves could also star in the series, although nothing’s set in stone. In any case, the project reunites Reeves with director Carl Rinsch of “47 Ronin.” “Conquest” has otherwise remained a highly secretive production, but as long as it comes with the Keanu seal of approval, we’ll definitely be binging this one.

#8: “The Bruce Lee Project”

In an alternate reality, we could totally see the legendary Bruce Lee playing John Wick or Neo from “The Matrix.” The late martial artist clearly had an impact on Reeves, who serves as a producer on “The Bruce Lee Project.” In 2017, news broke that Reeves was collaborating with Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, on this international competition series. The show seeks out “today’s men and women of action,” but there was so much more to Lee than his physical abilities. Lee was also a deeply philosophical person, which will play a key role in the show. It was announced that the series would launch in South Asia and the Middle East with a first season consisting of twelve episodes, including a 90-minute finale.

#7: “Ballerina”

One of the most well-edited scenes in “John Wick: Chapter 3” flawlessly blended fight choreography with dance choreography. That should be just a small taste of what we can expect from “Ballerina,” a female-led spinoff executive produced by Reeves. Directed by Len Wiseman of the “Underworld” franchise, the film reportedly centers on Rooney Brown, a female assassin out to avenge her family. Standing in her way is Elias Muller, the corrupt mayor of a European town known as Sunnyvale. Although it hasn’t been confirmed who will play the lead, Chloë Grace Moretz is supposedly a top choice. It’s also highly probable that we’ll see Reeves as Mr. Wick and Anjelica Huston as the mysterious Director, but only time will tell how significant their roles will be.

#6: “BRZRKR” (2020)

Keanu Reeves is basically a real-life superhero. So, it was only a matter of time until he got his own comic book. “BRZRKR” is being co-written by Reeves and Matt Kindt, who’s best known for his work with Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics/Vertigo. Boom! Studios will publish this 12-issue limited series, which follows an immortal warrior who goes by Berzerker. As you can tell from Alessandro Vitti’s awesome artwork, Berzerker shares a striking resemblance to Mr. Reeves. Since many have wondered if Reeves is an immortal being, we can’t help but wonder if “BRZRKR” is autobiographical. Be it fiction or stranger than fiction, you’ll definitely want to pick up the first issue in October 2020.

#5: “Rain”

In 2014, Slingshot Global Media announced that Reeves would take center stage in an action television series entitled “Rain.” Based on Barry Eisler’s best-selling books, Reeves stars as an assassin named John. Yeah, we know that sounds familiar, but it’s all the more reason why nobody other than Reeves could play this part. The miniseries is even being produced by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who directed the first “John Wick.” What sets John Rain apart from John Wick is a talent for making it seem like his targets died of natural causes. Of course, it’s been six years since “Rain” was announced with few new developments. Hopefully, the project isn’t dead in the water because the pieces are in place to make something special.

#4: “The Continental”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Reeves drops by his old stomping ground in “The Continental.” At the very least, Reeves is producing this “John Wick” spinoff series for the Starz Network. Even if we don’t see much of Mr. Wick, many badass assassins have dropped by the Continental hotel chain. So, the series should expand upon the franchise’s lore in cool and fascinating ways. This prequel will delve into the hotel’s origins and how it became a safe haven for contract killers. Chris Collins, who’s written for shows like “The Wire” and “Sons of Anarchy,” will act as showrunner. It’s still unknown who will star in the series, but it’s expected to premiere sometime after the fourth “John Wick” movie. Speaking of which...

#3: “John Wick: Chapter 4” (2022)

Most franchises begin to wear out their welcome by the third or even the second movie. With “John Wick,” however, each new installment leaves us hungry for more brilliantly executed action. In addition to “Ballerina” and “The Continental,” John Wick will return in not just one, but two sequels. A fourth “John Wick” film was confirmed the same week that “Chapter 3” hit theaters. Originally slated for a 2021 release, “Chapter 4” was pushed back to at least 2022 due in part to the pandemic. Although this was disappointing, Lionsgate softened the blow with the news that “John Wick: Chapter 5” is set to come out in 2023. The two sequels will film back-to-back, showing just how unstoppable John Wick is.

#2: “Cyberpunk 2077” (2020)

First announced in 2012, the hype for “Cyberpunk 2077” has been building for quite some time. Our anticipation for this action RPG climaxed at E3 2019, though, when CD Projekt Red debuted the third trailer. While the whole trailer was “breathtaking” to say the least, it was Reeves’ reveal at the very end that broke the internet. This was immediately followed by another epic reveal, as Reeves himself took to the stage at E3. Reeves discussed the game’s story, open world, and several other reasons why its release date - then set for April 2020, but now set for November 2020 - can’t come soon enough. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Reeves apparently has the second most dialogue in the game, meaning we can expect much more than a glorified cameo.

#1: “The Matrix 4” (2022)

Although “Reloaded” and “Revolutions” fell below expectations, the original “Matrix” remains a cinematic classic. After Reeves started seeing a career resurgence, fans wondered if a fourth “Matrix” might be in the cards. We got our answer in August 2019 when “The Matrix 4” was officially confirmed. Reeves is set to reprise his role as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss will also be back in action as Trinity. Lilly Wachowski is sitting this one out due to other commitments, but Lana Wachowski is returning as a director and co-writer. Like “John Wick 4,” the film was originally supposed to come out in 2021, but got delayed until April 1, 2022. By then, it’ll have been almost twenty years since we last saw Reeves in his career-defining role.