Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games Ever



Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games Ever

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
If you like your fighting games to be extra ridiculous, then these games are for you! For this list, we're looking at the strangest and most bizarre titles in the fighting game genre. Our countdown includes “Skullgirls” (2012), “Them's Fightin' Herds” (2020), “SUPER DRINK BROS.” (2020), “Fight Crab” (2020), “Sausage Legend” (2016) and more!
Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Fighting Games.

For this list, we’re looking at the strangest and most bizarre titles in the fighting game genre. Keep in mind we won’t be including “Marvel vs. Capcom” or “Super Smash Bros” just because we’ve gotten used to those crossover games.

Think you know a brawler more odd than these? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: “Fighters Megamix” (1997)

Yes, we know it’s odd to include this fighter when we literally just dismissed crossover fighters “Marvel vs. Capcom” and “Super Smash Bros”. However, “Fighters Megamix” deserves a spot on the list because of how it's a crossover game with none of the characters we’d expect. While it did include just about everyone from “Virtua Fighter” and “Fighting Vipers”, it also included several out-of-place secret characters. You can play as Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear from “Sonic the Fighters”, the Hornet from “Daytona USA”, a character that only existed in a prototype of “Virtua Fighter”, and a sentient stick of meat.

#9: “Skullgirls” (2012)

Don’t get us wrong - “Skulgirls” is a fantastic game and a personal favorite of one of our editors! The action is energetic, the hand-drawn animations are gorgeous, and it’s a fighting game that adheres to both solo and team players. You have to admit, though - the roster is kinda bizarre. A demon nun? A nurse ninja? Schoolgirl with parasitic hair? A little girl with the power of cartoon logic? It gets pretty crazy, and wait until you see the game’s final boss, Marie - she’s a maid girl with a skeleton vacuum!

#8: “Slap City” (2020)

Since the indie scene exploded in the 2010’s, a handful of studios have come out to try their hand at the “Smash Bros.” formula. Some are alright, others are pretty damn good! And then, you have “Slap City”, which we’d consider the black sheep of the bunch. That’s not to put it under any negative connotation. It's just that we didn’t expect something so quirky and hilarious! Just look at it! What other fighting game has a manic, shirtless businessman, a Zorro-like sentient gemstone, and a hulking, muscled duck!? If we didn’t know any better, we’d think this game was called “Super WTF Bros.”

#7: “Arm Joe” (1998)

It’s one thing to simply have a roster of wacky and weird characters, but it’s another when you’re pulling source material from a completely different medium. Such is the case with “Arm Joe”, and fans of drama, musicals, and theater might recognize what’s really going on here. Still have no idea what this could be? Well, what if we told you “Arm Joe” is a fighting game parody of “Les Misérables”? Yeah, a musical about war, abuse, poverty, and politics is now a “Street Fighter”-esque video game. Weren’t expecting that, were ya?

#6: “Them’s Fightin’ Herds” (2020)

When you think about it, a “My Little Pony” fighting game could actually work. Although, we aren’t too sure if Hasbro would be happy to see pretty horses blasting rainbows and whipping their hair at each other. So, Lauren Faust, creator of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, and developer Mane6 Inc. have brought us “Them’s Fightin’ Herds”. In addition to the addictive juggling and Magic systems, players can dive into a unique story mode, minigames, and even a separate game mode that turns the game into a dungeon-crawler! And don’t be intimidated - the game holds an extensive Practice mode to help you grasp the controls and mechanics quickly.

#5: “BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles” (2000)

No, your eyes do not deceive you. What you are looking at is a fighting game that was released for the PlayStation 2, but only in Europe and Japan. Players duke it out using real construction vehicles such as excavators and bulldozers. As if the game couldn’t get any stranger, there’s an entire plot revolved around the player character’s love for his...step-sister. Admittedly, we’d love to play this game for ourselves just because of the ridiculous concept, but that storyline could use a few tweaks. Wanna know something crazier? This was developed by Artdink, which has developed a couple of “Sword Art Online” games as well as the upcoming “Project Triangle Strategy”.

#4: “Fight of Gods” (2019) & “Fight of Animals” (2019)

Just to clarify, we’re making these two share a spot simply because they’re both from the same developer (Digital Crafter), and they’re both pretty solid fighting games. Whereas “Fight of Gods” lets you throw fists as religious and mythological deities, “Fight of Animals” is a little more meme-y with its muscled dogs, whales, and cats. Both titles are absurd in their roster and sense of humor. Wanna see a magic squirrel fight a beefy crow? How about pitting Santa Claus against Odin or Jesus against Zeus? Well, these games will let you do that, and you may wind up getting sucked into their exceptional combat and controls.

#3: “SUPER DRINK BROS.” (2020)

You know, everyone has their favorite drink brands, but the war has been going on long enough. It’s time to throw virtual hands in “Super Drink Bros.”! Take control of a beverage (or food) mascot and go out to prove that your brand is best BECAUSE IT IS!! In all seriousness, “Super Drink Bros.” boasts a fantastic combat system that makes it one of the best arena fighters you can nab, and it's only a few bucks! While the title is still in early access, the developer is still updating the game with more characters to toy with, more cosmetics, and even online events like tournaments!

#2: “Fight Crab” (2020)

Honestly, we were surprised to see so many of our favorite content creators jumping on board with this game while we were under lockdown. “Fight Crab” has some pretty clunky controls, but it arguably adds to the outrageous experience. As giant crustaceans, players will do battle with crabs, lobsters, and more while wielding insanely lethal weapons from katanas and knives to lightsabers and even Excalibur! Whether you like oddball games with obtuse controls or games that are outlandish in every way, “Fight Crab” is definitely worth your time.

Before we reveal the weirdest fighting game ever, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

“Ballz” (1994) Made...of Ballz

“ClayFighter” series (1993-98)

Sumo Santa, Killer Frosty, & Boogerman… ‘Nuff Said

“Nidhogg” series (2014-17)

Addictive Combat, but WTF Is Going on Here!?

#1: “Sausage Legend” (2016)

Behold the glory that is… “Sausage Legend”! Choose your favorite piece of meat and go online to show everyone that you are the true champion of sausages! ...Are-are you laughing at this?? We’ll have you know that “Sausage Legend” is not a joke! How could you mock a game that lets you play as FIFTY-ONE different sausages, features a masterful physics engine, and is free to play on your phone!? Give the “Dark Souls” of fighting games a little more respect!