Top 10 Superhero Teams We Want To See In Avengers 5



Top 10 Superhero Teams We Want To See In Avengers 5

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These MCU team ups would be epic! For this list, we'll be looking at alliances and groups within the Marvel universe that we'd love to see fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Our countdown includes X-Force, Secret Warriors, Fantastic Four, and more!

Top 10 Superhero Teams We Want To See In “Avengers 5”

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 superhero teams we want to see In “Avengers 5”

For this list, we’ll be looking at alliances and groups within the Marvel universe that we'd love to see fight alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. We’ll be including teams who have one or more members that haven’t yet appeared in the MCU. Since some of the superheroes we’ll be talking about got their powers at important story moments, beware of spoilers.

What team do you want to assemble for “Avengers 5”? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: X-Force

If there was a serious problem in the world that required a more aggressive approach, this team could drop in to take care of business. Versions of this forceful team have included popular characters like Cable, Domino and Deadpool. Although the most recent live-action version of the X Force lost a few members, there’s still a few strong fighters left in the roster. And maybe they could find variants of members of the team like Caliban and X-23 to join their cause.
If a Deadpool led X-Force was officially brought into the MCU, it would be hilarious to see him bantering with the more serious Marvel heroes. And outside of jokes, the powerful abilities members of this team have could help defeat a big bad.

#9: Inhuman Royal Family

Marvel’s 2017 attempt at bringing this powerful group to live-action was heavily criticized and widely forgotten for lackluster effects and unlikeable characters. So, why not fix these problems by reintroducing them into “Avengers 5”? Characters like Black Bolt have tremendous abilities that would be incredible to see utilized against a strong foe. Having the royal family appear in a big budget movie should also ensure that effects like Medusa's hair look authentic and awesome. And having Inhumans like Crystal and Gorgon bounce off other heroes could go a long way
to make them feel like three dimensional characters. Teaming up with Avengers could allow this royal family to fully leave their bad adaptation behind.

#8: Secret Warriors

Seeing as S.H.I.E.L.D. is a major part of the MCU’s history, it makes sense to bring in one of their most notable teams. The Secret Warriors were assembled by Nick Fury while he was off the grid. We’ve seen great live-action interpretations of members like Elena “Yo-Yo” Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson, AKA Quake, on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Their debut on the Secret Warriors was tied closely to the Secret Invasion comic event. Since Sam Jackson’s Fury will star in a miniseries of the same name in 2022, the timing is perfect to bring a version of these warriors in. We’d love to see him lead Quake, Yo-Yo or others into a big screen battle.

#7: Midnight Sons

Dr. Strange isn't the only one dealing with mystical threats in the Marvel Universe. The Midnight Sons are full of Heroes and heroines ready to take on the supernatural. If a mystical villain is involved in the next “Avengers” film, Strange should have recruitment options. The half vampire Blade’s been involved in versions of the team. While he’ll be formally introduced into the universe in his own movie, Midnight Sons recruit Moon Knight will appear in a Disney+ series. And if you still want more options, we’ll likely see team member Werewolf by Night introduced in 2022. Strange has enough exciting recruits to warrant a meeting of the Midnight Sons in the upcoming years.

#6: The Eternals

Although the Eternals didn’t help topple the mad titan Thanos, they may be around to help face the next threat. These powerful beings can definitely help tip the scales in the good guys favor. The Eternals roster is known for including a speedster named Makarri, an expert fighter named Thena, the ridiculously powerful Ikaris and many more. It also helps that all have experience defending the earth from dangerous enemies. And they clearly know of the Avengers already. Whether the brilliant Eternal Phastos shares complex ideas with Shuri or his ally Gilgamesh arm wrestles the Hulk, this group is more than welcome to avenge the Earth.

#5: Defenders

After the introductions of live-action versions of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, fans were anticipating the day where these Defenders would fight with the Avengers. But they never so much as waved to Spider-Man in Phase 3. It's time for Marvel to make up for lost time and get this team on the big screen. Since fans have...mixed feelings about Danny Rand, Colleen Wing could take his place on the team as Iron Fist. They could also shake up the roster by adding Punisher to the crew. Each of these Defenders saved lives in New York multiple times. Between their heroic experience and special abilities, these local heroes have more earned the right to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Avengers.

#4: Thunderbolts

We don’t think it’s just a coincidence that the mysterious Valentina has offered work to two people with extraordinary abilities and questionable histories. It feels like she’s forming a team that we absolutely want to see. While Val could come up with an original team name, she could call her alliance of morally grey enhanced individuals the Thunderbolts. We could see the serum enhanced U.S. Agent taking charge of the team. He could be supported by Yelena and her formidable set of impressive skills. While longtime comic team member Zemo might not make the cut, maybe the crew has room for former villain Ghost. Seeing the morally grey Thunderbolts back up heroes would make for an unforgettable and striking scene.

#3: The Young Avengers

Who said the adult superheroes should have all the fun? We'd love to see some of the MCU’s younger heroes step into the spotlight in “Avengers 5”. Traditional team members like a young variant of Loki, Tommy AKA Speed and Billy AKA Wiccan have already been introduced. And potential recruits like Ms. Marvel and Miss America will make live-action MCU debuts in 2022. The team could be led by Kate Bishop after her exciting internship with Hawkeye. As much as it hurts to admit it, adult Avengers like the archer won’t be around forever. Fans could see that the MCU’s future is in good hands if the young heroes show up in cinemas.

#2: Fantastic Four

While the Fantastic Four historically haven't appeared in the best live-action movies, we have faith the upcoming MCU movie will do justice to Marvel’s first family. It would be a great one-two punch to have them appear in “Avengers 5” after their big debut. Since the team only has four members, it’d be easy to have them lead their own plotline and meet Avengers. That’s exactly what the Guardians of the Galaxy did to great success in “Infinity War”. And beyond being powerful and cool, the Fantastic Four stands as one of Marvel’s oldest and most enduring teams. Reed Richards, Sue Storm, The Thing and Johnny Storm all deserve to display their cosmically cool powers in an epic crossover.

#1: X-Men

Fans were extremely excited when they thought the mutant Quicksilver entered the MCU in “Wandavision”. So, the sight of an entire team of astonishing X-Men standing behind Dr. Strange could break the internet. Imagine how awesome it would be to see Storm shooting lighting, Professor X playing mind games and Wolverine slicing in a Marvel film. We’d also love if iconic mutants like Blink or Kitty Pryde got bigger roles. It doesn’t matter whether these characters come from a different universe or appear organically in the main MCU timeline. After watching the last two “X-Men” movies fall short of expectations, we’re happy for mutants to show up for any reason. Seeing this group blink into “Avengers 5” would help the MCU evolve into something greater.

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