Top 20 Greatest Naruto Series Battles



Top 20 Greatest Naruto Series Battles

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
So many shinobi showdowns, so little time! Join Ashley as we count down the Naruto franchise's best fights, as seen across the likes of "Naruto", "Naruto Shippuden", "Boruto", and more!
Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 20 Naruto Battles

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Naruto Franchise Fights.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the greatest fights throughout the entire Naruto Franchise, this includes the original series, Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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#20: Taka vs. Killer B

This was pretty poor planning on the Akatsuki’s part here. Shafting off the dangerous task of capturing the second strongest Tailed Beast onto a bunch of kids? HR must be non-existent. Luckily for us, this battle served as the perfect introduction to the rapping Jinchuriki Killer B. While his bars may have been weak, the Eight Tails inside him was certainly not. A true monster, he nearly flattened Sasuke. Heck he was only saved at the last minute thanks to him unlocking the power of the Amaterasu.

#19: Jiraiya, Tsunade & Naruto vs. Orochimaru & Kabuto

It’s a Sannin showdown with an extra helping of Rasengan! After his attempts to get Tsunade to heal his arms end in failure, Orochimaru launches an all-out assault, resulting in all three former comrades unleashing their signature summons for a super-sized brawl. While it’s all kinds of awesome to see a giant toad, slug and snake duke it out, the real treat here is seeing Naruto step in to defend a weakened Tsunade from Kabuto’s fatal attack, allowing him the opportunity to let loose what would later become his signature technique with a bang.

#18: Sasuke vs. The Kage

Then again, maybe Sasuke was better off with the Eight Tails. After Tobi/Madara/Obito declares war on the shinobi world, the vengeful Uchiha crashes the party and tests his mettle against the strongest ninja in the land. While the Raikage takes him to town with lightning-infused wrestling moves, he still manages to hold his own thanks to the power of his Susanoo. Seeing Sasuke slip further down the path of darkness, the confrontation with Gaara, it all serves to remind us just how wild Sasuke’s character progression had become over the course of the series.

#17: Naruto vs. Neji

While he would later go on to earn widespread admiration, this was the first time that Naruto made the village that ostracised him recognise his accomplishments. Vowing to avenge Hinata, Naruto goes head to head with the cocky Hyuga in the latter stages of the Chunin Exam, where he proceeds to get his ass handed to him due to Neji’s Gentle Fist style and all-seeing Byakugan. What to do when your clones are rendered useless? Borrow some chakra from the Nine Tailed Fox, hide underground, and deliver one hell of an uppercut.

#16: Orochimaru vs. Third Hokage

Just because he’s in his twilight years doesn’t mean the old geezer can’t fight. As Orochimaru’s siege of the Leaf Village commences, it falls to the Hokage to put his ex-student down, in a battle that contains everything from a transforming monkey to the reanimated corpses of dead Kage. Sure, the struggle to rip out Orochimaru’s soul may have felt like it went on for an eternity and a half, but everything else in this battle was pure hype, especially with the insane number of jutsus both were letting loose!

#15: Shikamaru vs. Hidan

It’s quite the conundrum; who would win in a fight between a genius and an immortal. After Akatsuki’s resident zealot killed his mentor, Shikamaru also took the path of revenge, only this time he played it smart. While Hidan’s inability to die makes him quite the difficult opponent to overcome, Shikamaru’s tactics eventually win him the day, as he proceeds to blow Hidan to pieces before he buries him. While he more than deserved such a fate, it is kind of a shame though. We miss that foul-mouthed murderer!

#14: Team 7 vs. Zabuza & Haku

The first legitimate battle of the series, and it delivered on all fronts. You’ve got Kakashi putting his skills to the test against Zabuza, Sasuke and Naruto trying to hold their own against Haku and his deadly ice mirrors, not to mention the first reveal of the Nine Tailed Fox, in which Naruto unknowingly taps into his inner beast and sends the masked assassin flying with but a single, demonic punch. While humble compared to every other major battle in the series, the narrative pay-off here would continue to ripple and shape all those involved.

#13: Sasuke vs. Danzo

Both mired in corruption and proficient in killing, a confrontation between these two was never going to end peacefully. Given Danzo’s shady dealings pushed Itachi towards killing the rest of the Uchiha, and he himself was more than eager to get his hands on Sasuke’s Sharingan, these two wanted each other dead badly. Despite his frail demeanour, Danzo turned out to be no pushover, since he had a whole variety of Sharingan injected into his arm. Throw in the fact he could sacrifice each eye to turn reality into an illusion, and we’re surprised Sasuke survived this one.

#12: Naruto vs. Gaara

Meshing together high-octane action with the rather tragic truth that these two are reflections of one another, Naruto’s desperate struggle against his fellow Jinchuriki was the perfect way to bring this arc to a close. Consumed by his own murderous tendencies, the sand user doesn’t hesitate to awaken the One Tailed Shukaku, who is all too happy to go on a rampage. Thankfully, it’s nothing a giant toad can’t compete against, with Naruto utilizing all of his summoning training as well as a punch to Gaara so hard that he suffers a drastic alignment change.

#11: Jiraya vs. Pain

This was just heartbreaking. Despite his pervy nature, Jiraya had become an endearing mentor figure over the course of the series, highlighted when he chose to confront the leader of the Akatsuki, who actually ended up turning out to be his old pupil Nagato. While he puts up a valiant fight, even at full power Jiraiya is grossly underprepared to take on the might of the Six Paths of Pain. Despite meeting his end, he dies with a smile on his face, knowing he has entrusted his will on to Naruto.

#10: Kakashi vs. Obito

While this battle does indeed have fluid animation, a frantic pace and a tighter focus on its combatants, this one is all about the feels. After it's revealed that Tobi is actually Obito, Kakashi finally gets a chance to get some answers from his thought-dead friend. Said answers just happen to come in the form of a close quarters slugfest inside of a pocket dimension. As the punches roll out, we see flashbacks of their time as young students. Seeing just how far they have come and the pain they have had to endure assures this as one of the most emotional battles in the series.

#9: Naruto & Sasuke vs. Jigen

When Jigen invades Konoha in order to obtain his vessel, Kawaki, it’s up to our favorite duo to once again team up and take on the leader of Kara. As with their previous team up, Naruto and Sasuke put on a stunning display, proving that they haven’t lost a step. Sadly for them though it is revealed that Jigen is in fact the vessel for the powerful Otsutsuki member Isshiki, who shockingly devastates our heroes, and hands them quite possibly their biggest loss ever.

#8: Team 7 & Obito vs. Kaguya

It may have been a cluster of a battle, but by god was it entertaining. As the true final villain, and with more powers than she knew what to do with, Kaguya was an obscenely strong foe. Even with Naruto and Sasuke busting out their new Six Paths and Rinnegan abilities, it still took the aid of their allies to finally put the rabbit goddess down. The fact Kakashi got a chance to shine with his own Susanoo is just the icing on the cake.

#7: Sasuke vs. Itachi

This had been building since day one. After tossing aside his friends, village and reputation for the sake of revenge, Sasuke threw his lot in with master criminal Orochimaru just to gain the power needed to kill his older brother. Turns out their fated meeting was more than worth the wait. The true force of the Sharingan is revealed as both brothers use every kind of trick in the book in order to slay the other, eventually leading to Sasuke’s victory. Of course, the whole thing is flipped on its head when it's revealed that Itachi was a good guy all along.

#6: Naruto vs. Pain

The Hidden Leaf is in ruins, the Six Paths of Pain are close to claiming victory, hope is lost. There’s only one knuckle-headed ninja who can save the day. Dead set on avenging Jiraiya and armed with the power of Sage Mode, Naruto finally finds a way to battle Pain on an equal level. Watching him use legitimate strategy to defeat each of his foes while still maintaining the determination that’s come to define his character, this fight is a great example of how our protagonist has matured from the jokester he once was. Oh, and yeah, Hinata totally confessed to him mid-battle, so there’s that too.

#5: Naruto vs. Isshiki

With the gang on the verge of suffering yet another defeat at the hands of Isshiki, it’s up to Naruto and Kurama to pull out their ultimate trump card: Baryon Mode. With this new ability Naruto is not only able to take on Isshiki on a much more equal footing, but also drain away his life force with every single hit he dishes out. While we’ll probably never see the Baryon Mode ever again, it was the perfect showcase of how far Naruto’s abilities can go.

#4: Rock Lee vs. Gaara

Quite possibly the highlight of the entire Chunin Exams, this was the fight that not only took Lee from comic relief to an endearing monster of a fighter, but didn’t hold back on the drama either. Despite have no jutsu of his own, Lee’s dedication to his training proves to be superior than Gaara’s instant sand defence, moving so fast and hitting so hard that it’s not long before he’s kicking the insomniac all over the arena, especially after he starts opening the Eight Gates one after another. The only thing more potent than those punches was the sight of an unconscious Lee struggling to continue the fight after an enraged Gaara broke his arm and leg.

#3: Naruto vs. Sasuke

While their rematch in Shippuden would dominate as the best the series had to offer, half the reason that battle was so resounding was due to it building upon this earlier confrontation, in which the two frenemies come to blows in the Valley of the End. Determined to drag Sasuke back to the Leaf Village, Naruto goes on the warpath, with Sasuke’s singular drive to become stronger for the sake of vengeance matching him every step of the way. Pushed beyond their limits, the two eventually give into their dark sides and access the power of the Nine Tailed Fox and Curse Mark respectively, leading to a next level clash between the Rasengan and the Chidori!

#2: Naruto & Sasuke vs. Momoshiki

Leave it to these guys to come out of semi-retirement, team up once again, and overshadow practically everything else this sequel has dished out so far! Despite facing the unholy wrath of Momoshiki in his ultimate form, the arrogant entity is woefully unprepared for just how powerful these two former frenemies are. With Naruto’s Six Paths and Tailed Beast form combined with Sasuke’s duel-wielding of the Sharingan and Rinnegan, they quickly turn the tide of the battle and devastate all that Kaguya’s imitator had to offer. Just ignore the whole part of Boruto being the one to land the killing blow…

#1: Naruto vs. Sasuke (Round 2)

After so many ups and downs, the anime couldn’t have chosen a better confrontation to go out on. The threats of Kaguya and Madara may be behind them, but Sasuke and Naruto still had a score to settle. As their ideologies clash, the two engage in a fight that somehow manages to balance both spectacle and emotional resonance beautifully. On the one hand you have jutsu so large in scale that they nearly decimate everything around them, only to be followed by an almost nuanced clash where the two fatigued friends lay punch after punch, fuelled only by sheer willpower. The best of what Naruto has to offer can all be witnessed right here.
being honest my favorite battle was with sasake and dadrea
This is awsome