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Top 10 Crazy Oreo Flavors

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The good, the bad, and the...Fruit Punch? For this list, we'll be looking at some of the tastiest and strangest sounding Oreo flavors that were only released in limited quantities and/or for special occasions. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten Oreo flavors you didn't know existed.
Top 10 Oreo Flavors You Didn't Know Existed
Warning: do not watch this video on an empty stomach. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top ten Oreo flavors you didn’t know existed.

For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the tastiest and strangest sounding Oreo flavors that were only released in limited quantities and/or for special occasions.

#10: Ice Cream Oreo Rainbow “Shure, Bert”

Released as part of the Ice Cream Oreo line, which takes its flavors from popular varieties of ice cream, this limited edition cookie combines golden cookies with filling flavored like sherbet…. or is it sorbet? Sherbert? Look, we’re not exactly sure what the exact nomenclature is, and that brings us to the one downside to this cookie: the head-scratcher of a name. Who exactly is Bert, and what exactly is “sure” in this scenario? Is this a Sesame Street thing? Just like we’ll probably never get a chance to taste this one, we’ll most likely never get that name either! Could it be Burt Reynolds? Give us a hint, here, Nabisco!

#9: Limeade

On a hot summer day, a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade is hard to beat, but its lime-flavored cousin comes close for a lot of people. Released in 2014, this flavor combines two vanilla wafers with a lime-flavored filling, and sounds like it would probably make a refreshing snack when served cold. We’re not totally sure why these are considered to be Limeade flavored and not just lime, but regardless we’d love to give these citrus-infused cookies a taste on a hot summer afternoon - maybe with a little ice cream and a cold drink?

#8: Creamsicle

Speaking of tasty treats best enjoyed in hot weather, this next flavor comes from a summertime institution: the ever-welcome creamsicle. This melty snack combines an outer layer of frozen juice with an inner core of creamy ice cream, making it as delicious as it is prone to creating a goopy mess when exposed to even the slightest amount of sunlight. Released in time for National Creamsicle Day, the Oreo version combines vanilla wafers with orange and vanilla filling to replicate the flavor of an orange creamsicle. This is another good candidate to serve cold, and comes with the added benefit of being significantly less messy.

#7: Banana Split

A time-honored favorite at ice cream parlors everywhere, this frozen treat combines a chilled and split banana with three scoops of ice cream (one chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry), finished off with whipped cream and a variety of toppings. Originally invented by a pharmacy assistant in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, back when pharmacies also functioned as ice cream and soda shops, the dish took off and has been a staple of indulgent diets ever since. The Oreo flavor combines a golden wafer, a chocolate wafer and a combination of strawberry and banana flavored fillings. It’s not quite as decadent as the real thing, but it sounds nonetheless delicious - not to mention substantially less messy!

#6: Ice Cream Oreo Berry Burst

Another entry from Oreo’s ice cream-inspired line, this one comes with berry-flavored filling in between two chocolate wafers. But despite what the name may promise, these cookies mostly taste of strawberries. Now listen, Nabisco… we like strawberries as much as anyone, but you can’t promise a “berry burst” and just deliver one berry. It’s the principle of the thing, one berry does not make for a burst. We know, it’s a silly thing to get hung up on, but we’ve got standards. We’d still love to see these cookies became a permanent fixture on store shelves, but we’d be even more jazzed for them if they lived up to the name.

#5: Caramel Apple

A fairground treat that pairs perfectly with greasy food and hayrides, this time-honored snack takes a healthy, wholesome, and let’s face it, boring old apple and takes it up a notch with a coating of delicious caramel. The Oreo flavor, which was released exclusively at Target stores in 2014, replicates this with vanilla wafers and a caramel apple flavored filling. While it isn’t guaranteed to conjure up pleasant memories of state fairs and that time you got sick on the tilt-a-whirl, this Oreo flavor does come with the benefit of giving you the taste of a caramel apple without the whole apple part. Because let’s be honest… once you finish the caramel, the apple is just dead weight.

#4: Watermelon

Perhaps one of the greatest flavors ever discovered, the watermelon is another terrific summertime treat, perfect for days at the beach and bewildering comedy routines from days gone by. (B-roll note: insert Gallagher clip here). Released for a limited time in summer 2013, this Oreo flavor replicates the taste of watermelon with two golden wafers and a layer of red and green watermelon flavored filling, bringing you the taste of watermelon without all the seeds and sticky juice getting everywhere. Then again… aren’t the seeds and mess part of the fun? Either way, this is one seriously compelling Oreo flavor.

#3: Jelly Donut

The variety of donut from which this Oreo takes its inspiration includes a jelly filling and usually a dusting of icing sugar. With varieties around the globe including the Berliner from Germany, the Sufganiya from Israel, and the Japanese Anpan (which contains red bean paste in place of jelly), it could be argued that this is actually the doughnut of choice around the world. Oreo released a limited edition cookie based on this international confection in 2017, with two golden wafers sandwiching a layer of vanilla creme, with a dollop of jelly flavored cream in the center. The sensation of eating a jelly donut is hard to replicate, but this sounds as close as a cookie can get.

#2: Fruit Punch

You’d think fruit punch gets its name from the feeling you get after drinking enough of the alcoholic variety to knock you senseless, but the term “punch” actually comes from the Sanskrit word ‘pañc’, meaning five. Why five? Because the drink is traditionally made with five ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, lemon and either tea or spices for flavoring. Hundreds of years after sailors brought it to England, the name is now used for a variety of sugary-fruit flavored drinks, as well as this 2014 limited edition Oreo, which combines golden wafers with fruit punch flavored filling. No alcohol, though, so don’t go overindulging in an attempt to get cookie-drunk.

Before we bite into our number one pick, take a look at these honorable mentions

Grape & Peach

Swedish Fish

Root Beer Float

#1: Firework

No, the folks at Nabisco didn’t find a way to put dazzling, multicolored pyrotechnic rockets inside a cookie, but these do contain enough exploding candy to make every bite feel like the Fourth of July. For those not familiar, exploding candy or Pop Rocks, is a crystal candy first introduced by General Foods in the mid 1970s that fizzes and pops when dissolved, either in water or your mouth. Originally released in 2017, Fireworks Oreos have a similar fizzy confectionery mixed in with the filling, adding a pop to the usual Oreo flavor. Like Candy Corn-flavored Oreos, (**xref) this flavor combines Oreo cookies with a candy for fun and tasty results - and, rumor has it, may be set to return to store shelves sometime in the near future.

Fireworks footage

Pop Rocks commercialsl

**Xref Candy Corn Oreos

Candy Corn How It’s made

In what year was the Oreo cookie introduced?
1912 (correct)

What is the first ingredient in original oreos?
Wheat flour (correct)
Vegetable Oil
Glucose-Fructose Syrup

Australia is home to a popular punch recipe dating back to the mid-19th century known as “Blow My Skull Off”.