Top 5 Need to Know Facts about '13 Reasons Why'

Top 5 Need to Know Facts about '13 Reasons Why'

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Netflix is back with another promising show called 13 Reasons Why. It's an adaptation of a Young Adult novel by Jay Asher and produced by Selena Gomez. The show deals with mental health issues and is getting a lot of buzz. This countdown will provide a few need to know facts about 13 Reasons Why.

Top 5 Need to Know Facts About '13 Reasons Why'

Get ready for the next YA adaptation sensation. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Need to Know Facts About '13 Reasons Why'.

For this list, we’re looking at the most interesting pieces of information we currently have about Netflix’s new series set to premiere on March 31st, 2017.

#5: There Are 13 Episodes: 1 for Each ‘Reason’

Jay Asher’s novel “13 Reasons Why” was first published in 2007 and now, it’s getting the silver screen treatment a decade after the book’s release. The story revolves around a teenage boy, Clay, who receives a mysterious package two weeks after his classmate Hannah commits suicide. The package contains cassette tapes Hannah recorded, and on which she says there were thirteen reasons why she decided to kill herself - and that Clay is one of them. The series will have each of its thirteen episodes focus on one of the reasons that Hannah gives for her suicide.

#4: It’s a Passion Project for Selena Gomez

Ex-Disney star, singer and actress Selena Gomez is working behind the lens on this project by acting as executive producer. Gomez has been interested in the project since 2009 when she first heard about the story. She said she was so anxious about approaching Netflix about partnering on 13 Reasons Why because she was already so invested in it. Gomez admitted in an interview that while in production for her new series, she herself was going through a difficult time. The star has been open with her struggles with mental illness so she seems like a perfect fit for this story that focuses on issues like depression.

#3: The Series Will Be Getting Very Dark

In the early 21st century, it has become more and more popular for books geared towards young adults to tackle difficult issues like abuse, mental health and suicide. “13 Reasons Why” is no exception, with the initial concept of the story being based on the premise of a teen suicide. Considering that the story is all about how a girl’s peers drove her to the point where she wanted to end her life, we can assume that the subject of bullying will be looked at in depth. The book deals with tough subject matter, but it looks as though the Netflix series will be taking it even one step further considering the tone of the trailer.

#2: It's Based on a Book

In 2007, RazorBill, a YA imprint of Penguin Books, published “TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY” and it has been released in 24 countries. In 2011, the paperback version climbed to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. The novel has been honored with many award nominations and has taken home the top prize for the Best Book for Young Adults from the Young Adult Library Services Association. So if you can’t wait to learn the details of the story on the small screen, you can head to your local library or bookstore and grab a copy right now.

#1: Selena Gomez Was Originally Going to Star in It

You probably know Selena Gomez as an actress and singer, so it makes sense that originally her plan was to star in the adaptation of “13 Reasons Why” – back when it was going to be a feature film. In her mid-20s in 2016-17 however, Gomez may have felt that it would be more authentic to grant a younger actress the role of teenaged high schooler Hannah Baker. The role went instead to 20-year-old Australian actress Katherine Langford. It seems that Gomez is attempting to try her hand at more behind-the-camera roles, as she has another TV project in the works that is not yet in production as of early 2017.