Top 10 Best Ben 10 Episodes



Top 10 Best Ben 10 Episodes

VOICE OVER: Tom Aglio WRITTEN BY: Matthew Guida
"Ben 10" is an incredible series and it's at its absolute best in these episodes. For this list, we'll be looking at the best and most popular episodes from the classic “Ben 10” continuity. We'll be considering the overall rating, popularity and importance of these episodes, and we'll also be counting multi-part episodes as one entry. Our countdown includes “The Frogs of War," "Back With a Vengeance," "A New Dawn," and more!
"Ben 10" is an incredible series and it's at its absolute best in these episodes. For this list, we'll be looking at the best and most popular episodes from the classic “Ben 10” continuity. We'll be considering the overall rating, popularity and importance of these episodes, and we'll also be counting multi-part episodes as one entry. Our countdown includes “The Frogs of War," "Back With a Vengeance," "A New Dawn," and more! With around 230 episodes to choose from, which ones do you think deserve to be on the list of Ben 10’s greatest hits? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

#10: “Ghostfreaked Out”

Ben may have guts when it comes to facing any threat that comes his way, but what happens when the threat comes from within? This is the very thing this episode tackles and how it does so is why it makes the list. After Ben’s transformation, Ghostfreak starts acting freakier than usual, with the creepy phantom giving him the fright of a lifetime after he escapes the Omnitrix. Driven by revenge and the desire to become whole again, Ghostfreak, also known as Zs'Skayr, shows that there is no line that he won't cross if it means carrying out his vendetta against Ben. Unfortunately for Zs'Skayr, he greatly underestimates Ben and is defeated after being exposed to sunlight, ending the Ectonurite’s reign of terror… at least for the time being.

#9: “Back with a Vengeance”

Nothing like revenge against a common enemy to bring two villains together. After Kevin 11 rescues Vilgax from deep space, the two put aside their differences and form an alliance dedicated to taking down Ben. It’s a good thing that Ben unlocks the Omnitrix’s Master Control, allowing him to keep up with his enemies and even survive the dangers of the Null Void. While the fast paced action scenes are a treat for any fan, Ben is soon forced into surrendering the Omnitrix in exchange for Gwen’s safety. It’s a painful moment watching Ben lose the Omnitrix, but thanks to Gwen’s quick thinking the young hero makes an epic comeback and returns to fight another day.

#8: “The Final Battle”

Leave it to villains like Vilgax and Albedo to use underhanded methods to try and take down Ben. After Albedo kidnaps Gwen and Kevin, Ben is lured into a trap where he confronts the mad Galvan during the course of this two-part storyline. Unlike their previous encounters, Ben is powerless against Albedo’s latest trump card, the Ultimatrix. With the power of Ultimate aliens at his disposal, Albedo wipes the floor with Ben, allowing Vilgax to swoop in and take the Omnitrix. Crushed by his defeat, Ben reaches his lowest point, but the timely arrival of Azmuth and some well written dialogue allows him to experience new hope. Thanks to Azmuth’s wisdom, Ben turns the tables on Vilgax by destroying his old Omnitrix and then takes him down after donning the Ultimatrix.

#7: “Ben 10,000”

In this episode, the past and future collide when Ben meets his future self, Ben 10,000. While Ben 10,000 may be the most powerful hero, he is far from perfect. Obsessed with staying hero 24/7, young Ben soon realizes that his future self has become too serious and fails to make time for anything else, including his own family. Eager to knock some sense back into him, Ben assists him with taking down a resurrected Vilgax, who is bigger and more dangerous than ever. Ultimately, young Ben succeeds in reminding Ben 10,000 of what matters most and more importantly, what it means to be Ben Tennyson.

#6: “For a Few Brains More"

Watching Ben take on all the Nemetrix aliens in “A Fistful of Brains” is definitely an amazing sight to behold. However, what happens next is even better. After Azmuth literally loses his brain thanks to Albedo, Ben and his friends are forced into a life or death game of keep away as they struggle to prevent Albedo from absorbing Azmuth’s intelligence. It’s a feat that is far from easy when forced to deal with both Albedo’s Ultimate forms and the Nemetrix predators. Ironically, even without his intellect, Azmuth still proves himself instrumental in taking down Khyber and Albedo, especially after he helps unlock Ben’s second strongest alien, Atomix. Needless to say, this is an episode that fans won’t soon forget. We know Albedo won’t.

#5: “Showdown”

There comes a time in every hero’s life where they must confront their traumatic past in order to move forward. Ben Tennyson is no exception. In this two-part episode, Ben comes face to face with his old enemy Malware, a corrupted Galvanic Mechamorph who was responsible for destroying his favorite alien, Feedback. This was an event which deeply traumatized him. When Malware’s revenge leads him down a path that threatens the Galvan homeworld, Ben confronts his past failure and learns to forgive himself. In doing so, Ben regains Feedback and uses his power to put an end to Malware’s rampage once and for all.

#4: “The Frogs of War”

Leave it to Ben to suffer from technical difficulties in the middle of an alien invasion. When the war mongering Incurseans invade Earth, most would assume that Ben would beat the bad guys and emerge the victor like always. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite as planned. After being outsmarted by the Incursean princess Attea, Ben is forced into exile and sent adrift in space. Fortunately, Ben manages to return to Earth, where he reunites with his allies and helps bring an end to the Incurseans’ reign of terror. With plenty of action, war, betrayal, a little romance and even a massive To'kustar brawl, it’s no wonder that both parts of “The Frogs of War” are so popular with fans.

#3: “The End of an Era”

As the penultimate episode of the classic “Ben 10” continuity, “The End of an Era” is highly rated by fans and is packed to the brim with plenty of fun moments and cameos. Plus, who can forget the epic battle between Maltruant, Ben 10,000 and his allies? Maltruant definitely lives up to the hype of being the series final major antagonist. Even when outnumbered, Maltruant’s mastery over time allows him to easily keep up with even Ben 10,000’s strongest transformation. Just when all hope seems lost, Ben’s son Ken, aka Spanner, assists his father by bringing in a younger Ben and Rook for backup. While Maltruant ultimately escapes, the episode’s final moments perfectly sets things up for the series' inevitable conclusion.

#2: “A New Dawn”

Picking up from our last entry, this episode serves as a fitting end to the classic “Ben 10” continuity. With the fate of the universe at stake, Ben and Rook chase Maltruant across the timestream where they get into some rather interesting situations, such as meeting George Washington and even fighting a young Vilgax. In the end, Ben and Rook finally track down Maltruant to the point in time before the Big Bang occurs. After a long struggle and several heart-stopping near misses, Ben once again does the impossible and foils Maltruant’s plan by using the combined power of all his aliens to send Maltruant’s modified Big Bang right back at him.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“The Ultimate Heist”

Albedo Returns as Khyber’s Partner & Recreates the Ultimatrix


Ben & the Gang Meet Professor Paradox for the First Time

“Kevin 11”

Before He Became Ben’s Ally, They Were Bitter Enemies

“War of the Worlds”

Ben & His Allies Take on the Highbreed Invasion

“Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix"

In the TV Movie, Ben Searches the Universe for Azmuth to Prevent the Omnitrix from Self-Destructing

#1: “And Then There Were None”

How far are you willing to go to defeat your greatest enemy? For a guy like Vilgax, it turns out that that’s pretty far. After gathering an army of evil Bens to destroy a version of Ben without the Omnitrix, Vilgax and his allies soon come to blows with Ben prime and his team of good Bens. However, Vilgax soon betrays his allies and reveals that his true goal all along was to erase all Bens in the multiverse, including Ben prime. Fortunately, Vilgax fails to eliminate No Watch Ben, who successfully restores the Bens of the multiverse and helps his counterparts defeat Vilgax. The fact that No Watch Ben is the one to deliver the final blow in the following episode makes this victory all the more symbolic and enjoyable.