Top 10 DC Supervillains without Metahuman or Magic Powers



Top 10 DC Supervillains without Metahuman or Magic Powers

These villains never needed superpowers to cause trouble. For this list, we'll be looking at the best antagonists in this universe who generally don't have innate superpowers. Our countdown includes Selina Kyle, The Joker, Ra's al Ghul, and more!

Top 10 DC Supervillains Without Metahuman or Magic-Powers

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 DC supervillains without Metahuman or Magic-Powers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best antagonists in this universe who generally don’t have innate superpowers. Villains who have been exposed to external magic or special chemicals will be considered as long as their bodies and abilities remain relatively within ordinary human limits. We’ll also allow antagonists who have become anti-heroes on the list too.

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#10: Oswald Cobblepot [aka The Penguin]

Although Cobblepot's nickname doesn't sound intimidating, it would be a huge mistake to underestimate this smart and sharply dressed villain. After spending years getting harassed and made fun of, the Penguin gave into his darker impulses and started violently lashing out. He eventually used his vicious tendencies and smarts to build a criminal empire. Since Penguin isn't the most physically imposing villain, he uses guns and the occasional trick umbrella against enemies. He’s so skilled at using weapons that he’s able to keep other villains and even Batman in check. If the people who tormented Penguin as a kid knew he was a threat to the caped crusader now, we bet they would regret laughing at him.

#9: George “Digger” Harkness [aka Captain Boomerang]

Once George “Digger” Harkness realized that he was really, really good at throwing boomerangs, he made the logical choice to use them to steal things. He had a pretty decent criminal career until he ran into the Flash. When Harkness isn't trying to hit the fastest man alive with a boomerang, you might find him working on Amanda Waller’s secretive “Suicide Squad”. Although he often goes on missions with villains who have superpowers, he constantly manges to outlive his metahuman allies. It's hard to believe that a villain with such a bizarre choice of weapon could become such an enduring DC Comics rogue. For some reason, we just always find ourselves coming back for more Captain Boomerang stories.

#8: Dr. Jonathan Crane [aka The Scarecrow]

Jonathan Crane aimed to overcome his childhood trauma by gaining complete mastery over his own fears. While trying to achieve this mission, he developed a gas that could force people to see what scared them the most. Scarecrow would go on to use this fear toxin to torment the people of Gotham. His gas has incapacitated many villains and heroes during his long reign of terror. While they struggle with frightening hallucinations, Scarecrow can make a grand escape, attack his foes or just watch them squirm. This villain has tormented numerous victims in everything from the “Arkham” video games to live action movies. And whether you’re afraid of Scarecrow or not, he can still give you your worst nightmares.

#7: David Hyde [aka Black Manta]

After Aquaman’s dad passed away, he took Jesse Hyde’s life in a misguided attempt to get justice. This led David Hyde to swear revenge against the aquatic hero. But taking down an Atlantean isn't exactly easy. So, David Hyde built a suit of armor, embraced the Black Manta identity and sought to end the life of his nemesis. His advanced suit allowed him to fight Aquaman underwater and shoot lasers at the aquatic hero on land. And underneath all the tech, Black Manta was already a skilled fighter and hunter. His variety of deadly skills and cool suit design have made him stand out as one of Aquaman’s most interesting enemies. It’s always a thrill to watch Black Manta hunt his prey.

#6: Selina Kyle [aka Catwoman]

Selina Kyle is an iconic character who has been everything from a hero to a straight out villain. For a large portion of her life, she had to steal just to survive in Gotham. Selena’s ability to use a whip for everything from self defense to travel made it easier for her to get away with capers. And since the acrobatic thief has a tendency to wear cat ears and wield sharp claws, she was nicknamed Catwoman. Selina has the fighting and evasive skills to keep the world's greatest detective on his toes. However, she’s been known to work with and occasionally fall for the bat. But whenever she feels like breaking bad and embracing her villainous ways again, even Batman has trouble stopping her.

#5: Floyd Lawton [aka Deadshot]

Shortly after Floyd Lawton accidentally shot someone he cared about instead of the horrible person he was aiming at, he strived to be 100% accurate. He became so good at hitting his targets that people started calling him Deadshot. After the accurate assassin spent years gaining a notorious reputation, he was roped into joining Amanda’s Waller’s “Suicide Squad”. He often found himself as an efficient member of the team and pretty decent leader. And although he can be ruthless during missions, he still cares deeply about his daughter. Lawton’s paternal instincts and extremely cool aiming skills have made him a standout squad member. And while he has good instincts, we wouldn’t recommend ending up on the bad side of one of his weapons.

#4: Harleen Quinzel [aka Harley Quinn]

There was a time where Harleen looked like she could find success becoming a gymnast or psychiatrist. But her life changed when she fell for the Joker while working at Arkham. After he pushed her into a vat of chemicals, she became his sidekick and went by the name Harley Quinn. She was happy to execute the clown’s vicious schemes with a mallet, baseball bat or hyena’s help. But once Harley’s relationship with the Joker went south, she was forced to think about what she really wanted in life. She’s been everything from a Suicide Squad Member to a heroic ally. Harley’s unique personality, capacity for good and solo misadventures have enabled her to step out of her ex’s shadow.

#3: Ra’s al Ghul

While Ra’s al Ghul tends to be a character who relies on Lazarus pits to extend his life, the fact that versions of the character remain mostly mortal makes him fascinating. Since he isn’t invulnerable, his dips in the special waters won’t help him if an enemy seriously wounds him. However, that’s much easier said than done. Ra’s al Ghul’s lifetimes of experience make him extremely intelligent and skilled in combat. And since he tends to lead a League of Assassins, his foes need to go through a lot of opponents just to reach him. While concocting brilliant schemes, Ra’s al Ghul raised a daughter named Talia. She eventually becomes an extremely deadly villain who strives to live up to her father’s violent reputation.

#2: Lex Luthor

The brilliant Lex Luthor used his intellect to become a wildly successful businessman and inventor. But the genius has also tried to figure out how to bring Superman down. Over the years, Lex has tried to break the Man of Steel in a number of creative ways. Although the Kryptonian usually comes out on top, the villain never stops scheming. Lex’s cold and cocky demeanor are enough to convince us that each of his new plans will succeed. His presence in important comic book storylines and tons of media have made him into an extremely well-known villain. Although Lex may never bring down the blue boy scout for good, he’ll always be one of the most notable bad guys of all time.

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#1: The Joker

This unhinged clown doesn’t need much introduction. While not even he can tell you much about his past, he can definitely cause insane amounts of trouble for you in the present. The Joker’s employed a variety of knives, crowbars and gag weapons to strike out at enemies. He’s also used a Joker venom to put smiles on people’s faces in the worst way. Joker’s unpredictable nature and seemingly bottomless capacity for evil has turned him into Batman’s greatest foe. Whenever and wherever the clown shows up, audiences tend to tune in to see what crazy thing he’ll do to the bat next. After decades of continued popularity and a strong pop culture presence, The Joker’s become an incredibly infamous villain that we love to hate.