Top 10 Times Ben 10 Heroes Sacrificed Everything



Top 10 Times Ben 10 Heroes Sacrificed Everything

VOICE OVER: Peter DeGiglio WRITTEN BY: Matthew Guida
"Ben 10" has featured some incredibly heroic moments! For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best examples of selfless heroism demonstrated by Ben Tennyson, as well as his friends, family and allies throughout the classic “Ben 10” timeline. Our countdown includes Ben sacrificing himself for the Ultimates, Ripjaws saving the Krakken's eggs, Ben recreating the universe, and more!
"Ben 10" has featured some incredibly heroic moments! For this list, we'll be looking at some of the best examples of selfless heroism demonstrated by Ben Tennyson, as well as his friends, family and allies throughout the classic “Ben 10” timeline. Our countdown includes Ben sacrificing himself for the Ultimates, Ripjaws saving the Krakken's eggs, Ben recreating the universe, and more! Which Ben 10 moment did you think was the most heroic? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Ben 10 Begins

“Ben 10” (2005-08)

Even the greatest of heroes are defined by their origins. After discovering the Omnitrix and gaining the power to transform into alien heroes, it’s not long before Ben Tennyson decides that he wants to use his newfound powers for the good of others. Admittedly, Ben’s hero career may not have had the best start, on account of getting carried away as Heatblast. However, it’s only when forced into the heat of battle against Vilgax’s robots that his inner hero is finally revealed. Despite his inexperience, Ben doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line to defeat Vilgax’s robots and proves that while lacking in maturity and wisdom, he more than makes up for it with his latent potential.

#9: Ripjaws Saves the Krakken's Eggs

“Ben 10” (2005-08)

Being a hero often means doing the right thing, regardless of how tough the task is. When the poacher Jonah steals the eggs of a giant cryptid known as the Krakken, the angry mother goes on a rampage trying to find them. It’s not long before Ben joins the battle as Ripjaws and fights tooth and claw to get the eggs back. Though, it’s easier said than done as Ripjaws is forced to fight off Jonah, while also avoiding the Krakken’s wrath. In the end, Ripjaws not only returns the eggs, but also saves Jonah from becoming Krakken chow. Even though Jonah arguably deserved such a fate, true heroes like Ben save everyone, including the bad guys.

#8: Kwarrel Helps Kevin Escape

“Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” (2010-12)

Despite appearing in just one episode, Kwarrel left his mark as a truly selfless alien. After a young Kevin 11 winds up inside a Null Void prison, his anger causes him to initially clash with Kwarrel. He takes Kevin under his wing and helps him to control his anger, allowing him to master his powers and regain his human form. The bond between the two was so strong, that Kwarrel not only helped Kevin escape from prison, he also sacrificed himself to protect him from a corrupt guard. While it’s tragic we did not get to see more of Kwarrel, his legacy survives through Kevin, whom he helped to redeem.

#7: Andreas’ Sacrifice

“Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” (2010-12)

While his choice in friends leaves much to be desired, Andreas has a heart of gold. After being recruited by Argit to scam the Forever Knights, the two aliens soon find themselves in over their heads when the knights retaliate with a vengeance. Ben and the others manage to save Andreas from execution and force the knights to flee, but not before their enemies leave behind an explosive parting gift. Low on options, Andreas takes it upon himself to absorb the blast of the Forever Knights bomb, sacrificing himself to protect his friends. While Argit takes this act for granted, at least Kevin and his friends understand just how loyal a friend Andreas is.

#6: Ben Recreates the Universe

“Ben 10: Omniverse” (2012-14)

Not only has Ben saved the entire universe countless times, he’s even gone so far as to recreate it. While trying to stop an all out brawl between several of his enemies, the villains accidentally set off a dangerous doomsday weapon known as the Annihilargh. Once it activates, Ben is powerless to stop it from eating away at the entire universe and wiping out its inhabitants. Fortunately, Ben is able to give everyone a second chance by having Alien X recreate a similar universe in its place. While not an exact copy, it’s still pretty impressive that Ben was able to bring back an entire universe from literally nothing.

#5: Grandpa Max Sacrifices Himself

“Ben 10: Alien Force” (2008-10)

For a guy who is no longer in his prime, Max Tennyson can still duke it out with even the toughest of aliens. After discovering a massive DNAlien base, Max, with a little help from his grandkids and Kevin, are quick to throw a wrench in their operations. However, when the group find themselves surrounded by the enemy, Max is captured by the base’s Highbreed leader. With the lives of his family and many innocent people hanging in the balance, Max makes the ultimate sacrifice by taking his enemies out with him. Seemingly vaporized in a massive explosion, Max’s sacrifice inspires Ben, Gwen, and Kevin to continue his mission to defeat the Highbreed.

#4: No Watch Ben Saves All Bens

“Ben 10: Omniverse” (2012-14)

As part of yet another evil plot to destroy Ben, Vilgax recruits an army of evil Bens to eliminate the only one in the multiverse who does not possess an Omnitrix. After performing a massive double cross, Vilgax reveals his true goal was to wipe out nearly every Ben in the multiverse, leaving only No Watch Ben to pick up the fight. With a little help from Professor Paradox, No Watch Ben successfully restores the Ben 10 multiverse, along with his counterparts who return just in time to help defeat Vilgax, allowing No Watch Ben to land the final blow. This just goes to show that not every Ben needs an Omnitrix to be a hero.

#3: Ben Gives Up Ultimate Power

“Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” (2010-12)

Only a true hero can resist the temptation of infinite power. After Vilgax absorbs the power of the entity known as Dagon, all hope seems lost until Ben draws strength from an unexpected source. After an epic clash, Ben steals Dagon’s power from Vilgax, sealing the demonic entity within the all-powerful Ascalon. However, Vilgax attempts to corrupt Ben by tempting him into using the power he’s gathered to purge all evil from the universe. In the end, Ben chooses to use Ascalon to save the Earth and its people, before surrendering the sword to Azmuth. The fact that Ben was willing to let go of so much power, further proves why he is the universe’s greatest hero.

#2: Ben Sacrifices Himself for the Ultimates

“Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” (2010-12)

There is no trait more noble for a hero than self-sacrifice. After the Ultimatrix suffers a glitch, Ben is forced into the device where his ultimate forms go full Zs'Skayr on him. Convinced that Ben is keeping them prisoner, the Ultimates believe that the only way to end their misery is by eliminating Ben. When Gwen intervenes and attempts to save Ben by destroying the Ultimates, Ben stops her and decides to put an end to the violence by giving the Ultimate Aliens exactly what they want. Fortunately, in sacrificing himself, Ben’s genuine desire to help the Ultimates not only frees them, but also spares his life in the process.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Rath Saves the Tiffin

Jumps Down a Giant Alien’s Throat to Save a Baby Alien

Ben Destroys the Omnitrix

Forces the Omnitrix to Self-Destruct to Stop Vilgax’s Evil Plan

Kevin Turns Himself Into a Gem Mine

Becomes Vulkanus’ Slave to Get a Recording of Grandpa Max for Ben

Grandpa Max Saves Verdona

Single-Handedly Defeats a Dangerous Synthroid to Free His Love Interest

Ben Overcomes His Fear of Clowns

The Sight of His Family in Danger Gives Him the Courage to Defeat Zombozo

#1: Ben Defeats Maltruant

“Ben 10: Omniverse” (2012-14)

When the classic “Ben 10” era came to an end, it makes sense that Ben’s final heroic act would see him off with a literal bang. After tracking down the evil Maltruant to a period before the universe began, Ben and Rook attempt to prevent the rogue Chronosapien from creating his own twisted universe. Just when it looks like Ben failed to stop Maltruant’s doomsday device from going off, he makes an epic comeback in the most unexpected way. After shifting through every last one of his aliens to contain the explosion, Ben redirects the blast back at Maltruant, trapping him in an endless loop of defeat. As far as final moments of heroism go, you can’t get more epic than containing a big bang.