Insane Internet Theories from Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2



Insane Internet Theories from Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 2

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Can you help solve these mysteries? For this list, we'll be looking at the wildest theories online in response to the second volume of the hit Netflix reboot "Unsolved Mysteries". Our countdown includes theories about Jennifer Fairgate, Lester Eubanks, JoAnn Romain, John Wheeler, and more.

Top Insane Internet Theories About Unsolved Mysteries Vol 2

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top Insane Internet Theories About Unsolved Mysteries Vol 2.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the wildest theories online in response to the second volume of this hit Netflix reboot.

Do you feel that there’s any truth to these, or are we just clutching at conspiracies? Let us know in the comments!

#7: Andre’s Disappearance Was Unrelated to the Others

“Stolen Kids”
What happened to Monique Rivera and her one-month old son Andre was heart-breaking. After becoming acquainted with two women, Monique went shopping with them with her son in tow. The next day: her body was discovered, with Andre nowhere in sight. While it happened in the same neighborhood, many believe that his disappearance was unrelated to the fates of Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker. In those vases, both children were approached by older children asking to play, and later vanished when their guardians were distracted. The details in Andre’s case seem too different to be considered part of a kidnapping trifecta.

#6: Staff at the Plaza Hotel Were in on the Kill

“Death in Oslo”
Even if it was decades ago, you’d think that a five star hotel that catered to celebrities and royalty would have procedures in place to stop just anyone slipping in. And yet that’s just what Jennifer Fairgate did. She entered under a false name, and was never asked to show any form of identification, even though it was standard practise for foreigners to show their passports. If that’s not enough, following Jennifer’s apparent suicide, police could find zero security footage of the day that Jennifer arrived at the front desk. Given the other theories floating around about Jennifer’s occupation, it’s not too much of a stretch to wonder if some staff members were involved.

#5: Ohio Police Conspired to Let Lester Eubanks Walk Free

“Death Row Fugitive”
Either there’s some credibility to this theory, or certain factions of the Ohio police force in the 1970s were beyond incompetent. Despite being an infamous sexual predator and murderer on death row, Lester Eubanks managed to worm his way into a honor program - all thanks to a silver tongue that apparently won over the guards. What privileges did this furlough grant him? Three hours of unguarded freedom so he could go Christmas shopping! And what did he do? Made a break for it of course. While the whole thing sounds like a ridiculous oversight, what really rubs salt in the wounds is that those in charge failed to run up a warrant for his arrest, allowing Eubanks to continue to live his life as a free man decades on!

#4: JoAnn Romain Was Murdered

“Lady in the Lake”
Despite police officially ruling it as a suicide, the questionable circumstances surrounding JoAnn Romain’s death has both her family and the internet up in arms. While investigators deemed that JoAnn had drowned herself by walking into the ice-strewn Lake St. Clair, her daughters think otherwise. Not only was JoAnn a dedicated Catholic and afraid of her own shadow, but further inspection from outside sources revealed some rather baffling evidence. JoAnn filled her car up shortly before she allegedly took her life; the Coast Guard received a notice about her 30 minutes before she went missing; and the autopsy showed that the cause of death was dry drowning! Plus, as we’ll get into later, there had been some family conflict prior to her disappearance.

#3: Jennifer Fairgate Was a Hitman/Undercover Agent

“Death in Ohio”
While the fact that the hotel didn’t ask for identification is odd enough, the true twists in the Jennifer Fairgate case start with her body being discovered in her room. Her clothes had all the tags cut out; she had practically nothing in terms of belongings; the gun that she’d supposedly shot herself with had its serial number removed; and there was nothing in the way of gun residue or blood splatter on her hands. Add to that the fact that even with DNA testing, Jennifer is practically a ghost in the system, with no clues to her real identity. This has led many to believe that she didn’t commit suicide, but was actually executed due to her role in some secret or dubious profession.

#2: John Wheeler Had a Manic Episode

“Washington Inside Murder”
The death of this government insider shocked the world back in 2010, given how highly respected he was as a chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. So, who would want John Wheeler dead? While many were quick to point the finger at unknown assassins, after reviewing the final hours of his life, others have come to a different conclusion. Wheeler had bipolar disorder, and apparently had a bad sense of direction. He was captured on camera attempting to access a parking garage, even though his car was elsewhere, and wandering around office buildings. Some believe he had a manic episode, became disoriented, and sought shelter in a dumpster. It could explain how he ended up in the landfill, and how he sustained blunt force trauma.

#1: Tim Matouk Was Involved in JoAnn Romain’s Death

JoAnn’s daughters have come up with quite a list of possible suspects over the years, and while the police may have cleared them, that hasn’t stopped speculation. JoAnn’s brother John confessed that he owed a lot of money to certain people due to business blunders, while her ex-husband David was shown to have been incredibly angry after their separation. However, right at the top of her list is JoAnn’s estranged cousin Tim, who was allegedly seen with her on the night of the disappearance by a witness. Moreover, following a heated argument, JoAnn had told her daughter Michelle that if anything ever happened to her, Tim would be the one they should investigate.