Top 10 Hilarious Modern Family Bloopers



Top 10 Hilarious Modern Family Bloopers

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Adriana Travisano
These "Modern Family" bloopers are as funny as some scripted moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the funniest outtakes and behind the scenes moments from “Modern Family.” Our countdown includes Ed can't say “Wang Fu,” the haircut scene, the Alpaca, and more!

Top 10 Modern Family Bloopers

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Modern Family Bloopers.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest outtakes and behind the scenes moments from “Modern Family”.

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#10: Claire Forgets the Name of Her Kid
“Moon Landing”

In the season one blooper reel, Julie Bowen’s Claire meets up with an old friend from work, played by Minnie Driver. During their meetup, Claire talks about her kids: Haley, the oldest who’s fifteen, and then… Julie completely blanks, but manages to stay totally in character as she turns to the camera in typical “Modern Family” fashion. This is some awesome improv on both Julie’s part and the cameraman, who zooms in at quite possibly the perfect moment. Claire eventually does land on the name Alex, but there’s no telling if she remembered Luke!

#9: Luke Doesn’t Make It Through the Glass
“Travels with Scout"

If you’re a die-hard fan of “Modern Family”, there’s a good chance you remember this iconic scene from way back in season one. Nolan Gould’s character, Luke, runs through a glass pane on his way to play outside. Unfortunately, as it turns out, the poor kid had to do this take more than a few times! We guess it paid off in the end, though, because this scene might be one of the funniest in the show. Moments before Luke runs out, Phil’s father’s dog, Scout, pauses and barks in front of the patio glass to indicate that he wants to go out. Phil mentions how smart he is and Claire replies that she thinks all dogs can do that. Well, maybe all dogs can...

#8: Ed Can't Say “Wang Fu”
“Express Christmas"

We wonder just how many takes this one took… Ed O’Neil makes it look seamless in the actual episode, so this behind-the scenes-footage is definitely a treat. When the family’s attempt at spending an early Christmas together goes awry, Jay suggests that they just go out to a Chinese restaurant instead. Only problem is… he can’t say the name of it! Honestly, this is pretty fitting for his character in the first place. We probably would have bought it even if he did end up saying “Wayne Fun”!

#7: “Me-ne-monic Devices”
“The Old Wagon”

Here’s another instance of actors struggling to get through a scene. Hey, it’s a lot of talking, we get it. In this bit, Phil is explaining how he uses mnemonic devices to remember the names of his clients. However, the line is written “menemonic” and this mispronunciation makes both Ty Burrell and Julie catch a pretty bad case of the giggles. This means a lot of retakes! In their defense, this is a pretty great joke to get through, especially with the punchline at the end. Phil would remember how the word is pronounced… We’ll take his word for it!

#6: The Haircut Scene
“Regrets Only”

Here’s another case of the giggles--this time, striking Sofia Vergara! This scene is absolutely hilarious and Sofia seems to think so too, because she can’t get through her lines without laughing. Laughter, of course, is contagious, and both Ty and a crewmember can be heard laughing too. Gloria gives Phil a haircut and, as with most hair appointments, Phil gets to talk about what’s on his mind. He explains that he had a fight with Claire and Gloria has some theories about why she might be mad… It’s such a hilarious and well-executed scene that we have to wonder how they got through it at all!

#5: Julie Collapses to the Floor Laughing
“Party Crasher”

In this blooper featuring Jason Mantzoukas as Haley’s older boyfriend, Kenny, we get Julie’s genuine reaction to some physical comedy performed by Ty. This episode sees Phil and Claire realizing Hayley’s dating an older man just to get back at them. Still, that doesn’t stop Phil’s parental instincts from taking over. Kenny mentions his fourteen-year-old daughter (who Hayley really isn’t that much older than), and Phil moves over to him with a pair of hedge clippers and the clear intent to chop off his ponytail. Julie wasn’t told about this joke beforehand, and she fully collapses onto the floor laughing. Not that we can blame her--this bit is hysterical!

#4: “Nick-snacks”?
"After the Fire"

If there’s a language you’re not entirely fluent in, you’ll feel Gloria (and Sofia)’s pain on this one. With English not being her first language, Sofia speaks incredibly well, but, of course, there are bound to be some slip-ups. We’re assuming she’s supposed to mess up the word “knick-knacks” by saying “snicker-snackers”, but she either misses her own flub or takes some creative liberties. Either way, Julie can’t handle it. She sinks to the table in a fit of laughter and the camera pans back over to Sofia, who looks pretty proud of herself.

#3: The Alpaca
"The Day We Almost Died"

It’s mentioned in a few episodes over the course of the show that Phil would like to own an alpaca. Meet Jolene 2: The second alpaca Phil manages to acquire. In this blooper, Jolene is in the backseat with Eric Stonestreet and it’s a good thing they laid a tarp down, because she has a little accident in the middle of their take. Animals on set are always fun, and Eric is certainly quite the trooper. He goes with it and calls Ty by his character’s name, probably in the hopes of getting some usable footage. Honestly, we’re not sure why this didn’t make the cut! Maybe both the spitting and the peeing were just too many bodily functions for one scene.

#2: Aubrey's Platter of Cupcakes
"Open House of Horrors"

“Modern Family” is notorious for its characters trying to hide things from one another and this episode is no exception. It turns out that this one is on Mitchell, who told Lily her mom was a princess. He and Cam agreed they would tell her about her mom together when the time was right, so Mitch spends the Halloween party trying to keep Cam from finding out... and he gets pretty innovative with his methods. There’s a moment where he shoves a cupcake in Lily’s mouth to keep her from spilling the beans. Apparently, they had to redo the scene enough times for little Aubrey Anderson-Emmons to ask Jesse Tyler Ferguson to “do it gently this time”. Princesses should be treated like royalty after all!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Nolan (AKA Dumbledore) Breaks
"The Party"

Sofía's Garbled Lines (And There Are Many)
“Party Crasher”

Names Are Confusing
"The Day We Almost Died"

#1: Loco Lines
"Haley's 21st Birthday"

We’re sure that Sofia steals the show no matter where she goes, and this blooper is only one example. The line is “Plus, she was loco for Loco Puffs”, which is funny in itself, but is made even funnier when Sofia can’t get the words out. Just another perk of being bilingual! A few lines later though, Hayley pitches a would you rather prompt where one of the options revolves around sleeping with Joe Manganiello, Sofia’s husband. Sofia leaps over the table and grabs Sarah Hyland’s hair, yelling something we’re not sure we can repeat here. Of course, it’s all in good fun, and it was definitely worth it for the blooper reel!