Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jojo Siwa



Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jojo Siwa

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If you don't know about Jojo Siwa already, you will soon! For this list, we'll be looking at the most fascinating JoJo facts you might have missed out on, or just things that make JoJo… JoJo! Our countdown includes JoJo & Kylie met on a cruise, she's no stranger to controversy, the Kardashians are huge fans, and more!

Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jojo Siwa

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About JoJo Siwa.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most fascinating JoJo facts you might have missed out on, or just things that make JoJo… JoJo!

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#10: She Made History on “Dancing with the Stars”

In 2021, JoJo got to join the “Dancing With the Stars’” 30th season, which created a lot of buzz on its own. However, she made history after being the very first female celebrity to be paired with a female pro dancer. JoJo revealed they asked her if she’d be more comfortable with a man or a woman. She added that she instantly knew she’d prefer to dance with a woman and “Dancing with the Stars” made her wish come true, which is a big deal by itself. Perhaps this move will help other LGBT+ contestants take a stance and we’ll be seeing more same-sex pairings in the future!

#9: The Kardashians Are Huge Fans

Kim Kardashian revealed that her daughter North considers JoJo her role model. She added that she’s totally fine with it and that there’s no one out there that has more positivity than JoJo. Kim noted that JoJo was like a big sister to North, and made her feel really comfortable during their time collaborating for a YouTube post. The two seemed to have a lot of fun together! As she’s a reality TV star herself, Kim had wise words to share with JoJo, saying "Live in the moment. Have fun. Be yourself and surround yourself with people who will keep you positive."

#8: She Appeared on AUDC Before “Dance Moms”

Although most remember JoJo from “Dance Moms,” she actually wasn’t an OG member. She got noticed after being on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition”, and “Dance Moms” producers invited her to be a part of the cult TV show. Even on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” JoJo had to work hard to be respected by Abby, who had no problem saying that JoJo talks too much and criticizing her technique. But JoJo persevered through the criticism, showing that she truly can come back like a boomerang. And look at her now — she’s one of the biggest stars in the world!

#7: Her Ventures: Hair Bows & Accessories

JoJo’s been wearing bows ever since she appeared on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and it kind of became her signature look. Along with her big personality, bows are what made JoJo stand out from the crowd. She revealed she owns over 12,000 bows and honestly, we believe it. So, it’s no wonder that in 2016, she released a line of bows in a collaboration with Claire’s. The bows became so popular they actually became banned in a couple of schools in the UK, after they led to peer pressure and distraction in class.

#6: JoJo Was Told She’d Never Be a Star

If you’re a “Dance Moms” fan you remember how Abby picked on JoJo. She called her a “greedy little monster”, and according to JoJo, said she’d have a hard time in school. During a fight with Candy Apples Dance Center, JoJo’s mom tried to rile up the other moms by asking if they wanted to touch JoJo’s jacket. She joked that that would be the closest they’d get to being part of ALDC. A Candy Apples mom yelled back that JoJo would never be a star. She must feel like boo boo the fool now!

#5: JoJo & Kylie Met on a Cruise

In early 2021, JoJo started dating her very first girlfriend, Kylie Prew. The two had an absolutely adorable relationship and we just couldn't get enough of the cute moments. JoJo revealed that she met Kylie on a cruise. What set her apart from the rest was the special thing Kylie said when she asked JoJo to tell her life story. JoJo, of course, went on to explain about her career and what she’s achieved in her life. But then, Kylie said she wanted to know more about who she was as a person. The question took JoJo by surprise and she became absolutely smitten! While they parted ways in October 2021, we'll never forget their adorable relationship.

#4: She Was in a Feud with Justin Bieber

In 2018, JoJo made headlines after she got into a weird feud with Justin Bieber. Well, to be honest, JoJo didn’t really do anything other than getting a car with her own face plastered all over it. For some reason, Biebs took it to Instagram and commented “burn it” on the photo. He did apologize, but later posted a photo of JoJo’s Guide to Making Your Own Fun and wrote “burn it” across the pic. However, he also added “haha jk” so it’s really not clear whether this was meant as banter or a real feud. JoJo stays unbothered, as she should!

#3: Her Mom's Been Dying Her Hair Since She Was a Toddler

JoJo’s natural hair is actually brown! In an episode of AUDC when JoJo had to put on a long Rapunzel-looking wig, she admitted that her mom’s been dying her hair since she was around two years old! When JoJo was interviewed during the AUDC episode, she explained that she’s continued to dye it as that’s the “look” she’s going for. Her mom is certainly on board with the idea. Since then, JoJo has actually dyed her hair brown for a while before changing it back to blonde.

#2: She's No Stranger to Controversy

JoJo’s got a big personality, but the hot water she’s gotten herself into has mostly been related to her range of toys and accessories. In the summer of 2019, the FDA warned consumers about dangerous levels of asbestos in her makeup kits, prompting Claire’s to issue a recall. A year and a half later, in January 2021, parents raised concerns when they realized that her “JoJo’s Juice” board game, which is marketed to kids, poses extremely inappropriate questions - for example about twerking and theft. JoJo admitted she hadn’t actually read all the questions, but said she’d contacted Nickelodeon, who pulled the game from shelves.

#1: Her Real Name Isn't JoJo

Alright, so we all know JoJo is what she calls herself and what her family calls her. But her full name is actually Joelle Joanie Siwa! As you can guess, JoJo is an abbreviation of her first two names. It essentially became her stage name that she’s used ever since she appeared on TV. To be completely honest, it’s hard to imagine JoJo being called anything else! JoJo is a name that’s destined for a star! Makes you wonder though if her parents use her full name when she gets in trouble!