Top 10 Things You Missed in Hawkeye Episode 5



Top 10 Things You Missed in Hawkeye Episode 5

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Episode 5 in this Marvel series was nothing short of epic! For this list, we'll be looking at the best MCU callbacks, comic book references and Easter Eggs in this entry of the sharpshooting series. Our countdown includes Yelena Confirms a Theory with Her Sister's Move, A Tracksuit Was Right About the “The Royal Tenenbaums”, Kazi May Meet Kingpin's Comic Fate, and more!

Top 10 Things You Missed in Hawkeye Episode 5

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 things you missed in “Hawkeye” episode 5.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best MCU callbacks, comic book references and Easter Eggs in this entry of the sharpshooting series. If you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, watch out for spoilers ahead.

What was your favorite moment in this week’s “Hawkeye”? And did you catch Kingpin’s shadow looming over the heroes in the credits? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Yelena Confirms a Theory with Her Sister’s Move

In our episode 4 video, we speculated that Yelena wasn't really trying to hurt Kate during their fight. The Assassin confirmed our Theory during some pre-dinner conversation in the fifth installment. Yelena’s method of taking Kate out of the fight also serves as a tragic callback to “Endgame”. When Clint and Natasha learn one of them must die for the soul stone, they infamously had a tense battle. Their dispute ends when Black Widow uses a wire to prevent Hawkeye from falling. Although both sisters have a reputation for harming people, they also have similar ways of using their skills to keep people safe.

#9: A Delicious Mac & Cheese Reference

One of the first things Yelena does when she sneaks into Kate’s apartment is make them a nice helping of mac & cheese. While this dinner choice might seem random, it actually pays off a scene from “Black Widow”. In the film, we see a young Yelena getting ready to eat dinner while undercover in America. Her earnest request for mac and cheese is unfortunately denied. Seeing Yelena finally get to eat the meal she wants is a great symbol of the increased freedom she now has. No one can control her actions or stop her from dumping hot sauce onto mac & cheese ever again.

#8: Visual Cues Hinted at Eleanor’s True Intentions

Before Eleanor was fully revealed as an antagonist, there were several visual cues that hinted at her sinister side. When she sits down to talk with Clint in episode 4, the camera positions her right behind the hilt of a sword. Eleanor also has a conversation with Hawkeye while swords are behind him as if she’s ready to stab him in the back. And when Kate is receiving medical attention from her mom, Eleanor makes a band-aid fully cover one of the cuts. Clint notably had the young archer attend to a wound by placing it in parallel to the afflicted area in episode 2. Seeing Eleanor do the exact opposite of what a hero would’ve done was the cue that should’ve given her away.

#7: Ana Might’ve Connected Yelena & Val

A flashback showed that former Black Widow Ana pays for her expensive rug and lifestyle by being a hired assassin. Although Yelena hints that she’ll seek her sister out instead of heading back into that life, that becomes impossible after she’s snapped away. Right before she learns Natasha’s gone, she’s encouraged to become an assassin too. The “Black Widow” post-credits scene suggests she followed up on that idea and started working for Val. Since that sequence had to take place after “Hawkeye’s” flashback, it’s likely that Ana introduced Yelena to the countess. It’s even possible that both assassins work for Val. Whether that’s the case or not, it’s sad to think Yelena might not have needed the Countess if her sister was still around.

#6: A Tracksuit Was Right About the “The Royal Tenenbaums”

After the villainous Ivan blows us away with his beatboxing skills, his coworker Tomas lists off a few iconic tracksuits. While his “Sopranos” name drop is great, we think the cultured antagonist was onto something when he mentioned the “The Royal Tenenbaums”. The offbeat Wes Anderson film sees Ben Stiller’s Chas and his sons wearing bright red tracksuits with stripes. Although the average goon on “Hawkeye” is decked in a more muted red, it’s hard to deny the similarities between the two properties. Maybe the tracksuits and Chas Tenenbaum just shop at the same store.

#5: Ana Reminds Us of a Tragic “Black Widow” Detail

The biggest difference in Ana’s life post snap is the fact that she’s now raising a child. While she’s catching Yelena up, she mentions offhand that her daughter is adopted. Ana’s statement made us remember a dark fact about Black Widows. Throughout multiple MCU films, we heard that anyone who goes into the Red Room undergoes a procedure so they can’t have kids. Ana clearly didn’t let what happened in the program define her life. She’s living proof that nothing will get in the way of a Black Widow having the family they want.

#4: Kazi May Meet Kingpin’s Comic Fate

When Clint admitted he was the one who slayed Maya’s dad and other tracksuits, the avenger revealed a game-changing detail. The revelation that one of her own people sold her father to the vigilante definitely shook her. And when Maya pursued this lead, it seemed like Kazi was the guilty party. If he was the actual traitor, then his story might have a very unpleasant ending. Maya’s comic counterpart was placed in a similar situation when she discovered Kingpin was responsible for her father’s death. Although he tries to talk with her, she proceeds to wound the crime boss so severely that he’s nearly rendered blind for life. Kazi might share that fate or worse if the MCU’s Maya connects him to her dad’s demise.

#3: Another Bishop Worked With Kingpin in the Comics

We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw Kingpin standing right across from Eleanor Bishop. It immediately became clear that Kate’s mom had a direct line to one of the most notorious Marvel villains of all time. While Eleanor didn’t mind working with this big bad in the show, it was a slightly different story in the comics. After Clint and Kate save the day multiple times around NYC, Kingpin organizes a group of villains to hunt the heroes. We’re then treated to the shocking sight of Kate’s dad agreeing that his daughter should be taken out. While we don’t think Eleanor will turn on her child, we’re still worried about what she and Kingpin have in store for Clint.

#2: Kingpin’s “Niece” May Get Close to His Greatest Foe

Since Kingpin exists in this world, it’s inevitable that a version of Daredevil will appear to oppose the villain. If we do see a devil of hell’s kitchen show up, he may get close with Maya. She and Matt Murdock fell for each other and looked like a strong match in the comics. But after they’re tricked into fighting each other, the relationship quickly dissolves. Maya and Matt have a much better chance of getting to develop a genuine friendship or something more in the MCU. Maybe they’ll work together in the upcoming “Echo” series…if Maya’s “Uncle” Kingpin doesn’t throw a major curveball into their relationship.

#1: The Netflix Heroes & Anti-Heroes Could Finally Return

Once we saw Vincent D’Onofrio’s name in the credits, a bunch of exciting story possibilities opened up. Since he portrayed Kingpin in the Netflix “Daredevil” series, we can assume he’s playing the same character that fought Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. They both lived in the same continuity as Jon Bernthal’s Punisher and the rest of the Defenders. That suggests that every single one of their characters can now come back. We don’t know if every actor will return, if Disney will continue their Netflix stories or how long it might take to see all of them. But we’re feeling optimistic that we’ll see Avengers fighting with Defenders in New York and beyond in the MCU.