Top 10 Hilarious iCarly Running Gags



Top 10 Hilarious iCarly Running Gags

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These iCarly running gags never grow old.
When it comes to recurring comedy, just leave it all to them. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Running Gags of iCarly. Before we begin, we publish new content every day, so be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to keep notified about our latest videos.

For this list, we’re taking a look back at some of the funniest catchphrases, quirks, and recurring jokes delivered by our favorite Nickelodeon web show trio -and some of the hilarious supporting cast. If you’ve never had these jokes tickle your ribs before, there WILL be spoilers.

#10: Claustrophobic Carly

During a test to see if they’re ready to do “iCarly” in space, Carly finally snaps and develops a massive case of claustrophobia –violently busting out of the test pod. Since then, almost every time Carly finds herself confined in a small space, she starts freaking out –either trying desperately to escape or just making strange noises. Panic attacks are no laughing matter in reality… but the way Carly has her little freak-outs is too hilarious to not giggle at. A lot of that is thanks to Miranda Cosgrove for really hamming up her performance as a frantic Carly –whether through savage panicking or spastic break downs.

#9: Gibby Taking His Shirt Off

Gibby is an oddball, pure and simple. During his days as a supporting character, he would randomly take off his shirt for no real reason. He’d dance shirtless, he’d walk around school topless, and he’d even discard his shirt during a brawl as a sign that he meant business. Good luck trying to get him to cover himself back up –at one point, Sam was convinced that he was a mermaid because he supposedly hated wearing shirts. However, as he grew up, he thankfully got over his shirtless habit, but fans and hecklers still tell him that he should go back to taking his shirt off –much to his dismay.

#8: “You’ll Rue this Day, RUE IT!!”

Unquestionably one of the “iCarly” trio’s most persistent enemies is the devious Nevel Papperman. Nearly every time he clashes with them, he vows to make them “rue” the day they crossed him. Admittedly, it’s hard to take this threat seriously at first with his reliance on old-fashioned vocabulary, but be cautious – when Nevel makes a threat, he does everything he can to see it through. He’ll stoop to any level and jump through as many hoops as he can to undercut and eliminate “iCarly”. Fortunately, Carly and the gang always get the upper hand, and they ensure that Nevel doesn’t just regret messing with them, but that he RUES it.

#7: Freddie Never Says “One”

The web show simply can’t start until Freddie does the countdown from “five” to “two” –it’s even heard in the theme song. Yet, oddly enough, Freddie never says “one” before he starts filming. What’s even weirder is that he’s even done it a few times outside of the web show whenever a countdown was needed. Nobody really knows why he skips the “one” on purpose, and only a select few actually question why, but that never stops Freddie from kicking things off his way. Probably the only way “iCarly” can start with “one” is if someone else cuts in right as Freddie finishes HIS countdown –but it feels jarring in comparison.

#6: Overbearing Mrs. Benson

There comes a point where a mother’s love becomes suffocating… Freddie’s mom, Marissa, passed that point LONG ago. We want to say it’s sweet that Mrs. Benson just wants to protect her son, but the way she smothers poor Freddie is laughably embarrassing. She’ll interrupt the web show JUST to make him eat his vegetables, she’ll give him tick baths, and she even put a GPS chip in his head so she’ll always know where he is… and all that is just for starters. There may come a time where her overbearing ways will finally drive Freddie away, but for now, at least Freddie can say that she knows how to keep him safe… for better or worse.

#5: “Gibbeh!”

Once the days of randomly taking his shirt off were gone, Gibby needed a new funny gimmick for his character. His new shtick became how he announces his presence by loudly declaring his name, “Gibbeh!” followed by an audience cheering sound bite. It’s almost like he knows how far he’s come from a supporting character to part of the main cast, so he’s going to make sure everyone knows his name –unfortunately, it’s not as effective on anyone who doesn’t get his eccentric ways. This could also be a reference to a previous running gag where whenever Gibby got on someone’s nerves, they’d angrily shout his name to berate him.

#4: Freddie’s Crush on Carly

Freddie has been one of Carly’s best friends since before the show even began. However, Freddie has a massive crush on Carly -and it REALLY shows throughout the series. He gets jealous whenever she dates someone new, he tries –and fails- to woo her every now and then, and he’ll do anything she asks him to just because she says “please, for me”. Carly’s made it more than clear that she doesn’t return his feelings –at least until he saves her life, but Freddie knew it wasn’t true love. After that, Freddie slowly gave up the pursuit, but the two still remain close friends –although, there are still the occasional hints that ‘Creddie’ might be alive and well.

#3: Sam’s Butter Sock

It’s no secret that Sam can be incredibly violent, but you’ve got to give her props for being able to weaponize something so ridiculous. Her ideal instrument of pain is a sock that she fills with hard butter; when she starts swinging it, nobody is safe. Originally, it was planned to be a sock full of quarters, but they didn’t want young viewers to try it at home –plus, let’s face it, no one besides Sam would think to use butter as a blunt object. What makes the butter sock even nastier is how Sam almost never changes out the butter; so if you cross her, you risk getting brained by moldy dairy in the hands of a madwoman.

#2: T-Bo’s Food on a Stick

Aside from Carly’s apartment, our “iCarly” trio can usually be seen hanging out at the Groovy Smoothie. Nearly every day, the restaurant’s manager T-Bo will walk around the store trying to sell random food impaled on a stick to everyone – from bagels to pickles and even tacos. Don’t ask us how he manages to get the tacos on a stick; it’s a skill that only he seems to master. Unfortunately, barely anyone is ever interested in buying food off the stick –mostly because T-Bo tends to be a little pushy when it comes to selling his wares. Still, credit where credit is due – it’s definitely a unique method to sell food –as long as he puts them on the right way.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few recurring honorable mentions.


Socko and his family

“Happy Birthday!”

Freddie speaking Spanish

Messin’ With Lewbert

#1: Spencer’s Spontaneous Fires

Spencer is a master at sculpting works of art, but his attempts at being a handyman tend to go up in smoke –literally. Whenever Spencer tries to fix something, the object in question catches fire. What makes the gag even funnier is when the burning item isn’t even flammable such as a metal lobby bell or a fire extinguisher –that last one is hilariously ironic. Unfortunately, the fire department’s had more than their fill of Spencer’s accidental infernos and are more than willing to leave him to his own blazing devices. While they feel literally burnt out, we can’t get enough of one of the funniest –and hottest- running gags in Nickelodeon history.
Claustrophobic Carly