Top 10 Cringiest Love is Blind Season 2 Moments



Top 10 Cringiest Love is Blind Season 2 Moments

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We can't unsee these cringiest "Love Is Blind" Season 2 moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the most uncomfortable encounters among the contestants on this Netflix dating reality television series. Our countdown includes awkward first sightings, baby talk Shayne being Shayne, and more!

Top 10 Cringiest Love Is Blind Season 2 Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Cringiest “Love Is Blind” Season 2 Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most uncomfortable encounters among the contestants on this Netflix dating reality television series. Just in case you haven’t seen season two, a spoiler warning is now in effect.

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#10: Contestants Say “I Don’t” at the Altar

Out of the five couples that make it down the aisle in the season two finale, three walk away without tying the knot. Deepti chooses herself when she says “I don’t,” but Shake is quick to assure the attendees that he would have rejected her anyway. It’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Both Salvador and Mallory show maturity when their ceremony doesn’t end in marriage. Since Sal is asked to exchange vows first, we’re not really sure what Mal would have said. Natalie and Shayne’s wedding is the most dramatic of the three. Having just had a fight the night before, Shayne is hopeful that they can still move forward when he says “I do.” Natalie, however, is unwilling to forgive and forget.

#9: Awkward First Sightings

With a wall between couples on every date in the pods, it’s not until after agreeing to wed that the contestants get to see their chosen fiancés. The first time a couple interacts with each other face to face is the type of encounter that has the potential to be cute or cringy. Shayne and Natalie’s kiss, for example, demonstrates that they need a little more practice. And Shake could have saved his possessive booty grab for behind closed doors. While these two couples are passionately awkward, Mallory’s lukewarm reaction to Salvador also makes us wince. Meanwhile, Kyle and Shaina have their own odd first encounter during which Shaina keeps her distance and expresses her doubts.

#8: Shaina & Kyle Discover Their Religious Differences

The “Love is Blind” experiment tests whether conversation alone is enough to find a fiancé. With nothing to do but talk, contestants develop their relationships by discussing their values and goals. Shaina basically describes Christianity as a major pillar of her life, so when Kyle says he’s an atheist, it seems like a deal breaker. It’s a little bit of a shock when, despite their differing views on religion, Kyle proposes to Shaina with his mother’s engagement ring. It’s even more surprising when Shaina says yes. As the two agree to get married, it’s made obvious that Shaina can’t get over her fiancé’s religious beliefs. In between Kyle’s dismissal of their differences and Shaina’s hesitation, this engagement is off to a rough start.

#7: Baby Talk

As the contestants are dating to get married, it’s to be expected that the topic of children comes up. However, family planning as sexy talk can be pretty uncomfortable for everybody not involved in the procreating process. Shake and Deepti are one couple eager to begin growing their family, something they remind each other of regularly. Natalie and Shayne also consider making babies - on the beach in front of the other contestants no less. It’s not the thought of these couples having a baby that’s cringy, but rather the thought of them making one. Meanwhile, Iyanna is concerned about the state of her body after giving birth.

#6: Shaina Leaves Mexico

Considering this couple’s rocky beginnings, it’s not surprising that things don’t go well when Shaina and Kyle arrive in Mexico. The events that play out are the perfect combination of dramatic and cringy, which can only be achieved in reality TV. Their first evening together begins awkwardly with Shaina feeding Kyle, who is a vegetarian, a bite of her steak dinner. From there, it just gets worse. Shaina sets boundaries in their relationship by insisting on sleeping in another room. At 7:40 PM she retires for the night, telling Kyle she’ll see him in the morning. She then packs her bags and leaves paradise and her fiancé behind. The fact that Shaina departs secretly, without telling Kyle, leaves our jaws on the floor.

#5: Shake Asks About Weight

In the beginning of the experiment, it seems like contestant Abhishek (UH-bee-SHAKE), better known as “Shake,” is missing the point about love being blind. He inquires about his dates’ weight in a roundabout way that’s both obvious and insulting. He develops a reputation as superficial among the women. During a heart-to-heart with Deepti, she reveals her own weight loss journey and gives Shake the opportunity to reflect on his actions. He realizes how he projects his own body insecurities onto people and adjusts his approach to dating in the pods. This is the first instance of Deepti’s good influence having an effect on Shake and gives us hope for their relationship. That said, Shake’s original comments are pretty creepy and a major red flag.

#4: Meeting the Families

While bringing someone home to meet the family is always a stress-inducing milestone, bringing a fiancé home after less than a month of dating is sure to raise some eyebrows. Mallory and Danielle both have to navigate awkward conversations when first meeting their fiancés’ families. Nick and Kyle, however, tie for the most cringy with two completely different but equally uncomfortable home visits. Danielle’s family is less reserved than Nick is used to; they ask the newly engaged couple about their sex life and point out the hickey on Nick’s neck. Meanwhile, Kyle is finding that Shaina’s Christian beliefs are held by her family as well. He claims to be good with moms but can’t get a marriage blessing from his own potential mother-in-law.

#3: Shayne Being Shayne

Extrovert Shayne is one of the most memorable, and cringy, contestants of the season. Unafraid to speak his mind, he is either oblivious to how odd the things he says are, or he doesn’t care. He has revealed his shallow sensibilities and playboy nature on more than one occasion. Luckily, Natalie is able to stand his eccentricities by laughing at him or calling him out. Even though Shayne remains Shayne once they leave the pods, his relationship with Natalie makes him a little more tolerable. The same can’t be said for his brief fling with Shaina. When it comes to their flirting, Shayne’s favorite question for the hairstylist has us wincing every single time.

#2: Shake Compares Deepti to His Aunt

Despite their similar backgrounds, shared life goals, and complementing personalities, there’s one problem threatening Shake and Deepti’s relationship: Shake doesn’t feel physically attracted to her. Upon seeing his fiancée, he begins to express a lot of doubt to other people and finally to Deepti herself. He compares her to his hype person, his friend, and even his aunt, but is unwilling to try to see her as a romantic partner. The two still have meaningful conversations with each other, and Deepti always knows the right thing to say. They show all the makings of a successful couple, which is why Shake’s reservation is not only cringy but also frustrating.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Nick Makes His Own Toothpaste
Nick & Danielle Forgot to Discuss Personal Hygiene While in the Pods

Shayne Excuses Himself
TMI Is Not a Concept That Shayne Seems Familiar With

Danielle & Nick Have Different Maturity Levels
They Both Look Great in a Full Body Costume, Though

#1: Shayne Mistakes Natalie for Shaina

Natalie may bring out the best in Shayne, but dating in the pods seems to bring out the worst. The realtor begins the experiment with a playboy mentality, willing to date as many women for as long as he can. Shayne inevitably finds himself in a love triangle with Natalie and Shaina. While juggling two women who are both interested in exclusivity, Shayne drops the ball when he confuses them in the pods. He mistakes Natalie’s voice for Shaina’s and begins their conversation with his favorite question. When Natalie reveals it’s her on the other side, Shayne becomes defensive and frankly, annoying. We’re surprised this doesn’t permanently turn Natalie off from Shayne, as it is without a doubt his worst look in the show.