Top 10 Pokemon with the Weirdest Pokedex Entries



Top 10 Pokemon with the Weirdest Pokedex Entries

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Wait, the entry says what?! Join Ashley as we take a look at the craziest Pokedex entries, including the likes of "Kadabra", "Spoink", "Mimikyu", and more!
Script written by Garrett Alden

Top 10 Weirdest Pokédex Entries

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 weirdest Pokédex entries.

For this list, we’ll be going over the most baffling in-game information on Pokémon from Pokédexes in the “Pokémon” games.

If there’s a Pokédex entry that doesn’t match with reality which we didn’t manage to match up with our list, let us know in the comments!

#10: Darumaka

A roly-poly Fire-type Pokémon, Darumaka’s Pokédex entries can be broadly divided into two categories. The first kind focuses on Darumaka’s sleeping patterns, including trivia like its sleep cycle being tied to how strong its flames are, or that it can’t be knocked over when sleeping. These are fairly normal when it comes to Pokédex notes. The weird ones began in the Generation 6 games, which concern Darumaka’s…droppings. Apparently, their feces are so hot that people in the “Pokémon” world used to put them in their clothes during cold weather. Nothing like pocket poo to keep you warm in the winter, eh?

#9: Raichu

It may be the evolved form of “Pokémon”’s mascot, Pikachu, but Raichu gets considerably less attention than its predecessor. Which is weird, considering that it’s stronger – basically by definition. Another thing that’s weird is one of its Pokedex entries. While nearly all of them focus on how strong Raichu’s electrical attacks are or how its use of them can make it aggressive, its entry in “Pokémon FireRed” is particularly strange. It mentions that its shocks can even render an Indian elephant unconscious. Not only is the mention of a real-world animal weird (do they have regular elephants in the “Pokémon” world?), India is also somehow a place there. Either that, or it was somehow a foreshadowing for the creation of Copperajah.

#8: Pangoro

A towering panda that looks like a gangster, Pangoro is a powerful Fighting/Dark type Pokémon. Its Pokedex information suggests it can even send dump trucks flying. In addition to making them look cool, the leaves they keep in their mouths supposedly allow them to detect incoming movements. But the most bizarre info in the Pokedex is in “Pokémon Sun.” In this game’s Pokedex, it’s suggested that the only way for trainers to converse with Pangoro is with their fists. So…all the 10-year-olds who use these things in battle are able to beat up a 7-foot-tall bear?

#7: Drampa

Like its name suggests, Drampa is like a grandfatherly dragon. Its Pokedex entries mostly focus on how it’s a friend to children. However, they also touch on how wrathful it can be once properly roused. While most of these entries are just about general anger, the one from “Ultra Sun” is disturbingly specific. It says that if a child befriended by a Drampa is bullied, it will track down the bully’s residence and burn it to the ground! In addition to raising questions about how Drampas locate the bullies’ houses (can they use the internet?), it’s also worrying that the entry doesn’t say if there’s anyone inside the houses or not!

#6: Larvitar

A rocky, green reptilian Pokémon, Larvitar has an unusual life cycle. While its evolutions are odd enough, it’s its birth that raises eyebrows. According to the Pokedex, Larvitar eggs are laid deep underground and when they hatch, they burrow to the surface to see their parents’ faces. Aside from this going against most real-world animal behaviors, it’s also different from other Pokémon’s – it’s even directly contradicted in the anime and games with Larvitar hatching on the surface! The Pokedex also claims that Larvitar consumes not only soil, but also entire mountains – not in groups, mind you! One Larvitar alone! How are there any mountains at all if there’s a whole species of these things?

#5: Gorebyss

Gorebyss is plenty weird, simply by the fact of its biology – it’s a clam that turns into an eel! Despite its elegant appearance, Gorebyss is much more sinister than its looks would suggest. While most Pokedex entries portray it as a delicate herbivore that feeds on seaweed, its first games’ entries paint a different picture entirely. According to “Ruby” and “Sapphire,” Gorebyss lives at extreme depths and is unharmed by ordinary attacks. It’s also apparently a predator that inserts its thin mouth into its prey and drains them of their fluids! Neither the games or the anime seem to back up the idea that it’s an invincible, underwater mosquito. And boy are we thankful for that, because that sounds terrifying!

#4: Mimikyu

The perfect blend of creepy and cute, Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy Pokémon that wears a hood made to resemble Pikachu. Although some of its Pokedex entries make it clear that Mimikyu are lonely and imitate Pikachu to make friends, others make it clear that getting too close to them can spell disaster. Several Pokedex entries refer to people dying after seeing what lies beneath Mimikyu’s disguise, either from fright at the sight of it, or later of some terrible disease or pain. And catching Pokémon is a hobby for children in this world…

#3: Kadabra

Kadabra is one of the strangest Pokémon out there, with a lot of lore behind it. Some of its Pokedex entries concern its spoon, which is somehow tied to its powers. Even more concerning than its accessories though is its origins. According to several entries, Kadabra is supposedly a human child with psychic powers that somehow became a Pokémon. Out of universe, it’s probably a reference to Uri Geller, the psychic whose appearance Kadabra is partially based on. Or the anime “Akira.” But in-universe, it’s incredibly disturbing that one of your Pokémon might be a person enslaved to fight Pokémon for your amusement.

#2: Spoink

This adorable combination between a piglet and a spring has a bizarre edge to it. While Spoink apparently seeks out larger pearls to put on its head, its biology is even stranger than its hobby. According to Pokedex entries, if Spoink stops bouncing, its heart stops and it dies. We suppose it’s the same logic behind some sharks, which die if they stop swimming. It’s much more difficult to take it seriously when it’s a pogo-pig though, especially since there are lots of Spoinks seen in the franchise that don’t bounce and are still alive. Yet another example of the Pokedex having bizarre and wildly inaccurate “facts.”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Supposedly, These Masked Ghost Pokémon Are the Deceased Spirits of People!

It Can Become So Angry It DIES?!

The Shellder on Its Tail Is Constantly Poisoning It

Its Body Temperature Is Listed as Hotter Than the Surface of the Sun! HOW?!

#1: Drifloon

With its cute appearance and its resemblance to balloons, it’s no wonder why Drifloon is a favorite Pokémon of children. However, beneath its adorable exterior lies one of the creepiest backstories of a Pokémon…at least, according to Pokedex entries. Supposedly created from the spirits of people and Pokémon alike, Drifloon is apparently responsible for grabbing children and making them missing and/or dragging them to the afterlife! Again – a hobby for children! Kids could apparently grab them and get pulled down to the underworld. Why is this thing the Pokémon equivalent of Pennywise the clown?! They do all float, we suppose…