10 Best Resident Evil Village Mods

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Who says you can't improve upon perfection? In this video we're looking at 10 of the craziest mods for Resident Evil Village. Our list includes “Play as Lady Dimitrescu”, “Fly Swatter”, “Banana Gun and Spoon Knife”, “Ghostface”, “Spongebob Paintings and Photos” and more!
Script written by Caitlin Johnson

10 Crazy Mods in Resident Evil Village

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at 10 crazy mods in “Resident Evil Village”; who says you can’t improve on perfection?

“Play as Lady Dimitrescu”

By Raq

Ethan Winters isn’t really anybody’s absolute favorite “Resident Evil” character. He’s good in his own ways, especially once you reach the end of “Village” and uncover the truth about him, but he still doesn’t have the charisma of many of the franchise’s best heroes and villains. If you want, you can ditch Ethan entirely and play as Lady D herself. Though you won’t be as tall as the actual Lady Dimitrescu since this is just a reskin, it’s still a lot of fun to play as her while she tries to kill you. You can also change Ethan into Cassandra, one of the three daughters, if you like, and either mod can be used for the entire game.

“Fly Swatter”

By Stevebg23 & CrazyPotato

We already had enough insect swarms in “Resident Evil 7”; why did Capcom feel the need to add even more bugs to “Village”? If you were thinking the same thing, then never fear; this mod will swap Ethan’s trusty knife for a useful fly swatter, able to take out those clouds of bugs the three daughters take with them everywhere. And if you really hate bugs and don’t want to see them at all, a mod exists for that, too; you can completely remove the flies so that you don’t have to put up with them. While this might make it tricky to tell exactly how close your pursuer is, it’s a whole lot better than being mobbed.

“Daughters of YorHa”

By JTeghius Kittius

Just a few weeks before “Village” dropped, “Nier Replicant” released, a remaster of the 2010 game. If you just can’t choose between playing “Village” or “Nier”, don’t worry; this mod has you covered. It will transform Lady Dimitrescu’s three daughters into YoRHa androids. Unfortunately, this won’t make them willing to save humanity from total annihilation; they’ve still got it out for Ethan and will relentlessly pursue him through the Castle. But it does make those encounters more exciting, especially if you’re replaying “Village” and doing additional challenges. And there are plenty of similar mods for Chris Redfield, too; you can dress him up as a sailor or as Dante from “Devil May Cry”.

“Banana Gun and Spoon Knife”

By Stevebg23

Did you get tired of all those fancy, state-of-the-art weapons the Duke offers once you’re near the endgame? Us too! That’s why you should install this mod as soon as possible. It’s exactly what it sounds like, replacing Ethan’s default handgun with a banana and giving him a spoon instead of a knife. Watching him reload his gun by putting a new skin on the banana is hilarious. If nothing else, at least he’ll be able to enjoy a banana split before his ultimate doom at the hands of the Four Lords – and defeating them with these weapons might make Ethan the most powerful character in “Resident Evil” history.


By GeorgeIE00

You’ll probably get sick of seeing the same old undead enemies relatively quickly, desperate for some more unique encounters. But this mod means you’ll never tire of taking down the zombified hoards because every single one of them will look like Ghostface from the “Scream” franchise. Luckily, they’re not as fast or resilient as the actual Ghostface, but it’s nice to see even more horror tributes in a game already full of them. And if that’s not your style, a mod existed for the demo that instead switched out the enemies in the castle cellar with Barney the Dinosaur, which is even more horrifying in its own way.

“Lady Wong”

By Stevebg23

Ada Wong hasn’t been in a mainline “Resident Evil” game for a while; she was a playable character in “Resident Evil 6” and the remake of “2”, but many people are missing this enigmatic spy. One modder has taken the liberty of adding Ada into “Resident Evil Village” in the biggest role of all: Lady D has been remodeled to look just like her, albeit if Ada was almost ten feet tall. The resemblance is uncanny, and hopefully, Capcom takes this mod as an invitation to bring back more classic characters in the next game. Chris is all well and good, but there are plenty more faces we’d like to see make a grand return.

“Spongebob Paintings and Photos”

By KushAstronaut

A difficult choice faces every gamer in 2021: do you want to play “Resident Evil Village”, or do you want to watch “SpongeBob SquarePants”? Thankfully, modders are here to ensure you never have to make that decision. A mod now exists that will replace all the elaborate paintings in Castle Dimitrescu with detailed frames from “SpongeBob”. You’ll be fleeing Lady D and her daughters through the Castle’s gilded halls surrounded by surreal cartoon images, some of which you may recognize from your favorite episodes. It’s very weird that someone would even have this idea, but we’re glad they did.

“Lady X”

By ZombieAli

Maybe you’re playing through “Village” and wishing some parts were more like “Resident Evil 2”; you might want it to be scarier, or want the stalker enemies to be harder to dodge. If that’s the cast, you might want to check out this mod that reskins Lady Dimitrescu to look like Mr. X, everybody’s favorite unstoppable Tyrant. She already had his towering stature, but now she has his trademark grey, metallic skin, too – though unfortunately, you can’t swap her existing hat for his fedora. But since she still has her giant, retractable claws, this only serves to make her even more formidable.

“Mini Me Chris” & “Baby over Chris Face”

By JTeghius Kittius

These two mods work best when they’re installed together. “Mini Me Chris” and “Baby Over Chris Face” are complimentary modifications from the same author; the first will switch Rose Winters’ head with Chris Redfield’s in the game’s opening, while the latter will put Rose’s head over Chris’s, making him look like a giant, monstrous baby. Even installing just one of these mods will make your playthrough more insane than “Village” already is, but install both and you might struggle to actually get through the prologue from laughing too hard. It’s easily one of the funniest mods the entire franchise has ever produced; there’s nothing quite like Mia reading Chris a bedtime story.

“Count Theodora”

By Crazy Potato

For years, it’s been tradition to mod popular children’s character “Thomas the Tank Engine” into various games – whether that’s switching out all the dragons in “Skyrim” or replacing Mr. X in 2019’s “Resident Evil 2”. This mod is one of the most disturbing yet, since instead of simply swapping Lady D for Thomas, only her head is altered to look like him. This makes every encounter even more nightmarish; all the jokes about players being into Lady Dimitrescu will be replaced with pure terror when you have this mod installed. It’ll definitely make the inevitable replays even more fun; you really don’t want to be face-to-face with Count Theodora.