Top 20 Best Chips Flavors



Top 20 Best Chips Flavors

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This list is making us hungry. For this list, we'll be ranking the chips flavors that YOU deemed to be best, via our community suggestion page! Our countdown includes Taco, Bacon, Dill Pickle, Flamin' Hot, Buffalo Wing, and more!

Top 20 Chips Flavors

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 20 Chips Flavors.

For this list, we’ll be ranking the chips flavors that YOU deemed to be best, via our community suggestion page!

Did your favorite flavor take the top spot? Let us know in the comments, and let the battle begin!

#20: Taco

Chip flavors have surely come a long way over the years, with tons of unique and forward-thinking flavors hitting store shelves every year. Taco flavored chips are an idea that may have seemed odd back in the day, but at this point have filled grocery aisles for so long, that’s we’ve just accepted them as a normal, go-to flavor. And why not? You get the spicy, layered taste of a taco packed in the convenient and portable potato chip package. It’s a win-win all the way, no matter how you look at it.

#19: Loaded Potato Skin

One of the commenters from our original “Top 10 Potato Chip Flavors” list mentioned that this flavor was particularly popular in their native Sweden. We can totally see why, too, since the Loaded Potato Skin flavor of chip has thankfully found a foothold here in North America, and made us believers. The unctuous and complex flavor of the Loaded Potato Skin chip reminds us of our favorite, long-forgotten snack from Keebler, the almighty Tato Skins. If you don’t remember these, just imagine the most powerful, badass Potato Skin chip you’ve ever tasted and amplify that flavor by ten. Yep, they were that good.

#18: Bacon

Although the “everything goes better with bacon” trend seems to have died down a bit within the public consciousness, we’re not gonna sit here and front like we don’t devour some Bacon flavored chips every chance we get. It’s just a flavor that works so well with the chip format, it’s smoky and savory, and definitely addictive. Ok, so maybe vegans and vegetarians may not be necessarily down for the Bacon chip (which is why it’s not higher on our list), but we definitely need to give this flavor some love as one of the best around.

#17: Thai Sweet Chili

Regular Sweet Chili chips have certainly been around a while, and will make an appearance of their own later on in our list, but for now, we’d like to shine a light on a delicious…let’s say “sub-genre” of Sweet Chili Chip, the Thai Sweet Chili chip. This flavor focuses its tasting notes of garlic, vinegar, pepper, ginger and fish sauce to create an experience that’s slightly spicy, dynamic and, yes, pleasantly sweet. Yep, that sounds pretty good right about now.

#16: Dill Pickle

Ok, so not everyone appreciates a vinegary punch and bite when they enjoy their chips. But, for everyone out there whose favorite part of ordering a sandwich at a restaurant is seeing what kind of pickle they get, may we present: Dill Pickle Chips! Sometimes, they arrive armed with that Fried Dill Pickle flavor, while other brands focus on more of a traditional, semi-sour sort of pickle bite. We’re honestly here for all of it, and it seems as if the chip-buying public seems to agree, as grocery store shelves seem to be making more and more room for the humble Pickle Chip.

#15: All Dressed

The next flavor on our list is one that was, at one time, distinctly Canadian, but now seems to have crossed over to other countries, as well. We’re talking about the All Dressed flavor of chips, one that consumers probably most often see advertised by the Ruffles brand. Ketchup-y, barbeque-y and vinegary, All Dressed chips hit that perfectly balanced bite of sweet and savory, a flavor profile that’s definitely unforgettable. There’s also a pleasant saltiness to the All Dressed that adds punch to the sweeter flavor notes, making these chips a banger snack for days.

#14: Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper chips are probably the first “traditional” flavor on our list, one with a history that dates back decades. The flavor profile was reportedly pioneered by Chinese immigrants who settled in the English city of Liverpool, although today they’re enjoyed by distinguished chip connoisseurs all over the world. There’s a joy present within the simplicity of the Salt & Pepper chip, a basic Yin & Yang that just sort of makes sense to our taste buds. Sometimes, all of the weird and wacky flavors in the chip world can be a bit much, so it’s comforting to know that we’ll always have this classic flavor waiting in the wings.

#13: Buffalo Wing

To paraphrase and play on an old adage: in this world, there is nothing certain but death, taxes…and the deliciousness of buffalo wings. Seriously, we crave that heat and would swim in that sauce, were it socially accepted to do so. Putting aside our weird, not-at-all-obsessive daydreams for a moment, we also love it when that Buffalo Wing profile is doused on a chip, as well. And we don’t mean dipping those bad boys in sauce, either (although that is also delicious), but the badass Buffalo Wing chip! It combines the crispiness of a chip (kettle cooked, crinkle or regular, we don’t discriminate) with that perfect buffalo flavor…what can we say? We’re in heaven.

#12: Pizza

We mentioned Keebler Tato Skins earlier, but does anyone remember one of the company’s other uncommonly good snacks, the Pizzaria? No? Well, don’t be jealous, but they were delicious, and came in three distinct flavors: Cheese, Zesty Pepperoni and Pizza Supreme. Although Keebler’s Pizzarias may be gone, many local Italian restaurants have taken it upon themselves to whip up their own, unique takes on the Pizza chip flavor profile, often with equally delectable results. In fact, a quick internet search reveals tons of homemade hacks to make your own pizza-flavored chips at home, so why not play culinary mad scientist and give it a try?

#11: Honey Barbeque

The next chip flavor on our list is for when you’re craving that spicy barbeque bite with your chip, but also want a little bit of a sugary kick to take the edge off. Enter Honey Barbeque chips, the ultimate stackable behemoth that may not be good for your waistline, but boy are they easy on the taste buds. We personally love how most Honey Barbecue chips lead off with that pungent, garlicky taste first, before then hitting us with that sweet honey flavor. Honey Barbeque chips also go great with a sandwich, if we do say so ourselves. Damn, is this list making anyone else hungry?

#10: Jalapeño

Ok, so not everyone wants their faces melted off when they eat a chip. For those who just desire an introductory taste of heat with their chip, Jalapeño is the one. This isn’t to say that the Jalapeño flavor is somehow inferior, but it’s just a more easily accessible heat that makes it easy to enjoy, rather than treating every bite like an endurance test. This flavor is punchy, but pleasant, the perfect accompaniment for a lazy Sunday on the couch, or as a snack to watch the big game. Don’t sleep on Jalapeño.

#9: Cheddar Cheese

Cheese heads, where you at? Cheddar Cheese flavored chips provide a powerful punch for those with discriminating taste. The chip flavor landscape offers plenty of opportunities to be cheesy, but Cheddar Cheese chips are definitely a cut above. Powerful and pungent, these chips may be delicious, but the cheesy, dusty residue also wreaks havoc on those fingertips, while also making you instantly regret wearing that white t-shirt. But you know what? It’s all worth it, because who doesn’t love some indulgent, cheddar-y goodness? Clothes come and go, but cheddar is forever.

#8: Salt & Vinegar

Let’s face it: Salt & Vinegar chips are an unequivocal classic, an all-time banger with flavor fans all over the world. It’s another flavor profile that’s simple, yet oh-so-effective; that kickin’ combination that plays tonsil-hockey with your tastebuds and makes them beg for more. Yep, Salt & Vinegar chips might just be the most addictive and crave-able on this list, especially when we’re just snacking mindlessly on the couch. Oh, and make no mistake: we all do that. Salt & Vinegar just doesn’t judge you for it. They’re here for you, and want to make that couch time as tasty as possible.

#7: Plain

Didn’t think we’d go plain, didja? Well, why not? Pure potato flavor is underrated, especially when taking into account the myriad of flavor experiments making the rounds every day. The Plain potato chip ensures the integrity of the snack experience, and allows the taster to truly see what their chip has to offer. Sometimes, you may get a Dark Russet, while other times you crave that savory, kettle cooked goodness. Plain potato chips don’t let any trendy flavor profiles get in the way of their good time. Instead, they just want to impress you the old-fashioned way. A classic never goes out of style.

#6: Flamin’ Hot

Standing in opposition to our earlier discussion of Jalapeño chips, the Flamin’ Hot variety dares you to walk on the wild side, to step over the edge, and into the fire. Different brands of chips possess different Scoville units of heat, and bring different types of heat to the table. The tortilla chip game is one where different levels of heat are always vying for your attention, while something like Lay’s Flamin’ Hot flavor takes the idea of a hot chip, and tempers expectations a bit. This flavor is hot, sure, but not hot enough where you’re only gonna eat one or two. Instead, these chips just want to bring enough heat to keep you wanting more.

#5: Sweet Chili

The classic, Sweet Chili flavor profile is one that’s deliciously complex, yet simultaneously universal in its appeal. There’s a slight paprika kick and a certain fruitiness to the best brands of Sweet Chili chips, such as the Red Rock brand that combines their flavor with a little bit of sour cream. It’s just a delicious snack that’s a bit outside the box, but not so strange that it can’t be sold at your local deli or sandwich shop. We all love to be impressed with the flavors of our sweet and salty snacks, and Sweet Chili always seems to deliver that consistent crunch each and every time.

#4: Barbeque

Make no mistake: Barbeque chips are a sandwich’s best friend. We’re entering the “best of the best” territory now, with Barbeque chips coming in with one decided advantage: variety. That’s because, just like barbeque sauce itself, the Barbeque chip can vary wildly, and fans are very particular about their favorite. You may want some Kansas City sweet in your life, or that vinegar bite you get from East North Carolina. Mustard is a big part of the barbeque experience, too, and many chips lean hard on this savory component. No matter how you wanna do your barbeque chip, make it your own, and your meal will always thank you.

#3: Sour Cream & Onion

If one were to scan the chip aisle at your local grocery store, you’d see dozens of different chip flavors. Filter out that scan to just include Sour Cream & Onion style chips…well, you’d probably still find dozens of varieties. This is thanks to just how popular this flavor profile is with consumers. It’s almost universal how appreciated this savory and indulgent snack has become, it’s easily in the upper echelon of chip flavors. Each brand does it differently, too, with some leaning on the creamier side of things, while still others want to curl your toes with that onion flavor. We don’t discriminate: we’ll take any sort of Sour Cream & Onion chip out there on the table.

#2: Nacho Cheese

We’ve made it a point to celebrate the word “chip” throughout this list, without specifically trying to differentiate between potato, tortilla, or any of the other wonderful snacks we love so much. For our number two pick, however, there’s just no denying it: we love some mutha-truckin’ Doritos. We know that other chips have some deliciously tasty nacho cheese varieties out there, but is there any substitute for that satisfying feeling of totally over-indulging in one’s Nacho Cheese fetish? We don’t think so, and if we’re wrong…well, we don’t want to be right.

#1: Cool Ranch/Ranch

Although we just mentioned Doritos in our last entry, here, we just want to celebrate the Ranch flavor as a whole. It’s mighty in every way, whether you’re downing some Cool Ranch Doritos, or inhaling a handful of Wavy Lay’s Ranch chips. They work as a snack, a side dish or for that extra layer of crunch lurking between the bread of your sandwich. After all, Ranch dressing is super popular on salads for a reason, and we just love that combination of herbs, pepper and buttermilk that go into every delectable example of these crunchy delights.