Top 10 Beast Mode Moments in Zack Snyder's Justice League

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Jeff Kronenfeld
These heroes and villains went all out in this cut. For this list, we'll be looking at scenes from the revamped DC epic where characters unleash their full fury on the battlefield. Our countdown includes moments with characters such as Superman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman and much more!
Script written by Jeff Kronenfeld

Top 10 Beast Mode Moments in Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Beast Mode Moments in “Zack Snyder's Justice League.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at scenes from the revamped DC epic where characters unleash their full fury on the battlefield. Since major plot points will be spilled along with all that CGI blood, consider this your spoiler alert.

Which of the film’s superhuman beatdowns do you think is the most brutal? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Darkseid's Defeat

In the film’s theatrical version, Steppenwolf leads the alien invasion of ancient Earth. In Snyder’s rendition, Darkseid himself steps to the fore. His earthshaking blows, fire-spewing spaceships and legions of parademons are nothing to sneeze at. Despite such frightening opposition, humans, Atlanteans, Amazons, one Green Lantern and a few gods band together to defend the pale blue dot we call home. The galactic warlord gets pretty monstrous when he kills the Green Lantern, but Zeus and Aries are the ones who truly rage out. The utterly jacked sky deity lightning blasts demonic bugs and even leaves Darkseid reeling. A rage-fueled Aries then nearly cleaves the evil leader in half with an ax strike as brutal as it is decisive.

#9: Into the Speed Force

In order to save Earth, Cyborg must separate the three Mother Boxes. Thing is, he needs the Flash to provide some Speedforce energy at just the right moment. Unfortunately, a parademon sniper ruins their timetable by shooting the fastest man alive in the torso. Batman saves the speedster from getting headshot, but not before the Motherboxes explode. All hope seems lost until Barry Allen unleashes his inner beast. He races headfirst into the shockwave, moving far faster than the speed of light. In fact, the hero goes so fast that he travels backwards through time. The explosion’s destructive course is reversed as electricity ripples around the crimson-clad hero. He not only saves the day, but also proves he’s as fierce as any of his teammates.

#8: Steppenwolf in Atlantis

As if microplastics weren’t enough, now Atlantis must deal with a rampaging Steppenwolf. The alien warrior literally tears some Atlantean soldiers apart with his bare hands. Others he ends mercifully quick with his ax, which burns with unnatural energy despite being underwater. Nothing can stop the horned horror until Mera flexes her aquakinetic powers. First, she trips up the baddie with an air bubble, but when he pins her against a wall, she sucks the water right out of his head. Steppenwolf knocks the scrappy princess down and is about to make her into sushi when Aquaman shows up. The hero and villain wrestle, but Steppenwold wins by smashing his opponent through a stone tower before victoriously departing with the Mother Box.

#7: Wonder Woman Whoops on Terrorists

Near the beginning of the film, Wonder Woman proves her strength when she takes on a group of reactionary terrorists with a bomb who have taken school children hostage. The way this statuesque Amazon tosses these grown men like ragdolls lets you know she’s holding nothing back. Our heroine then jumps through the ceiling and tosses the bomb into the sky where it explodes harmlessly. When the head terrorist still hasn’t learned his lesson and pulls a machine gun on the hostages, Wonder Woman blocks the bullets with superhuman speed before incinerating the killer with a massive blast of energy.

#6: Off With His Head

Steppenwolf still refuses to yield after Cyborg and Superman separate the Mother Boxes. It seems like the snarling now one-horned villain may have a little fight left until Aquamon skewers him like a shish kebab. The ocean’s baddest pretty boy then heaves the squirming extraterrestrial high, where Supes flies in to coldcock the wannabe conqueror. As Steppenwold hurdles backwards from the thunderous blow, Wonder Woman goes all Mortal Kombat and finishes her foe. She decapitates the overgrown metallic porcupine mid air, sending the CGI head careening to Darkseid’s feet. The best part is the DC’s big bad and his wetnurse see the whole thing and do nothing like total losers as the League meanmugs them through a portal.

#5: Superman vs. the Justice League

After Superman comes back to life, Cyborg's malfunctioning self-defense system attacks the revenant Kryptonian. This causes Supes to go all honey badger on the metal guy, Aquaman and Wonder Woman as the Flash speeds in for a sneak attack. A shocked Barry Allen soon discovers Kal-El can also do the superspeed slow motion thing. The man of steel flings the other heroes aside before laying out the fastest man alive. A few brave soldiers save the speedster and the league takes a second swing at the rampaging son of Krypton, who wrecks them even more brutally than he did the first time. In the end, only the timely appearance of Lois Lane saves Batman from getting air-fried by Superman’s laser glare.

#4: Steppenwolf vs. the Amazons

When it comes to protecting Mother Boxes, no one outfights the Amazons. These insanely ripped female warriors use spears, swords, bows, war hammers and abs of steel to give Steppenwolf and his crew of parademons a bellicose welcome to Earth. Their multi-round slugfest with the bristly brute sees hordes of Amazons selflessly sacrifice themselves in increasingly grizzly ways. Darkseid’s attack dog matches the martial intensity of the daughters of Themyscira. They swarm, stab, shoot and even collapse part of an island on his head but the bad guy just keeps coming. He massacres scores of the proud female fighters with his mighty war ax. Both sides of this conflict tap into their animalistic death drives for this knockdown, drag-out battle royale.

#3: The Fall of the League

While Cyborg prepares to resurrect Superman, he sees a nightmarish vision of what might happen if he succeeds in playing Dr. Frankenstein with the dead Kyptonian. Darkseid’s forces use the combined Mother Boxes to transform Earth into a volcanic hellscape. The dark lord sits on his new throne. He lays waste to his enemies with barbarous attacks. Wonder Woman’s corpse burns on a pyre. Her mother watches with tears streaming as the evil one’s ships hover overhead like fire-breathing angels of death. Darkseid kills Aquaman by running the hero through with his own trident. An even worse fate awaits Superman, who becomes an unstoppable living weapon mind controlled by the villain. This premonition of such apocalyptic mayhem leaves the bionic man shuttering in fear.

#2: Superman's Entry into the Fight

As Cyborg interfaces with the combined Mother Boxes in a last-ditch effort to keep Darkseid at bay, Steppenwolf attacks. The bull-headed behemoth swings his ax, but instead of cutting into Victor Stone’s mostly robotic body, the weapon harmlessly hits Superman. The unimpressed Kryptonian freezes and shatters the evildoer’s weapons before knee kicking the monster into a wall. A quick blast of heat vision followed by a booming right hook knocks Steppenwolf down again. Wonder Woman and Aquaman join in on the fun, each striking the bad guy before Superman completes the offensive. Not content, Kal-El unleashes a furious barrage of punches and laser blasts on Steppenwolf, actually snapping off one of the ugly ogre’s horns in the process.

#1: First Battle with Steppenwolf

This subterranean ruckus begins when Cyborg laser blasts Steppenwolf for threatening Silas Stone, the machine man’s father. Wonder Woman defends the reunited relatives from a firing squad with some fierce swordplay. Steppenwolf taunts her, so naturally she bum rushes him through a wall. He calls off his winged minions to have an epic duel with the beautiful bruiser. The superheroine puts up a fierce defense, but Steppenwolf’s beastly battle frenzy proves too much. Batman saves his crush with a heavily-armed spider-like vehicle, though the spiked fiend quickly KOs it like an overgrown toy. Cyborg revives and supercharges the machine with his powers, but Steppenwolf still shrugs off its attacks before escaping. Hornhead may get no respect from Darkseid, but none can deny Steppenwolf’s ferocious power.