Top 10 Hilarious Kim Possible Running Gags



Top 10 Hilarious Kim Possible Running Gags

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Adriana Travisano
These "Kim Possible" running gags never get old. Our countdown includes no one knowing what Rufus is, the rides, booyah, and more!

Top 10 Kim Possible Running Gags

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Kim Possible Running Gags.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest recurring bits and one-liners in the show.

Before we get started, let us know your favorite running gag from Kim Possible in the comments below!

#10: Ron & His Complicated Relationship With Monkeys

Ron is pretty vocal about his dislike for and fear of monkeys, which is why it’s pretty funny that he comes into contact with them so often. Monkey Fist is one of their main foes, he befriends a monkey in one episode, and, you know, there’s the whole Mystical Monkey Power thing — so it’s pretty safe to say Ron can’t catch a break. His Power starts off with a single episode where he takes over while Kim isn’t there, and later turns into him fully harnessing the Monkey Power on an exchange trip to Japan. He’s seen tapping into the mystical force several other times throughout the series, including the final episode, where Ron Stoppable truly becomes… unstoppable.

#9: Booyah!

Ron has two main catch phrases throughout the series but chances are you’ll recognize this one the most. After every successful mission--or every successful anything, really--you can be sure Ron’s fistpumping the air with an enthusiastic “Booyah!”. His other catchphrase is also deserving of a mention here. If what leaps into your mind when we mention another catchphrase is “That is sick and wrong”, then go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back! There isn’t a whole lot of explanation needed here, except that Ron can usually be heard saying this one when, you guessed it, something is indeed sick and wrong.

#8: Kim & Ron's Kisses Being Interrupted

We all spent a good number of years — the first three seasons of the show, to be precise — shipping Kim and Ron. (And that was before we even really knew exactly what “shipping” even was!) The creators definitely knew what they were doing by teasing their relationship so much, because this torture continued even after the couple finally got together. Sure, we got that iconic prom kiss and a few other sweet smooches, but the number of times Kim and Ron get interrupted is downright ludicrous. Well, okay, maybe that’s a tad dramatic — and, as Kim would say, “so not the drama” — but we can’t help it! Full speed ahead on this ship!

#7: No One Knowing What Rufus Is

It's not every day you see a naked mole-rat, and most people are definitely a little freaked out when Rufus pops out of Ron's pocket. He’s referred to as a rodent, a rat, a bald hamster, vermin, a pink weasel thing, a genetic mutation . . . you get the idea. In an episode that features a talent show, Ron actually raps an entire song about how freaked out people are when they see Rufus. Ron explains that his dad is allergic to every kind of animal fur, so if he wanted a pet, it had to be hairless. And the rest is history...

#6: The Ubiquitous Steven Barkin

This is one of the funniest jokes on the show, simply because of its subtlety. If there’s a new class happening or substitute teacher needed... of course in walks Mr. Barkin. He’s everything from a Girl Scouts guide to the football coach to the home economics teacher… Seriously, are there any other teachers in this school?! The “meaningful name” trope in this show is certainly not used very sparingly, and Mr. Barkin is no exception. You know, because he’s always “barking”? We see what you did there creators, we’re on to you.

#5: Drakken’s Catchphrase — You Know the One

John DiMaggio is legendary as far as voice acting goes, and he provides what we can all pretty much agree is the perfect voice for Dr. Drakken. And this villain has a lot of unique quirks, but having a catchphrase isn’t one of them, because almost everyone seems to have one in this show… but we digress. Dr. D usually says his — some version of it, anyway — after being bested by Kim Possible, which is… nearly every episode, so we hear it a lot: “You think you’re all that, Kim Possible, but you’re not!” (To be fair, though, she kind of is all that… Brave, smart, strong, beautiful, KP has it all!)

#4: The Rides

Helping people definitely has its perks and, apparently, one of these perks is having a private chauffeur almost anywhere in the world. Seeing as villains rarely stay in the same place, Kim and Ron are often seen making their way through all types of terrain in many different countries, always with the assistance of someone Kim’s helped. And Kim always thanks them, to which they’ll usually respond with “It’s the least I can do after you...” followed by a description of an absolutely insane rescue Kim carried out. Putting out a fire, saving a village from an avalanche, making a high-powered signalling system out of things found in the airport gift shop… you know, the usual.

#3: Dr, Drakken Not Knowing Ron's Name

This is a running joke that finally reaches its plateau at the end of the Kim Possible movie “So the Drama”. After three years of Drakken calling Ron ‘the buffoon’’ or ‘the sidekick’, and fumbling over his name in general, Ron snaps. He makes a defeated and pleading Drakken say his name and, after a little bit of difficulty it turns out that Drakken does know it. Well, he knows his last name, at the very least. Good enough, we guess. He only ever calls Ron by his last name one other time, which happens to be the episode right after this movie, so… that’s progress? Sort of?

#2: What's the Sitch?

So this is the sitch: we think it’s pretty safe to say KP popularized this saying. Sure, she has a few other catchphrases, but this one is probably the most recognizable. With every beep from Wade, Kim answers: “What’s the sitch?” Dude, it just sounds so cool! She’s also careful not to wear it out because she’ll sometimes answer with, “Go, Wade.” In addition to these two quotes, Kim also frequently says “no big” and, of course, the aforementioned “so not the drama”. In fact, both of the movies in the franchise were named after two of these: “A Sitch in Time” and “So the Drama”!

#1: Ron Losing His Pants

If you remember nothing else from this show, we can almost guarantee you remember Ron losing his pants in… well, what feels like nearly every episode. He even actually says at one point that he’s not embarrassed by it anymore, given how frequently it happens. And for their half-iversary, Kim gets Ron a belt — so simple, yet so thoughtful. In that same episode, Kim loses her memory and forgets that she and Ron are dating. Funnily enough, it’s Ron losing his pants that gets her to finally remember their relationship. It’s such a sweet moment, if only because of how true it is to Kim and Ron’s relationship.