The 10 WORST Weapons In Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Not every weapon in "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" is worth getting. For this list, we'll be looking at the offensive tools that left us wanting more whether it be due to weak stats or awkward special abilities that seldom aid the player in combat. Our list includes the Bear-Claw, the Kraken Shield, the Doppelhandler, Vordr's Bite, and more!
Script written by Josh McLean

Not every weapon in "Assassin's Creed Valhalla" is worth getting. For this list, we'll be looking at the offensive tools that left us wanting more whether it be due to weak stats or awkward special abilities that seldom aid the player in combat. Our list includes the Bear-Claw, the Kraken Shield, the Doppelhandler, Vordr's Bite, and more! If there's an awful weapon we missed, or if you think any of these are actually useful, head to the comments and let us know!

#10: Excalibur

Surprised? Me too! Excalibur has some of the weaker stats in the greatsword category, and is one of the slowest weapons when compared to damage output. The word you’ll most often find describing the sword in the stone online is: “underwhelming”. It comes with a perk that blinds nearby enemies after critical attacks, but it doesn’t seem to stagger 100% of the time… You’ll find even with a crit-based build that your foes keep toe to toe with your viking and you’re better off switching to something lethal. It’s not a bad pick for a weapon, but lacks the punch you’d expect from a piece of Eden. The “big up” here is that Excalibur can be acquired pretty early on in-game, as long as you can kill three strong enemies.

#9: Bear-Claw

Our first and only Bearded-Axe. Its brothers and sisters are all solid choices for all-rounders, but this one sticks out for its unique visual flair and pitiful damage. Its special ability involves eating rations to temporarily increase your attack, which sounds ideal, until you put it into practice. To get the full benefit of this ability, Eivor has to enter battle, take damage, retreat from combat slightly to eat, then re-enter battle, and be met with a boosted base 46 attack damage. In comparison, your starting ax deals 60 out of the box. Despite its name, it is categorized as a Raven weapon, instead of taking from the Bear tree. Plus, in its current state the Bear-Claw can only be purchased with real bucks, unless it’s in Reda’s. Or, you could just not, as we promise that you won’t be missing anything.

#8: Vordr's Bite

Much like the previous, you can’t really go wrong with a Dane Ax. They are better than many, yet nowhere near as strong as something like a spear or scythe, and the Vordrs just so happens to be at the bottom of that hierarchy. Wielding similar damage to Excalibur, this two-hander has a chance to drop a poison cloud but only after a heavy finishing move. Meaning that you’ll still have to eliminate an enemy or two without any extra assistance, met with a slow attack output. That said, it can be situationally useful if you get lucky, but being that it’s the reward for hunting ALL of the legendary animals, it’s not much of a flex compared to what you’ll have to wield to get it.

#7: Mark Of Sol

Valhalla contains many bows to delight players’ fancy, such as the Light, Hunter, and Predator styles. This mythical weapon however, is a total mish mash mess of perks that don’t compliment each other at all. The Mark of Sol increases your damage when at low health. Being that an archer keeping their distance shouldn’t be taking many hits, one would think this is a weapon meant to be brought into close quarters skirmishes. That’s again reinforced by being classified as a “raven” weapon, which gives bonuses to close-range and melee combat as opposed to stealth. Then explain to me, how are you supposed to hit anything in slapping distance when it’s also designed as a predator bow that zooms like x5 times… What is this?! She’s only obtained after reaching the settlement level of six, which takes, according to my research, a bazillion hours.

#6: Iron Star

Ah, my choice of weapon for many in-game hours. The iron star will be your first taste in the “flail” department. A weapon type that is highly unique from your standard sword or axe. That said, the Iron Star isn’t much to write home about - sorry! Its long animations for even a light attack can lock you into a state, making you an easy target, and you may find it difficult to switch targets when fighting in a group of enemies. While there are plenty of amazing flails to unlock, this one will only increase attack for three seconds after landing a heavy finisher. Meaning, once again, you’ll be on your own to take out a baddie before any bonus kicks in. If you want to give your enemies a fair fight, or want to run through boxes while swinging this thing like a helicopter blade, that IS an option!

#5: Doppelhander

Another love of mine, this two handed greatsword is about as weak as they come. But, it does offer some substantial poison damage on fallen enemies. Obviously, this consumes far more stamina than is usually worth it, as you’ll have to land consecutive heavy hits to activate. Now taking this thing up to a Zealot, even with all abilities charged, is just asking for a beat down. Trust me, been there. Without the use of an offhand weapon that is much stronger, most battles will feel like a struggle. It serves as another introduction to a weapon type that will greatly alter how you play the game, but will inevitably be replaced unless you’re a reeeally loyal viking!

#4: Svipul

Spears. The nearly unmatched choice for an over-powered Eivor with insane reach, speed, and of course damage. After acquiring the ability to dual wield them, practically every boss in the game is going to go down at their tip. Perhaps except for Svipul, one of the spears you actually have to pay for to get, found in the Valkyrie pack at around $20. While its damage is admittedly immense due to its weapon type, its speed is outclassed by most of its kind. Ultimately it finds a place on our list due to its special ability of increasing what’s called back damage, when your health is low. This is most similar to the back stab you can perform in Dark Souls, but due to its requirements the spear asks you to take significant damage, escape the confrontation entirely, and sneak around to land a back hit. Being that while in combat the enemy isn’t exactly going to spin around and let you hit them, this perk is almost useless. Compare this to the free spear of “Gungnir”, which creates a FORCE FIELD to extend the weapon’s reach… There is NO comparison folks. Svipul is also supposed to glow with a red flame, at least on some attacks, but sometimes it just… doesn't? It’s hard to tell if this is a bug or if the effect was removed, but if you know for sure hit us up in the comments!

#3: Kraken Shield

After buying a $30 start pack, as it’s known in the game, players will be given several items and weapons, most of which have highly stylized designs like the Kraken. So we’ve reviewed some terrible abilities thus far. But what could they have possibly slapped onto a heavy shield to turn it so lackluster? Nothing! You get nothing! (Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka) No effects, and even WORSE if you can believe it, the Kraken shield can’t be upgraded by the blacksmith. In fact it doesn’t even show up as an option unlike every other weapon in the game. Although some assumed it would be updated later, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and it’s a fair guess that it’s simply an unfinished piece of gear. At least it looks cool, but I can’t think of many armors in the game it would suit, and honestly with such low stats compared to the other shields, you are far better going empty handed. At least then the game lets you use the hidden blade.

#2: Longbow

The predator style bows draw the short straw once again with the mundanely titled “Longbow”. It is found in a cave, lying in wait until you want to get it, and while its damage is decent, its speed is quite lacking. The special ability perk that comes baked in is to unleash a smoke bomb after a close range shot… Um… Not super ideal for a bow user trying to, you know, see the target! Plus, if it were a guaranteed instant get away free card, that might be something, but pick this one up for yourself and you’ll see it’s anything but reliable. Eight times out of ten, even after the 30 second cool down, which in this game is substantial, no smoke bomb will happen. Why??? And why are you making us go close range again when it’s zooming in like a telescope! You’re always better off using a melee weapon with any other effect than trying to use this bow as it’s designed.

#1: Dokkalfar's Revenge

What’s worse than a completely useless weapon? What would you like to wield the very least in battle, even less than a stick you found on the ground? A stick with lots of splitters, that’s right! A dagger named Dokkalfar whose sole perk is to damage YOU for little benefit. Especially because while fast, daggers have some of the lowest DPS in the game. Who would pick this over any of the axes? Not most. I mean, finding anyone actually using this thing on YouTube is pretty uncommon already. Even those looking for a little more challenge would have a better time just not upgrading health on the skill tree. This is a double edge blade, whose hour long quest you should probably pass on... Or just, pick a different reward.