Top 10 Most Brutal Naruto Moments



Top 10 Most Brutal Naruto Moments

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
These ninja have it rough. Join Ashley as we count down our picks for the most savage moments across the Naruto franchise, including the deaths of "Zabuza", "Rin", "Jiraiya", and more!
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Brutal Naruto Moments

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Brutal Naruto Moments.

For this list, we’re focusing on the bloodier side of Naruto’s ninja career, where a lot of characters either ended up being maimed or killed off in some rather…unpleasant ways. Think we missed out on a savage shinobi scene? Let us know in the comments!

#10: The Death of Zabuza

While he certainly died how he lived – by taking names and chopping up bodies - the road to get there wasn’t exactly a painless one. With his arms rendered useless and his employer ready to set his goons on him, the Demon of the Mist decides to go out in the most feral way possible. By cutting his way through the horde with nothing more than a kunai in his mouth, getting ripped to pieces all the while. Zabuza was a beast until the end.

#9: Karui Punches the Whiskers Off Naruto

Yeah…this was when Naruto was going through his Sasuke martyrdom phase. It wasn’t pretty. Faced with ninja from the Land of Lightning looking to seek revenge on Sasuke for his criminal antics, Naruto poses an alternative – punch him instead until they feel better about themselves. Naturally, Karui decides to take him up on the offer, and beats his face in one round after another, and Naruto just lays back and takes it. Painful, yet wholly avoidable!

#8: The Death of Neji

The Fourth Great Ninja War had its own fair share of casualties, but one of the biggest was that of this OG character. Contrary to how they started their journeys, Neji instead chooses to take a hit for Naruto and Hinata, giving his life for those he had once claimed to despise. It isn’t a pretty death either, what with him getting showered by giant splinters courtesy of Madara’s insane new abilities as a would-be Sage of the Six Paths. On the positive side, at least Naruto didn’t have to worry about asking his permission to marry Hinata
later down the line.

#7: Haku Rains Death on Sasuke

Back when the young Uchiha was just stepping out on his crusade for vengeance, well before he could casually shrug off losing an arm, he was a lot more…fragile, evident from when he got caught up in this particularly sharp, icy shower. Caught amongst Haku’s ice mirrors, not even the Sharingan can protect Sasuke from getting shredded as various ice needles come flying down and impaling him from every direction. To think, if Haku had aimed for the face we might not have even had a series.

#6: The Deaths of Minato and Kushina

There’s nothing a parent won’t do, even if it means taking on a giant demon fox to save their newborn from harm. Thanks to Obito’s interference, the Nine-Tailed Fox is freed from its confines and allowed to go on a rampage, which, given how she was a vessel, equates to a death sentence for Kushina. In response, Minato is forced to use a sacrificial jutsu that will seal the Tailed Beast away inside of their son. Keep in mind, these two did all this while impaled on a giant fox claw – that’s commitment!

#5: Kisame Is Eaten by Sharks

We hope the Akatsuki appreciated his service, because this fishman went above and beyond the call of duty, all at the expense of his own life. Bested by Guy and about to have his brain probed, Kisame chooses to go out on his own terms rather than surrender secrets of the organization. How does he accomplish this? By summoning a pair of sharks, trapping himself inside with them, and then having them eat him! That’s both morbid but also metal as all hell!

#4: Sasuke Breaks Zaku’s Arms

Must suck to be from the Sound Village, because these guys never get an easy time of it. As the Chunin Exams unravel into chaos, Sasuke gets his first taste of the dark side when the Curse Seal activates and takes over him, not only providing a major power boost but also adding to his maliciousness. Inflicting as much pain on Zaku as possible as revenge for Sakura, Sasuke slowly but surely breaks both of his arms with strength alone. For early Naruto, this was grim.

#3: The Death of Jiraiya

He was the pervy sage we had all come to love, Naruto’s father figure, and a huge source of levity among the franchise’s darkest moments, so to lose Jiraiya was a bitter pill to swallow. Taking on the full might of the Six Paths of Pain, Jiraiya is overcome by the power
of the Rinnegan, where not only does he get his throat crushed, but ends up impaled six times over. While he ultimately triumphs thanks to a dying message, it still stings to see such a beloved character meet such a violent end.

#2: Obito’s Hell

After an incident like this, it’s easy to see how such a stand-up kid like Obito could fall so far and want to watch the world burn. After nearly being crushed by a boulder, the young Uchiha desperately pushed through his recovery, all in the hope of being able to see his beloved Rin again. Only to find her stabbed through the chest. This pushes him to the fringes of madness, leading him to go on a murder spree against those responsible in a bloodcurdling display of anguish.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Danzo Steals Shushi's Eye

Kaiza's Public Execution

Lee's Limbs Are Crushed

#1: Itachi Kills His Clan

It was an act that both ensured peace, and forever painted him as a loathsome criminal who killed his own family. For better or worse, this was Itachi’s defining act. With brewing conflict between the Hidden Leaf and the Uchiha, Itachi was instructed to slaughter his own kin in order to prevent another potential war, a mission that he succeeded with flying colors. Between watching him pick off random clan members and the parting words with his parents, Itachi’s greatest sin is heart-breaking to behold.