Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Keanu Reeves



Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Keanu Reeves

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Robin Schwartzkopf
These are the moments that made us love Keanu Reeves. For this list, we'll be looking at times where the Canadian actor made us swoon. Our countdown includes meme-worthy pictures, waiting in line, hover hand, and more!

Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Keanu Reeves

Welcome to Ms. Mojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Keanu Reeves.

For this list, we’ll be looking at times where the Canadian actor made us swoon with his easygoing attitude, refreshing sincerity and enthusiasm for movie making.

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#10: Humility in Interviews

In 2019, Keanu was making headlines left and right for his selfless and charming attitude, in addition to his roles in “Toy Story 4,” “Always Be My Maybe,” and “John Wick: Chapter 3.” However, when interviewers asked him at the Pixar movie premiere how he felt about being “the Internet’s boyfriend,” Reeves responded in a bashful way. He joked that the title was “wacky” and said “the positivity’s great.” The public was impressed by his down-to-earth response, especially given his movie star status. Although he didn’t embrace the title, his demeanor may have further cemented his place as the Internet’s boyfriend.

#9: Meme-Worthy Pictures

Who knew Neo could be so relatable? In the 2010s, pictures of Reeves doing pretty mundane things started to make the rounds on social media. The paparazzi photos are not the most flattering, but they do show Keanu in a very relatable light. From a snap of him digging into a plate of pizza to one of him looking dejected on a public bench, the pictures of the famous actor endeared audiences to his sympathetic attitude. After all, who hasn’t taken a break from drinking a juice to contemplate life?

#8: Waiting in Line

Even when it's his party, Keanu doesn’t mind being patient. At least that’s the story from 2014, when apparently the actor waited for twenty minutes in the rain to get into a wrap party for his movie, “Exposed.” Although there was a long line, Keanu did not skip to the front or pull rank in order to get in faster. His lovable behavior didn’t stop once he got into the event, either. According to reports from that night, Keanu also found someone’s credit card on the ground and took steps to return it to the owner.

#7: Appreciating Stunt Performers

John Wick knows how to take a hit. As an actor, Keanu does too. The movie star does a lot of his own stunts, and that involves a lot of collaboration with talented stunt artists. In 2019, film critic Hanna Flint shared that Keanu campaigned for the plot of “John Wick: Chapter 3” to be changed so that two characters would not be killed off. Martial arts stars Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian reportedly knocked him down so many times during rehearsals that Keanu claimed the assassin could not kill their movie counterparts. His respect for the skill of fight choreography and his fellow artists has only made him more admirable to fans.

#6: Taking Pay Cuts

Keanu generally ranks among the highest paid Hollywood actors, thanks to his roles in culture-defining franchises like “The Matrix” and “John Wick.” However, he has been known to sacrifice his paycheck in order to improve a film. In the ‘90s, Keanu wanted to work with Al Pacino on “The Devil’s Advocate,” so he accepted less money so the studio could court Pacino. Then, during the filming of the “Matrix” sequels, Keanu gave up part of his claim on the movies’ profits so that more money could be spent on costumes and special effects. His graciousness didn’t stop there — he reportedly bought motorcycles for a dozen stunt performers who worked on “The Matrix” as a way to thank them for helping make the movie.

#5: Playing Himself

Keanu can definitely take a joke. In the 2019 rom-com “Always Be My Maybe,” the actor has a role as a very exaggerated version of himself. Although he’s only in a small portion of the film, these scenes stick out as particularly delightful. His role makes it seem like the actor knows about his peculiar and magnetic persona, and does not take himself too seriously. His interplay with the two stars of the film, Ali Wong and Randall Park, make for some of the best bits in the movie. Plus, not every Hollywood superstar would be comfortable having a song all about knocking them out.

#4: Helping Stranded Travelers

If a flight you’re on has to make an emergency landing, chances are your trip is going to be worse off because of it. That wasn’t necessarily the case for passengers when their L.A.-bound plane was forced to land in Bakersfield, California. That’s because Keanu Reeves was stranded with them! The actor posed for pictures and gave autographs to fans before arranging for transportation for all the travelers. On the minibus journey, Keanu shared facts about Bakersfield and played country music from his phone. In making sure everyone made it to their destination, he showed how caring he is for others — even everyday folks.

#3: Hover Hand

His being respectful of individual space and boundaries is yet another reason the masses love Keanu. Fans of the actor on Twitter have realized that, in many photographs, he hovers his hand instead of touching the people he’s posing with. Whether he’s pictured with country superstar Dolly Parton or just with normal fans, he maintains a casual, friendly stance but refrains from actually touching the person. It’s a very thoughtful move on the star’s part. When word spread over social media, many additional photos of Keanu practicing the same strategy over the years quickly surfaced. Turns out he’s been a considerate guy for a while.

#2: Subway Manners

Chivalry isn’t dead. At least not if Keanu Reeves has anything to say about it. In 2011, the actor was filmed offering his seat on a crowded express train in New York City to a fellow passenger who was holding a large bag. In the video, Keanu sees the woman, gestures to her, and they trade positions on the train. The moment quickly went viral, with fans praising Keanu for his quiet manners. Despite it being a somewhat everyday act, his politeness was a pleasant reminder for fans that he remains a grounded and thoughtful person despite his immense celebrity status.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Being a Bookworm
Keanu Used to Feed His Fiction & Sudoku Habit at a Local Bookstore

Friendship With Winona Ryder
The Two Have an Endearing Relationship & Have Starred in Multiple Movies Together

Ice Cream Autograph
Keanu Bought Ice Cream Just So He Could Sign the Receipt for a Shy Fan

Relationship With Alexandra Grant
Made Headlines Walking the Red Carpet Together

“Toy Story 4” Audition
Keanu Jumped on a Table to Commit to the Role

#1: “You’re Breathtaking”

The moment that became a meme started with the cry of an excited fan. When Keanu went onstage at the E3 convention in 2019, he described the game “Cyberpunk 2077” as “breathtaking,” to which someone in the crowd replied: “You’re breathtaking!” Keanu then returned the compliment to the delight of the crowd, and the phrase became a recognizable reference for fans. One month later, when he was on the way to film “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” Keanu actually saw a handmade sign that was left for him by a fan with the phrase. Keanu reportedly stopped, wrote his own “You’re breathtaking” beneath it, and left a personal inscription for the fan. Going above and beyond to make someone else’s day better? That’s just classic Keanu.