Top 10 Celeb Reactions to Winning at Awards Shows



Top 10 Celeb Reactions to Winning at Awards Shows

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These celebrity winning moments are amazing! For this list, we'll be looking at the most enthusiastic responses from celebrities who were victorious at awards ceremonies. Our countdown includes Amy Poehler, Jennifer Lawrence, Roberto Benigni, and more!

Top 10 Celeb Reactions to Winning at Awards Shows

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celeb Reactions to Winning at Awards Shows.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most enthusiastic responses from celebrities who were victorious at awards ceremonies. Though they’re an important part of these events, our main focus won’t be on the content of their speeches.

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#10: Amy Poehler

“71st Golden Globe Awards” (2014)

In 2014, Amy Poehler co-hosted the Golden Globes with Tina Fey for the second year in a row. But more importantly, Poehler finally won for her work as Leslie Knope on “Parks and Recreation.” While the nominees were being read, she received a shoulder massage from none other than Bono — seemingly to help relieve the tension. And when she was declared the winner, she planted a kiss on the U2 frontman! She then excitedly ran up to snag her prize, and was admittedly stunned by the well-deserved victory. Even when she's overwhelmed, Poehler knows how to capture our attention. We’d expect nothing less from such a comedy queen.

#9: Lady Gaga

“27th MTV Video Music Awards” (2010)

Lady Gaga dominated headlines following the VMAs in 2010. She was the biggest winner of the night, and wore more than one memorable outfit. You probably remember a certain meat dress she sported. While that fashion choice arguably dominated the moment, we can’t overlook the beauty of her reaction to winning the prize for “Video of the Year”. The singer was grateful and overwhelmed by all the love, which made for a beautifully raw moment. She then proceeded to reveal that her next record would be called “Born This Way.” As if that wasn’t exciting enough on its own, she even treated fans to a live sneak peek of the title song.

#8: Megan Thee Stallion

“63rd Annual Grammy Awards” (2021)

Megan Thee Stallion didn’t need to win “Best New Artist” for us to know she had arrived as a musical superstar. But the Texas rapper’s reaction to her victory showed what a massive moment this was for her. Much of her face was initially covered by a mask due to pandemic precautions, but it didn’t matter. You could still see pure disbelief wash over her when Lizzo announced her name to major applause from the crowd. As she went up to the microphone, she got quite choked up. Yet she also found space for humor, reacting to the loud engine of a passing car interrupting her speech. The Grammys might’ve looked different than usual, but this moment felt just as special as ever.

#7: Eddie Redmayne

“87th Academy Awards” (2015)

Redmayne made waves in 2014 when he portrayed Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.” And the Academy recognized his work in a pretty big way. You could see the fresh emotion on the actor’s face when Cate Blanchett said his name while presenting the nominees for “Best Actor”. So we can only imagine how it felt when he was actually named the winner. It was clear by his expression and the way he was embracing those near him that the significance of the moment wasn’t lost on him. Redmayne’s reaction could best be summed up as a mix of shock, awe, and excitement, which we’d say is rather fitting for the occasion.

#6: Jennifer Lawrence

“71st Golden Globe Awards” (2014)

In 2013, Jennifer Lawrence got her first Golden Globe for “Silver Linings Playbook.” About a year later, she did it again, this time for her work in “American Hustle.” But based on her reaction, you’d think that the actress was winning for the first time. She seemed genuinely flattered by the well-deserved honor. Her glee and amazement were absolutely infectious, as was her ability to launch into a speech that was both heartfelt and relatable. The star was nervous and shaky throughout, which made her all the more lovable. We can’t wait to see Lawrence continue to win many many more awards in the future, if only to see how she responds!

#5: Halle Berry

“74th Academy Awards” (2002)

Berry’s outstanding work in “Monster’s Ball” won her the Oscar for “Best Actress.” As her name was called, she became visibly shaken, and could be seen repeatedly saying “oh my god.” Perhaps she was trying to convince herself it was all real. When she made it up on stage to accept the prize, things only got more moving. She was struggling to breathe, and soon burst into tears, which tells you everything you need to know. Winning this award is special in any instance, but even more so for Berry because of its historic significance. She was the first Black woman to ever earn the “Best Actress” trophy. Her soul-stirring reaction and speech honored that triumph beautifully, and had us reaching for the tissue box.

#4: Adele

“54th Annual Grammy Awards” (2012)

The 2012 Grammys belonged to Adele. The English singer took home all six of the awards she was nominated for. In doing so, she also tied Beyoncé’s record for most Grammys won in one night by a female artist. When “21” was named Album of the Year, her emotions were immediately palpable. Upon hearing her name called, she put her hand to her chest, as if to make sure her heart was still beating. The feels continued as she went up on stage and hugged those around her. The “Someone Like You” singer was so touched that she could barely get her speech out at first! It was an overwhelmingly magical moment, to be sure.

#3: Roberto Benigni

“71st Academy Awards” (1999)

Winning an Academy Award can generate a wide range of emotions in people, from shock, to joy, to pure excitement. Roberto Benigni was all of those things and more when “Life Is Beautiful” earned the “Foreign Language Film” Oscar. Sophia Loren iconically declared him the winner, and he took it from there. Benigni ecstatically celebrated by getting up on the seats, before hopping up to accept the prize with a breathless speech that can only be described as legendary. He was also awarded the trophy for “Best Actor” at the ceremony, and while that reaction was slightly more subdued, it was no less spectacular. Benigni was a euphoric man on cloud nine at these Oscars, and it was impossible not to share in his jubilation.

#2: Beyoncé

“31st MTV Video Music Awards” (2014)

The “Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award” is a special honor given at the VMAs to artists who’ve had a substantial impact on the music industry. While the recipient is known in advance, it was still tremendous watching Beyoncé receive it. First, she tore the house down with an amazing 16-minute medley performance. She was then presented with the trophy by her husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy. Queen Bey was beyond moved, and you could tell she was proud to have her family by her side. The crowd’s thunderous cheers only amplified the moment, as she went on to express her utter gratitude and love. It was a fairly short segment, but in terms of emotional potency, it’s one that keeps on giving.

#1: Betty White

“41st People's Choice Awards” (2015)

When we think of words to describe the late great Betty White, “iconic” instantly springs to mind. So it’s only fitting that she won the award for “Favorite TV Icon” at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. The legendary actress and comedian stole the evening - and our hearts - with her heartwarming reaction. She was astonished and sentimental, which made us want to give her a huge hug. And the delight on her face was just about the sweetest thing we’d ever seen. The standing ovation spoke for itself, and her vibrant and sincere speech was just the cherry on top. White may be gone, but she’ll forever be one of the most beloved stars of all time - and this moment perfectly encapsulates why.