Top 10 Weirdest Things Games Have Been Played On



Top 10 Weirdest Things Games Have Been Played On

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Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Things Have Been Played On. For this list, we'll be looking at the strangest objects that people have found a way to play video games on! Our countdown includes "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" (2011) on a Nikon Camera. "Cuphead" (2017) on a Tesla, "Death Stranding" (2019) on a treadmill, and more!

#10: “Pac-Man” on a Macbook Pro Touch Bar

The touch bar on Apple’s MacBook Pro was a sleek addition to an already powerful laptop. It’s main functionality would be creating shortcut keys for your favourite emojis, tools or songs. However one thing we didn’t expect was being able to game on it! With the help of some wondrous 3rd party developers, the touch bar was able to play Pac-Man! Albeit a very limited version of it. It only has one ghost and it’s not really a maze. To be honest, it’s barely Pac-Man. It’s more of a gimmick than something you would want to sink your time into. Bravo to the developers who created it, but I’ll stick with the actual computer thanks!

#9: “Super Mario” on a TI-83 Calculator

You remember all the shenanigans you would get up to in math class with your calculator? Well, if you had this specific calculator, you might’ve been able to pay even less attention to your teacher! Texas Instruments wanted their calculator’s to remain adaptable to complex processes. So they made it so these tiny math machines could run code. And what also runs on code? VIDEO GAMES! While you might not be able to play Fortnite on this console, several retro games were given limited playability, such as Super Mario as shown by YouTuber LGR. You’ve got a Game Boy? Pfff, try a TI-83 calculator! That is the biggest flex in school.

#8: “Skyrim” on a Nikon Camera

Skyrim has been released… how many times now? It was released for Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nikon Coolpix Camera… Wait what? That’s right, the original Skyrim has been run on an old digital camera! Now, this is cheating a little bit. As you can see in the video, the game is playing on the device’s screen, but it’s being streamed from a PC through a complicated setup. But it’s still pretty phenomenal! The Youtube channel “Can It Skyrim” has explored the many different ways you can play Skyrim on ridiculous appliances, including a Gameboy Advance SP, SmartWatch, and even a Car Stereo! This creator is a rare find of fantastic content that is definitely worth checking out!

#7: “Quake” on an Oscilloscope

An Oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that creates visuals based on the various properties of a certain voltage. It’s commonly used for things like maintaining electronic equipment and laboratory work. You know, science stuff. So of course someone somewhere would find a way to play video games on it. By creating an audio output to create the voltage required to render graphics, the YouTubers pekkavaa and rpocc played from a computer using the Oscilloscope as the display to play Quake. It certainly doesn’t look like any game we’ve ever played but has some cool retro-sci-fi vibes.

#6: “Death Stranding” on a Treadmill

Video games are all about fantasy fulfillment. We wish we had the power, stamina, and smarts to do the epic feats we see on screen! But adding a treadmill might’ve been a bit too immersive. Allen Pan is a Youtuber who brought together a bunch of friends to configure his treadmill into a controller for the PS4. Now every mile or so you walk on the treadmill, you walk in the game! Of course, there are issues with it, but it does achieve the goal of making gaming more active! Death Stranding was widely lauded as a “walking simulator”, but the majority of gamers probably aren’t the most active of people, so most would probably pass on this.

#5: “Cuphead” on a Tesla

Tesla’s are a real status symbol nowadays, with their sleek designs and electric fueling. They have a lot of fantastic features like autopilot. Supercharging and of course, the ever-attractive touchscreen. On it, you can stream all your favorite movies and TV shows! And with that might not be anything new to cars, adding video games definitely is! In the Tesla, you can play all manner of titles via the “Tesla Arcade”! One of the most notable is 2017’s Cuphead as played by YouTuber Mother Frunker! It is by far one of the most expensive things you could game on, which makes it a little ridiculous. But the only reason you might think it’s stupid is that you don’t have one.

#4: “Tetris” on the Side of a Building

Showing off your gaming skills is fine, but this is a little ridiculous. Way back in 2007, students at Providence’s Brown University came together to make a light show like no one had seen before. Using a small Windows device linked to a Linux server, they were able to configure a playable version of Tetris to a massive array of lights they attached to the side of the Sciences Library. It was such a marvel that hackers across the US sought to replicate it in their cities, including at the MIT Green Building in Massachusetts! It could only be played at night and didn’t become a permanent feature, but it’s a sight to behold!

#3: Retro Games on a Microwave

Games are best played with snacks, but the worst part about that is having to stop gaming to get them! Well, what if you didn’t have to? Well, YouTuber Colin Furze has the answer for you! The Play-O-Wave! During his “Invention Show”, he showcased a microwave with an active screen. It’s more complicated than you think, as he had to add multiple layers to the microwave to ensure it was still sealable and the screen wasn’t affected by the main operation. By adding some audio and visual inputs, he was able to jack in a plug-and-play console! Now while you’re waiting for that popcorn to pop, you can play some retro games! Probably best not to try this at home!

#2: “Skyrim: Very Special Edition” on an Alexa

It became a bit of a meme how many times Skyrim has been released. But the thought that using your Amazon Alexa to play sounds like a joke. Well, that’s exactly what it was, as confirmed in interviews! You’re Alexa is generally marketed as your little assistant around the house. You know, like “Alexa! Add “WatchMojo T-shirt” to my shopping list!” But this app is real. Alexa will describe the events and you can tell her your reaction to them. As jacksepticeye shows us, It’s like an Elder Scrolls-themed version of D&D! It’s quite bewildering and strange, which is why Bethesda brought comedian Keegan-Michael Key from “Key & Peele” fame to advertise. But it seems fun enough to give it a try.

#1: “Doom” on a Pregnancy Test

For anyone who is still a fan of the classic hell-slaying FPS game Doom, you might know there’s a bit of a trend going around that Doom can be played on anything. And things get more ridiculous the further down the rabbit hole you go. It’s been played on a Printer! It’s been played on a disused ATM! It’s even been played on a piano! But would you have ever guessed that Doom could be played on a pregnancy test? California programmer Foone Turing did have to mess with the hardware, but he was able to get it working in the shell! It’s not the best way to experience the game, but it’s mad that you could!