Top 10 Funniest Moments from The South Park COVID Specials



Top 10 Funniest Moments from The South Park COVID Specials

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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Moments from South Park's COVID Specials. For this list, we'll be looking at the most side-splitting scenes from Trey Parker and Matt Stone's iconic South Park specials set during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our countdown includes Mr. Mackey's Zoom Call, The Whites Exaplining "The Truth," the Cops Becoming Teachers, Cartman's Social Distancing, and more!

#10: It’s the Future

“South Park: Post COVID” (2021)

Our vision of what the future will look like is constantly changing with new technologies. But just because they’re new and innovative doesn’t mean they aren’t without faults, so the creators of South Park have plenty of ammunition. Giant screens adorn every building, head fashion has taken an interesting turn, and it’s clear the creators aren’t entirely sold on cryptocurrency. But perhaps one of the funniest future-related jokes comes from future Butters. It turns out, after being grounded for so long, he started selling NFTs! Of course, despite how enthusiastic his pitches are, it’s clear that the show is poking fun.

#9: Mr. Mackey’s Zoom Call

“The Pandemic Special”

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, the concept of remote working became something many people had to adjust to. While the younger generation might have easily adapted to the technology, older generations might not have found it so simple. As Mr. Mackey gets on a call with all the distressed parents, he quickly loses control as they all begin shouting over each other. So he begins to wield the power of the mute button. The back and forth on a massive call like this has become a too familiar reality, and Mackey’s response is reminiscent of some other funny, out-of-control meetings that came to light in 2021.

#8: VIP Vaccinations

“South ParQ Vaccination Special”

The creators of South Park have made it clear where they stand on Covid vaccinations, with some subtle and not-so-subtle jabs of their own. However, as the virus spread rapidly throughout the world in the early days, vaccinations became valuable commodities. The “South ParQ Vaccination Special” illustrates this exclusivity in hysterical fashion. Seeing everybody trying to get in and get their vaccine as if it was a club is a perfect parody of what it felt like trying to get one. But what’s even funnier is how the elderly begin flexing their newfound status.

#7: The Whites Explain “The Truth”

“South ParQ Vaccination Special”

South Park has never shied away from poking fun at conspiracy theorists. With the rise in popularity of such theories during the presidency of Donald Trump, Matt Stone and Trey Parker couldn’t miss this chance to take advantage. Part of the QAnon movement, the White family look to Mr. Garrison for leadership, and find unexpected meanings in his words. And while the creators of South Park had plenty of fun illustrating themselves as a member of “The Elite,” what’s even funnier is their jab at so called “censorship”. Just as Mr. White attempts to reveal “The Truth,” the creators cut away. Hilarious!

#6: Cartman’s Social Distancing

“The Pandemic Special”

Of course, the one who would be the most stoked about learning over Zoom would be Cartman. As we’re sure many people did during the “stay-at-home” learning periods, Eric found clever ways to trick his school into thinking he was attending class when he was actually having the time of his life. While show tunes haven’t been particularly prominent in the more recent episodes of South Park, Cartman can’t help but break into song over his delightful social distancing. To be honest, we wouldn’t mind one of those 6ft sticks.

#5: Cartman Becomes a Rabbi

“South Park: Post COVID” (2021)

Time-traveling isn’t something new to South Park, and we’ve seen future versions of some characters before, including Eric Cartman, when he inadvertently ruins his own life. We sort of figured such a negative person like Eric Cartman would end up with a horrible future, but it turns out “Post-Covid,” he’s the happiest of the group! He’s even got a family! And is Jewish! Given his hatred for Kyle, this is entirely unexpected but incredibly humorous. The extreme extent to which Eric practices his faith, even in the bedroom, leads to some of the funniest lines in South Park’s Covid Specials.

#4: Mr. Garrison Returns

“South ParQ Vaccination Special”

Mr. Garrison became South Park’s stand-in for President Donald Trump in the lead up to and after the presidential election. Some might’ve found his character not as funny as before this dramatic change in career. So when he returned to South Park, it was great to see him back to regular, outrageous form, even if the residents would disagree. The creators know how ridiculous this character’s life has been, and even though there is plenty of funny commentary about it after he returns, the funniest by far is his short round-up with PC Principal. What a life, right?

#3: Lil’ Qties

“South ParQ Vaccination Special”

The QAnon group from the Vaccination special are farcical, and there’s no mercy as South Park pokes fun at their elaborate theories. So when they decide to take on the role of stay-at-home tutors, misinformation runs amok, leading to the creation of “Lil’ Qties.” This group of anti-vaccine kids draws many parallels to people and events in real life. But as “Kommunity Kidz” face off against the young protestors, the funniest moment comes from none other than Butters, who explains concisely why he joined the group in the first place.

#2: Cops Become Teachers

“The Pandemic Special”

For South Park’s police force, violence is a … first resort. But with law enforcement in the United States under more scrutiny, they lose funding and find themselves with nothing to do. So they become the new educators of South Park’s youth. However, even in a classroom setting, they can’t seem to control their violent overreactions! What follows is a poignant parody of racial bias and police brutality. The police do actually regain their funding … but have apparently learned nothing, turning up to quell civil unrest fully militarized and trigger-happy!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Chin Diapers, “The Pandemic Special”

South Park Pokes Fun at People Not Wearing Masks Properly

Israel Saves South Park, “South ParQ Vaccination Special”

All Looks Lost Until Israel Comes to Save the Day

Covid-19 Is Helping Mr. Garrison, “The Pandemic Special”

The President Spells Out Why COVID Is Beneficial for Him

#1: Randy Started the Pandemic

“The Pandemic Special”

As the show has gotten on in years, a creative choice was made to move Randy and the Marshes out to “Tegridy Farm,” the home of Randy’s new business. This has allowed for the father of the Marsh family to become the focal point of more episodes, leading to some ridiculous shenanigans, including with Mickey Mouse. After traveling to China with the mouse, the two go out on a bender, resulting in their relations with… questionable partners. After Randy realizes that he started Covid, he goes on a ridiculous adventure trying to erase the evidence. It’s such a funny bit that his avoidance of responsibility leads to some equally priceless plotlines in later specials.