Top 10 Things Only Disney Channel Fans Understand 



Top 10 Things Only Disney Channel Fans Understand 

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Somethings only Disney Channel fans understand. Our countdown includes wishing you could go to Camp Rock, being a lifelong Jonas Brothers fan, debating which era is the best, and more!

Top 10 Things Only Disney Channel Fans Understand

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Only Disney Channel Fans Understand.

For this list, we’ll be looking at memorable and nostalgic things that those of us who grew up watching Disney Channel would know.

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#10: Wishing You Could Go to Camp Rock

In the era of these classic made-for-TV movies, everyone’s dream summer experience was definitely going to a summer camp like Camp Rock and meeting their favorite pop stars just like in the movie. Of course, Camp Rock was totally fictional, and any real music camp, while probably still a fun experience, would never be as dramatic and exciting as Camp Rock. So, most of us just had to settle for living vicariously through Mitchie while watching the movie over and over and dreaming of meeting the Jonas Brothers. Even today, this musical teen comedy is fun for a rewatch and is great for getting into that nostalgic summer mood.

#9: Being Afraid of Being an “Outfit Repeater”

In the theatrical film based on the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire”, mean girl Kate Sanders delivers the most devastating and original insult most of us had ever heard at the time. Lizzie’s look of utter shock and embarrassment at being called an “outfit repeater” instantly made us all paranoid of someday being called the same. Even now, tons of Disney Channel fans still think of this line anytime they put on a favorite outfit of theirs that’s definitely been worn more than once. Is that going to stop us from repeating that outfit? Definitely not. Is it a little weird to be worried about fashion critiques from an 8th grader? Yes, absolutely.

#8: Wanting the Matching Tracksuits from “The Cheetah Girls”

Speaking of outfits, these color-coordinated cheetah print tracksuits were everything in the early 2000s. If you were lip-syncing to “Cheetah Sisters” in your room, it was implied you were imagining yourself in one of these outfits in your favorite color. From the subtle sparkle of the cheetah print to the stylish headbands that really pull the whole thing together, these outfits became the ultimate girl group look of this Disney Channel era. With the return of “Y2K” fashion trends in the early 2020s, it’s definitely time for these entire outfits to become acceptable everyday clothing again. But if that’s too much to ask for, this would be the perfect group Halloween costume for you and your closest friends.

#7: Loving Legendary Choreographer Kenny Ortega

Some people might know Kenny Ortega from his work on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Dirty Dancing”, which are without a doubt excellent movies. However, Disney Channel fans would argue that his best work is on classic Disney Channel Original Movies like the “High School Musical” series and the “Descendants” series. His choreography is easily recognizable and fun to learn, which many of us have definitely done, likely at a sleepover waiting for the premiere of the latest Disney Channel musical. Ortega has deservedly won multiple awards for his choreography and directing work, and in 2019 was even given a Disney Legend Award. Disney Channel fans of all ages have a lot of respect for this dance icon.

#6: Knowing Every “High School Musical” Song By Heart

The “High School Musical” series is one of the most commercially successful Disney Channel movie franchises ever and is still wildly popular among fans today. The musical franchise features many memorable numbers that hold a special place in the hearts of many. So many fans watched these films and listened to the songs almost nonstop that most of us can still remember all the lyrics even to this day. Even though admittedly, the tunes might not be what you’d call works of musical genius, there’s absolutely no shame in trying to sing both Troy and Gabriella’s parts in “Gotta Go My Own Way” by yourself at any age - no matter what anyone tells you.

#5: Keeping Up with Disney Stars’ Careers

As we’ve grown up, so have our favorite Disney stars, who have largely moved on from the channel and onto different stages of their careers. If you were a dedicated fan of certain actors and actresses in particular, your childhood preferences might even determine some of your current habits. For example, fans of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” might now have moved onto watching Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones in “Riverdale”, and you can definitely find former “Hannah Montana” fans still following Miley Cyrus’ music career. Many of us have even landed right back on Disney Channel to keep up with Raven-Symoné on “Raven’s Home”, feeling like everything has come full circle.

#4: Being a Lifelong Jonas Brothers Fan

In 2013, millions of fans were devastated to hear that the Jonas Brothers had broken up over “creative differences”. When they announced their reunion in 2019, the vast majority of the buzz and excitement came from their now-adult fans who grew up listening to their music and watching them in “Camp Rock” and “Jonas”. While their earlier concert tours like “The Burnin’ Up Tour” were filled with tween fans, their more recent “Happiness Begins Tour” catered to an older demographic that never lost their love for their favorite boy band / pop rock group. The Jonas Brothers reunion was huge news to fans, and we’re glad we never gave up hope on seeing these three talented brothers perform together again.

#3: The Iconic Crossover Episodes

If you were a fan of one Disney Channel series, you were likely a fan of many, which is why the famous crossover episodes were so popular and exciting to watch. On occasion, Disney Channel still makes crossover episodes with two of their different shows, but the best crossover events had characters from three different shows interacting in fun ways, like in “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana”. These events were truly the peak of 2000s Disney Channel programming, bringing together some of the biggest stars in creative ways. This delighted millions of fans, who finally got to find out things like what kind of crazy hijinks Zack and Cody would get into with Raven Baxter.

#2: Debating Which Era Is the Best

If you watched Disney Channel as a child, chances are you firmly believe that the series you watched and loved were the best programming the channel has ever made. The nostalgia we have for our favorite shows can make us believe the channel has gone seriously downhill since we stopped watching, even though we know we’re just no longer the target demographic for these new programs. Whether you watched “Lizzie McGuire”, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, or “Andi Mack”, you’ll definitely argue the superiority of your shows over the ones that came after them. It’s all in good fun, though, and of course the changes in new Disney series just reflect the changes in trends and problems that are relatable to kids today.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Missing the Disney Channel Games

Knowing All the “Hoedown Throwdown” Choreography

Wanting to Live “The Suite Life”

Still Shipping “Zanessa”

Getting Your Sarcasm from Alex Russo

#1: Always Wanting to Say “And You’re Watching Disney Channel”

If you’ve ever watched Disney Channel in your life, you’ll recognize these commercial bumpers, known as “Wand IDs”, featuring almost every Disney Channel star of the last 20 or so years. The format of stars introducing themselves and outlining the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head is so iconic it even survived a logo change in 2014. If you’re someone who grew up watching Disney Channel, you probably remember practicing your Mickey Mouse outline just in case your dreams of having your own Disney show suddenly came true. Today, these short clips are super nostalgic, and their long-lasting survival on the channel brings together Disney fans of all ages who remember these bumpers fondly.