Top 10 Most Awkward Moments on Watch What Happens Live



Top 10 Most Awkward Moments on Watch What Happens Live

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Taryn Crankshaw
It was hard to watch the most awkward "Watch What Happens Live" moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the most cringeworthy instances from the late night Bravo talk show hosted by Andy Cohen. Our countdown includes Ray Liotta shades Clint Eastwood, Amber Rose makes Andy sweat, NeNe Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak, and more!

Top 10 Most Awkward Moments on Watch What Happens Live

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Awkward Moments on Watch What Happens Live.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most cringeworthy instances from the late night Bravo talk show hosted by Andy Cohen.

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#10: Ray Liotta Shades Clint Eastwood
“Jennifer Lopez & Ray Liotta”

During a 2017 appearance on “Watch What Happens,” the “Goodfellas” star sits down with Andy Cohen and fellow guest, Jennifer Lopez. While playing “Plead the Fifth,” Liotta coldly confesses that Signourney Weaver was his worst kiss and then he takes it a step further. When Andy asks him who he thinks is the most “overrated” actor of the 80s and 90s, Ray doesn’t have to think twice about his answer. The jaw-dropping moment is made even better by J.Lo’s reaction, which sums up the uncomfortable moment.

#9: Chelsea Handler & Andy Disagree
“Chelsea Handler & Ricky Schroder”

While stopping by the Bravo clubhouse, comedian Chelesa Handler and Andy have a little disagreement about… of all things…”The Real Housewives.” When Cohen makes a comment about Handler having the “Housewives” cast on her own talk show, she shuts him down. She denies ever having any members of the Bravo franchise on and even calls the whole thing “sick.” With lots of finger pointing and rebuttals, the conversation goes around in circles. The tension eventually diffuses, and the two appear to agree to disagree - but knowing the whole thing could have turned explosive left viewers squirming.

#8: Amber Rose Makes Andy Sweat
“Amber Rose & Iyanla Vanzant”

As host extraordinaire, Andy Cohen is used to unabashedly asking his guests hard hitting and invasive questions. When Amber Rose comes by the Clubhouse, she takes the opportunity to give the host a taste of his own medicine. Armed with a burning question of her own, she flat out asks the Bravo exec producer about his relationship with BFF Anderson Cooper. The query causes Andy to turn 100 different shades of red, even taking a moment to give himself a face palm. Much to Rose’s disappointment, he says “no” but it’s satisfying to see Cohen being played by his own game.

#7: Dwight Eubanks Flashes Andy
“Sheree Whitfield, Dwight Eubanks, and Isaac Mizrahi”

There’s a good reason why “WWHL” live airs late at night. When “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, NeNe Leakes’ personal stylist, Dwight Eubanks, visited Andy, things got a little R-Rated. What starts off as an innocent question about his eyelash extensions takes a turn when Eubanks reveals that he’s also had another type of extension. He nonchalantly stated that he had an implant added to a certain appendage. Dwight even goes the extra mile and drops his drawers to show Andy. It should be noted that the flash was a consensual moment between the pair, but still awkward nonetheless.

#6: Patti LuPone Critiques Madonna
“Patti LuPone & Christopher Meloni”

As one of the biggest Broadway icons of all time, Patti LuPone has become well known for her frankness. During her “Live” interview, a fan called in, asking the two time Tony winner if she and Madonna ever talked about playing Eva Peron. In the late ‘70s, Patti played the
Argentine political figure in the musical “Evita,” while Madonna played her in the 1996 film version. Andy follows up the question by asking her thoughts on Madame X’s portrayal and things get catty. LuPone went on to call her a “movie killer.” Yikes! Seems there’s no love lost between these two divas.

#5: NeNe Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak
“NeNe Leakes”

It’s no mystery to Bravo fans that former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak aren’t too fond of each other. In one of Leakes’ earliest appearances on the talk show, Zolciak calls in and the gloves come right off. For nearly 3 minutes, the two battle it out: throwing shades, insults and clapbacks at each other. Though ostensibly tasked with playing referee, Andy can barely get a word in edgewise, but judging from his smile, he seems to be enjoying every second of it. At one point, he gives up and sits back with a drink to bask in all the drama that put Bravo on the map.

#4: Sonja Morgan’s Burlesque Performance
“Sonja Morgan and Gabriel Mann”

If there’s one thing “The Real Housewives of New York” love, it’s putting on a show. When Sonja Morgan stops by the Clubhouse, she pulls out all the stops to make her appearance a memorable one. Decked out in a corset and matching cowboy hat and boots, Ms Morgan shimmies and shakes her way through an awkward burlesque routine. Even Andy, who has seen just about everything, is perplexed by the odd performance. Although it’s not her finest moment, we still love Sonja and are happy. At least we can say she’s keeping things interesting.

#3: Zoë Kravitz Calls Out Lily Allen
“Eddie Redmayne & Zoe Kravitz”

In one of the most talked around moments in “Live’s” history, Zoë Kravitz drops some startling revelations about British pop singer, Lily Allen. After a caller brings up Allen’s autobiography where she mentions that she and the “Big Little Lies” star kissed, Zoë’s response instantly grabs our attention. From there, she attempts to set the record straight by alleging that the gesture was not consensual, but an “attack” on Lily’s part. It’s another jaw-dropping moment that made headlines after it aired and left viewers squirming over all the potency of the tension-filled reveal.

#2: Brandi Glanville Throws Wine at Jeff Lewis
“Brandi Glanville & Jeff Lewis”

Whenever Brandi Glanville joins Andy for a sit down, you can guarantee that drama will be sure to follow - except this time it’s warranted. Designer and reality star, Jeff Lewis, starts by making a mean-spirited comment about Brandi’s sexual health. But she gets her revenge. Holding a glass of wine, she calls him out on his behavior and then proceeds to throw the beverage in his face. Rarely without words, Lewis is left speechless. Andy steps in to mediate the situation and although things never get more out of hand than this, the tension is palpable. What is worse is how clearly hurt Brandi was by the whole event.

#1: Tituss Burgess Defends Eddie Murphy
“Laverne Cox & Tituss Burgess”

It was the “WWHL” episode heard around the world. While promoting his new movie, “Dolemite Is My Name,” Tituss Burgess joined Andy and Laverne Cox. When Cohen brings up Burgess’ co-star Eddie Murphy’s problematic past regarding the LGBTQ+ community, Tituss shuts it down. Defending Murphy, he explains that his experience working with the actor was positive. While moving on from the conversation, Tituss appears to whisper or mouth words to someone off-screen, which Andy clocks. The heated moment was made even hotter when Tituss took to Instagram later. He called the Bravo titan “a messy queen”, saying he could learn from Anderson Cooper about how to do his “job.” This moment will be remembered as one of the cringiest in the Bravo Universe, and one that fans are still gossiping over to this day.