Top 10 Iconic One Piece Moments



Top 10 Iconic One Piece Moments

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
A pirate's life has never been so epic! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the greatest moments across One Piece's storied history, including "Zoro's Sacrifice", "3D2Y", "Laugh Tale", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Iconic One Piece Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Iconic One Piece Moments.

For this list, we’re going to be looking over the most memorable scenes from across this swashbuckling series. Given how it’s been over twenty years and still going strong, don’t be surprised if a few key moments sneak by us and down to Davy Jones’ Locker. Think we skipped an essential Straw Hat experience? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Punching the Celestial Dragon

With power, authority and resources beyond imagination, this clan of humans are regarded as sacred by the World Government, to the extent that threatening one is considered a war crime. Not that Luffy seems to care. After one guns down Hachi just for the thrill of it, Luffy loses it, granting the spoiled man-child a bitter taste of reality as he unleashes a devastating punch. Not only does it make for a wholly satisfying watch the Celestial Dragon be sent flying, but it serves as another reminder that Luffy will go to any lengths to protect his allies.

#9: Shanks Saves Coby

With the war at Marineford coming to a close, both sides are left reeling from the scope and impact of the battle. In an act of selfless defiance, Coby stands up to Akainu in the hope of stopping the fighting and tending to the wounded. These few seconds of courage secure the chance for the pirates’ escape, but also seem to seal his fate, with the vicious admiral declaring him a traitor and deserving of death. At least until a certain Red-Haired Yonkou makes a last second appearance. Leave it to Shanks to end a war just by showing up!

#8: The Death of Whitebeard

One of the defining pirates of his era, Whitebeard was an indomitable force who kept the peace with his ungodly strength and the respect of thousands. Alas, despite being able to endure more than the average soul, not even he could survive after being repeatedly blasted by Akainu’s magma and the entirety of the Blackbeard Pirates. However, even though his time is brought to a close by his traitorous son, Whitebeard still goes out like a champion; on his feet while confirming the existence of One Piece!

#7: Sakura Blossoms

Chopper’s father figure may have been a quack doctor, but seeing his dream realised still made for one of the most beautiful moments across the Straw Hat’s journey. With the wicked King Wapol bested and Chopper deciding to join Luffy’s crew, he’s given one hell of a send off as his adopted mother Kureha finally makes Hiluck’s vision come true by flooding the kingdom with Sakura blossoms. It’s a stunning visual that fulfils the doctor’s promise of healing everyone’s sickened hearts, and brings a certain reindeer boy to tears.

#6: Laugh Tale

Roger’s antics during his prime as the King of the Pirates, along with the existence of the One Piece itself, have largely remained a mystery. While we’ve been given hints here and there, they paled in comparison to the Roger Pirates’ arrival on the final island. While the treasure it contained remains unknown, it was apparently enough to cause Roger and his crew to burst out laughing. Who knew the start of Roger’s reign as the Pirate King would be such a heartfelt and wholesome one?

#5: 3D2Y

The aftermath of Marineford was soul-shattering for Luffy, having lost his brother right before his eyes. However, with the knowledge that he still had his crew waiting for him, he was able to bring himself back from the brink. Appearing at Marineford, Luffy captures the eyes of the world by paying his respects to the pirates and marines who lost their lives, inked with an usual marking inked on his arm. This turns out to be a coded message for the Straw Hats; instead of meeting up in three days, they’re to meet up in two years, giving everyone the chance to become stronger before taking on the New World.

#4: Zoro’s Sacrifice

The badassery of this swordsman has never been put into question, what with him using his three blades to cut through any foe in his way. And yet, it was this display of loyalty that pushed him to legendary status. With the indestructible Warlord Kuma ready to wipe out the Straw Hats, Zoro makes a deal for his Captain’s life. In exchange for letting Luffy live, he must endure all of his friend’s suffering courtesy of Kuma’s Devil Fruit; an act that will assuredly kill him. So, what does he do? Takes it like a boss and tells the rest of the crew that nothing happened!

#3: The Death of Ace

Still the most hard-hitting departure thus far, watching Ace give hive life to save Luffy was heart-breaking on so many levels. In spite of everything the Straw Hat Captain went through to save his brother from execution, in the end he can do nothing but watch as Ace steps between him and Akainu’s molten fist. Throw in Ace’s final goodbye before dying with a smile on his face, and it’s no wonder that the sudden loss and grief brought Luffy to the edge of madness.

#2: “I Want to Live”

Robin has not had an easy life. From her home being destroyed, her people slaughtered, to having spent her life vilified in the eyes of the world as a wanted criminal. So much unwarranted hatred disillusioned her into thinking that nobody would ever care for her wellbeing. At least until the Straw Hats entered her life, who whole-heartedly accepted her as one of the crew. So much so that when she was captured and set to be executed, they’re willing to make themselves enemies of the World Government. Such compassion in the face of absolute authority serves as the final push to make Robin see that life is indeed worth living!

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honourable mentions.

Zoro vs. Mihawk

Luffy vs. Katakuri

Straw Hats Reunited

Kuma “Kills” the Straw Hats

The Going Merry Goes Away

#1: Nami Asks for Help

Even without the introduction to the greater lore of Oda’s world, this early example of Luffy’s loyalty to his friends reigns supreme as peak One Piece hype. With Nami’s plan to buy back her village from the Fishmen now in ruins, she falls into despair. At her lowest point, she finally asks Luffy, who she had previously double crossed, to help her. Without hesitation, he gives her his treasured hat, gets the squad together, and makes the long walk down to beat the crap out of those that cause her so much harm. And this was when we knew this title was something special.