Top 10 Moments From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 1



Top 10 Moments From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 1

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly-Mckean
Say hello to your new favorite JoJo! Join Ashley as we count down the best moments so far from the new seaosn of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, including the likes of "Jolyne vs. Gwess", "Meeting F.F", "Ermes vs. Highway to Hell", and more.
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 1 Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Part 1 Moments.

For this list, we’re looking over the most stylish, crazy and overall awesome moments to stem from the first part of this long-awaited sixth entry in the JoJo franchise. Which of these moments made you simp for Jolyne? Don’t deny it. Let us know in the comments! And of course, prepare yourselves for non-stop spoilers!

#10: Jolyne & Weather Report vs. Jumpin' Jack Flash

Oh, how we’ve missed these bonkers Stand battles, especially when they get as crazily creative as this! In order to deliver the disc with her father’s Stand to the Speedwagon Foundation, Jolyne and her new ally Weather Report have to battle their way through a zero-gravity gauntlet. Only in JoJo could you have a fight scene that successfully crams together pissing in zero Gs, a criminal dressed like a monkey, and space suits crafted out of clouds. Naturally, Jolyne still finds a way to weave her way to victory!

#9: Jolyne vs. Gwess

It’s fair to say that Jolyne had a rough first couple of days at Green Dolphin Street Prison, mostly due to the mad antics of her new cellmate. Coming across as borderline schizophrenic at first, Gwess revealed herself to be a Stand user, one capable of shrinking anyone she was near, and planned on using Jolyne as a literal rat to help her break out. While her ploys caused Jolyne no end of trouble, it wasn’t enough to save her from the wrath of her fully manifested Stand, Stone Free. Que the Ora Ora Ora.

#8: Jolyne's Revenge

One does not simply double cross, betray, deceive, undermine or so much as bamboozle a Joestar without earning some serious repercussions, and nowhere is that more evident than with Jolyne. After her lawyer and slimebag ex-boyfriend set her up to take the full blame of a car collision, Jolyne decides to put her new, strange abilities to the test…via an impromptu assassination. All it takes is a single thread from Stone Free, and her public defender’s days of dodgy dealings are well and truly done.

#7: Ermes vs. Highway to Hell

Jolyne’s new bestie is quite a character, full of fire and fun and easily standing on her own, even in a prison full of Stand users. Her biggest moment is undoubtedly when she took on McQueen; a deranged janitor with a Stand that allowed him to reflect any kind of pain he inflicted on himself. Which is the last kind of power you want to bestow on someone with the frequent urge to take their own life. She may take a hell of a beating, but Ermes still outwits the lunatic thanks to her surprisingly effective ability of sticker-based
duplication. Hard luck woman indeed.

#6: Jolyne vs. Marylin Manson

It was supposed to be a simple game of catch, but turned into a life or death gamble. Dispatched by Pucci to eliminate Jolyne, indoctrinated prisoner Miraschon uses her Stand to turn a basic bet lethal. If Jolyne and her friends fail to throw a ball a thousand times, then Marylyn Manson arrives to collect the debt i.e rip out their organs. Naturally, Miraschon constantly cheats to try and make them slip up. Not that it did her any good in the long run, since not only did the ladies win the bet, but we got to see Jolyne combine an Ora Ora Ora beatdown with a baseball twist.

#5: Pucci and Dio

The meme-lord has returned, and oh how we’ve missed him. In a flashback, we get to see how Dio and Pucci first met. Not only does this clue us into the murderous chaplain’s personality and ambitions, but we get to see a pretty awesome redesign of the original JoJo villain. As expected, he’s just as charming and conniving as ever. Sure, it’s only a cameo, but having Dio make any kind of return just adds another delightful layer to Stone Ocean’s generational narrative. Wonder if the two of them had a chance to talk about chickens and bread?

#4: Jolyne Cujoh: Queen Behind Bars

It’s obvious that Jolyne has inherited many traits from her forefathers, including Joseph’s sense of mischief, and Jotaro’s fondness for brutal payback. Having to adjust to the prison lifestyle, Jolyne learns quickly about what it takes to be top bitch. After a prisoner borrows money from her and refuses to give it back, the newest Joestar doesn’t waste a moment in establishing dominance. Turns out that Stone Free isn’t only good for pounding in faces, but also poisoning people. She literally gave a gaggle of malicious inmates the shits and came out of it smelling like roses. What a boss.

#3: Meeting F.F

Oh, F.F. What is there to say? We love this cuckoo entity masquerading as an innocent heartthrob. Originally a being known as Foo Fighters, the water-manipulating Stand User nearly wiped out Jolynn and Ermes on their first encounter. However, after being shown mercy by Jolyne, it decides to join them on their quest to hunt down Whitesnake…after taking over the body of a deceased prisoner and displaying some rather…outlandish tendencies when it comes to all things wet. She’s weird but she’s our kind of weird.

#2: The Death of Jotaro

That’s right. The man who brought down Dio, who introduced Kira into his beloved ambulance, who wiped out countless Stand users from Japan to Egypt, has perished. Lured into a trap by Whitesnake, Jotaro leaped into the fray at the last second to save Jolyne, and as a result had both his Stand and soul snatched away. His demise has a duality of importance to it. The scene itself is especially hard-hitting given the tumultuous history he and his daughter share. However, it also sets up the central plot of Stone Ocean, with Jolyne vowing to do whatever it takes to bring her father back to life.

#1: Raining Frogs

This is it people. Peak JoJo. Araki at his most fabulously batshit. Whatever else happens in Stone Ocean Part 2, we doubt it can compare to the madness of this. With Jolyne gunned down by Pucci’s henchmen, Weather Report makes one last desperate attempt to prevent the disc containing Jotaro’s Stand from being stolen. He channels the power of his own Stand to alter the weather…so it starts to rain poisonous frogs. And not just a handful; thousands of frogs descend upon the prison, exploding everywhere and causing anyone who touches them to bloat up from the venom. Honestly, it’s just magnificent.