Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in One Tree Hill



Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in One Tree Hill

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Val Namaki
How did we not catch these mistakes that were left in "One Tree Hill?" Our countdown includes magic coffee, dubbing fail, changing shoes, and more!

Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in One Tree Hill

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mistakes That Were Left in One Tree Hill.

For this list, we’ll be looking at continuity and editing errors in the show. If you haven’t seen these episodes, beware of spoilers.

What other mistakes have you noticed? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Magic Coffee
“Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”

As she’s recovering from her hangover, Carrie pours herself a cup of coffee. We can clearly see that there’s a decent amount left in the pot at this point. She then pours Nathan a cup as well, which nearly empties her french press. It should have ended there, but here’s where somebody made a mistake. In the next shot, the coffee is back to its original level, as though she didn’t just give Nate some! We know Carrie said she would make more, but unless she’s actually a wizard there’s no way she did it in that tiny 3 second window!

#9: An Ambivalent Bag
“Life in a Glass House”

At this point, most of us were too focused on Nathan and Haley’s blossoming feelings for one another to notice much else. That’s probably how we initially missed this error. As Haley prepares to leave the tutoring center here, she wears her bag in a cross-body style. When the camera pans back to her, something is off. She stands up and places it straight on her shoulder, completely disregarding her previous action. To make things worse, we subsequently see Haley’s bag once again slung across her body as it originally was. Thankfully that’s where the changes stop, as she walks away shortly after.

#8: Déjà Vu
“Everything in Its Right Place”

Who could forget that time when Nathan, unbeknownst to Haley, got involved with Dante - a shady character to say the least. The storyline came to a head when he hit Haley with his car before ultimately dying. As she recovers from the nearly fatal incident in this episode, Nathan brings home some soup from Karen’s Cafe. The first thing he does is take it out of its bag, before then turning the TV off. Yet afterwards, he takes the soup out again! This mistake was overshadowed when Haley started talking about reaching out to Dante’s family and Nathan had to tell her the truth. It’s a hard one to unsee all the same.

#7: Dubbing Fail
“The Desperate Kingdom of Love”

The first season of One Tree Hill ended with the shocking revelation that Haley and Nathan had gotten married. So when the season 2 premiere rolled around, everybody was curious to know what had happened. We got our answer, and a pretty funny blunder, with this flashback sequence. As the couple lays in bed together, Nathan effectively proposes. Haley is reluctant, and they begin discussing it. Pay close attention as she utters the words “maybe so” during their conversation. That’s right, she’s not actually talking! It may have been slightly less noticeable if Haley’s mouth was moving - even to say a different set of words. But they didn’t just change the dialogue, they added some in the studio, making this mistake pretty obvious.

#6: A Set Slip-Up
“Songs to Love and Die By”

After Lucas suffers a heart attack and ends up in a coma, he has a pretty interesting dream. He’s visited by his late uncle Keith, who shows him a number of important things. Most notably, they visit Tree Hill High - where Keith was murdered - and he encourages Lucas to remember that day. When they first enter the school, there's a brief moment where the set is visible. You just have to look up at where the ceiling should be to see it. You could technically argue that everything here is just Luke’s imagination at play, but that feels like a stretch. Instead, somebody likely angled the camera a smidge too high, giving us a view we were never supposed to have.

#5: The Rogue Scarf
“The Wind That Blew My Heart Away”

An important discussion point in the third season of the show is college. Specifically, Haley and Nathan have different dream schools, and they have to figure out what to do. Haley shows up to his house and declares that she’ll go to Duke with him. But he shuts the idea down. Before he can explain that it's because he wants to go to Stanford with her, she starts getting ready to leave. That’s when her scarf takes on a mind of its own. It goes from being fully open to tied and back again more times than we can count as the power flickers off! It ends up being a sweet moment between the couple, but we’ll never look at scarves the same way again.

#4: Changing Shoes
“All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone”

In the season four finale, everybody goes to a party to celebrate the end of high school. Before they decide to head over, we see Haley in white heels at home. This may seem insignificant, but bear with us. Later on at the event, the girls start dancing to the Spice Girls. Look closely at Haley’s feet during the segment: her shoes repeatedly alternate between sneakers and heels! The two pairs of footwear are similar enough in color, but that’s about the only thing they have in common. Granted, the perfectly choreographed dance is so fun that not many people focus on Haley’s shoes while watching the scene. But it’s a significant mistake nonetheless!

#3: Mismatched Death Dates
“Everything in Its Right Place”

We all saw Jimmy and Keith die on the same day, within mere minutes of each other. It was literally the focus of one of the show’s most intense episodes. Apparently somebody behind the scenes forgot this, because when Lucas goes to the cemetery, their headstones tell a different story! As he lays some flowers on his uncle’s grave, we can partially see Keith's death date. While we can't fully make out the month, the tombstone states that he died on the 23rd. Immediately afterwards, Luke stops by Jimmy's grave, which clearly indicates that he died on March 1. Both graves got the year right, but that’s pretty much it. This seems like a blatant oversight considering these deaths were a major plot point!

#2: The Undecided Hairdo
“Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades”

When Haley is placing legendary musicians’ names on a map in Karen's Cafe alongside Chris Keller, her hair is down. But in the next shot, it’s suddenly in a ponytail. Maybe you’re thinking she tied it really quickly between scenes. Except it’s not just that one little change! Haley’s hair repeatedly switches between loose and tied back as she and Chris interact. She’s in the frame for the majority of the conversation, and never goes to switch up her hairstyle. In other words, there’s no excuse here. Towards the end of the scene, her locks finally stay down. But it’s too little too late by then.

#1: The Baby Bump
“Pictures of You”

Most One Tree Hill fans will agree that “Pictures of You” is one of the series’ best episodes. As our favorite characters pair off and roam the school to complete their assignment, we learn a lot. One of the best parts is that we get to take a deeper look at Haley and Skills’ friendship. While they’re confiding in each other on the roof, there’s a moment that stands out. As a pregnant Haley stretches, we clearly see the fake baby bump actress Bethany Joy Lenz is sporting! Most of us know that the actress herself wasn’t pregnant then, and understood that the belly wasn’t real. Still, this moment really shatters any illusion they had created!