Top 10 Things Selena: The Series Part II Got Right & Wrong



Top 10 Things Selena: The Series Part II Got Right & Wrong

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We may be surprised by the things "Selena: The Series" Part II got right and wrong. Our countdown includes work vs love, Selena's 1994 Grammy win, Selena finds fans in her home, and more!

Top 10 Things Selena: The Series Part II Got Right and Wrong

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Selena The Series: Part II Got Right and Wrong.

For this list, we’ll be looking at those moments from part two of this Netflix series about the late Tejano singer that had us heading online to decipher fact from the fiction.

Which of these moments were you most surprised to learn were true? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Eloping with Chris Pérez

In season one, it’s made pretty clear that Abraham does not approve of Chris and Selena’s relationship. However, they were determined to be together and in 1992 decided to elope. In a 2017 Facebook post celebrating what should have been their 25th anniversary, Chris recalled their special day saying, “the only way to be together… was to run away and get married in secret”. Although they tried to keep their nuptials hidden from the media, news broke pretty quickly. Supposedly, Abraham was initially upset about them getting married like this. However, over time he learned to accept Chis as part of the family.

#9: Work vs. Love
Right & Wrong

As you might recall, part one ended with Abraham firing Chris and kicking him off of the tour bus. In season two, Selena is still dealing with her heartbreak and missing Chris enormously. Eventually, she pours her heart out to Suzette and confesses that she feels like she chose work over love. Of course, this conversation might have been fictionalized, but we do know that she missed him enough to turn up at his hotel room, one morning in 1992. Reportedly she insisted on seeing him and told him that she didn’t want to live without him. And, clearly, he felt the same way.

#8: The Audience Booing Selena’s Husband
Right & Wrong

In episode two, Selena considers whether or not to share the news of her marriage with her fans. Ultimately, she decides to do so during a concert in Monterrey, Mexico. However, the reception isn’t quite how she might have imagined. In real life, whilst the audience really did boo her husband, the incident didn’t occur at a concert. It actually happened during her acceptance speech after winning “Female Entertainer of the Year” at the 1993 Tejano Music Awards. We can totally understand why the series would choose to include this moment though. Selena's response is so sassy but it only makes the audience love her even more.

#7: The Verónica Castro Interview
Right & Wrong

Earlier in episode 2, Selena and Los Dinos are invited to appear on “¡Y Vero América va!”, a talk show hosted by famous Mexican star, Verónica Castro. They got certain elements of this interview spot-on: from the outfits, topics of conversation, and even Selena’s gift for the host. Verónica also really didn’t know that Chris didn’t speak any Spanish and asked why he remained silent. However, in the series, they use this opportunity to hype up the tension and Verónica asks about his love life. It’s after this moment that Selena decides to reveal to the concert audience that Chris is her husband.

#6: Selena Opens “Selena Etc.”

In part one, we learn that as well as a sensational singer and performer, Selena is a talented designer too. In 1994, she fulfilled one of her dreams by opening two boutiques in her home state of Texas. Here, fans could buy clothes and memorabilia, some of which were designed by the singer herself. The boutiques also offered salon treatments too, as we see in the series. After Selena’s tragic passing, the boutiques were kept open in tribute to the icon. However, in 2009, they closed due to the state of the economy. Instead, the family continued to keep the singer’s legacy thriving through her music.

#5: Selena’s 1994 Grammy Win

This was the year of her Grammy debut and you can bet that she was excited. In 2021, Suzette, who accompanied her, shared memories of Selena’s stunning white gown, which has since become one of her most recognizable looks, and her disappointment when she was told she couldn’t bring her camera to the event. She also shared a story about how Selena didn’t seem to realize that she was just as loved as the people who left her feeling star-struck. That night, Selena’s album, “Live!” won the Grammy Award for “Best Mexican-American Album”. In 2021, she was also awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

#4: When Beyoncé Met Selena

We’ve actually had this one confirmed by Queen Bey herself. In this short scene, Selena says hello to a young star-struck fan, who is then revealed to be one Beyoncé Knowles. Fans were surprised by this reveal and instantly wanted to know if it was true. In a 2007 interview with “MTV Tr3s”, Beyoncé talked about the encounter, pretty much confirming what we’d seen. Beyoncé also talked about the magnitude of Selena’s influence on her life and music. The scene left us wondering what might have happened had the two Texan-born legends reunited again once Beyoncé became famous . Perhaps they may have even collaborated.

#3: Her Iconic Astrodome Performance

In 1995, Selena performed at the Houston Astrodome in what would sadly become her final performance. It was during this show that she wore that famous sparkly purple jumpsuit and entered on a horse-drawn carriage like the superstar she was. The multiple-night concert made history by breaking ticket sale records three times in a row with an audience of 66,994. This last one was arguably one of her absolute best and really highlighted just why Selena is remembered as a phenomenal performer and loved by so many people. Other artists have continued to pay tribute to Selena and this concert ever since.

#2: Selena Finds Fans in Her Home

In the final episode, Selena wakes up one morning to find complete strangers in her home. Chris lets them in believing that they were her cousins, only to be met with a rude awakening when she reveals she’s never met them before. Whilst there’s no evidence that this specific situation may have actually occurred, we imagine the idea here was to show just how famous the Tejano singer was. Even though there are strangers in her living room, she’s still so gracious and even agrees to take a photo with them before they leave. This cordial gesture just reminds us why she was so beloved by her fans.

#1: Selena’s Death

On March 31st, 1995, Yolanda Saldívar, who had grown close to the Quintanillas, fatally shot the 23-year-old star. After embezzlement claims, Selena demanded that Saldívar hand over financial records and went to her motel room to get them. This is where the series cuts away and opts not to show much of the tragedy that struck next. Instead, the show decides to focus on the legacy that she left behind and the hole she left in the lives of those who loved her so much. Rather than focus on sorrow, the ending celebrates her life and the joy she instilled in all who knew her.