Top 10 Goku and Vegeta Team Up Fights



Top 10 Goku and Vegeta Team Up Fights

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Alexander
Only besties beat up alien tyrants together. Join Ashley as we look over the times where Goku and Vegeta teamed up to take on galactic threats, as seen across the likes of "Dragon Ball Z", "Dragon Ball GT", "Dragon Ball Super", and more!
Script written by Jonathan Alexander

Top 10 Goku and Vegeta Team Up Fights

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Goku and Vegeta Team Up Fights.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the best moments that saw these iconic rivals battle alongside one another.

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#10: Vs. Universe 9

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

While this long-running shonen is no stranger to world-ending peril, the stakes have never been quite as high as they are here. With the threat of universal erasure on the line, Goku and Vegeta have no choice but to go all out in the “Tournament of Power'” - even if it means begrudgingly working together. When Universe 9 and the devious Trio of Danger make an early gambit against Universe 7’s strongest, they get a friendly reminder of how overpowered these saiyans have become. Outnumbered but more than capable, the highlight of this fight comes when they combine their iconic beams for a Kamehameha-meets-Final Flash finale. When working together, these two almost eliminated a whole universe’s team by themselves - now that’s sending a message.

#9: Vs. Whis

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

If there’s one surefire way to get this duo in the same room, it’s to mention training, though they bite off a bit more than they could chew by requesting a sparring session with the all-powerful angel, Whis. As the mentor of God of Destruction Beerus, Whis possesses an unrivaled speed that makes it nearly impossible to lay even a finger on him, turning the scrimmage into a humbling game of tag for. Despite the stacked odds, it’s always a delight to see the two pair up, especially in a fight with refreshingly low stakes. Though their teamwork isn’t quite up to par yet, it does lay the groundwork for future partnerships, even if they’re still a ways from competing with Whis.

#8: Vs. Kid Buu

“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

Don’t let the bubblegum color palette fool you - Kid Buu is as evil as they come, and he has the skills to back it up. When Super Saiyan 3 and even fusion fail to subdue the bite-sized villain, there’s only one chance left: the Spirit Bomb. While Goku charges up his iconic technique, it’s up to Vegeta to stall Buu. This fight stands out as it sees them working together, but not in the form of a traditional two-on-one fight like we've become accustomed to. It’s a clever take on the last-minute-teamup trope that allows the begrudging warriors to save Earth while maintaining their saiyan pride. With this, they don’t have to fuse again, and afterwards, the bitter rivalry can continue as scheduled.

#7: Vs. Jiren

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

When even the godly Ultra Instinct failed to overpower Universe 11’s ace, Earth’s best had no choice but to set aside their differences for the sake of the cosmos. From the moment the two power up, side by side, to some of the strongest forms we’ve ever seen in the franchise, it’s clear this is about to be a fight for the ages. With the occasional assist from Android 17, it’s a bombastic, riveting sequence that combines creative choreography, clever combo attacks, and great animation to make a battle that ranks among the best in all of “Super.” Even with fusion, these two have never worked together so well - and the utter epicness of it all more than makes the wait worthwhile.

#6: Vs. Meta Cooler

“Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge” (1991)

While the older films aren’t canon to the series, this still marks the first animated instance of the duo fighting together. Goku’s bested Cooler before, but thanks to a new self-healing metal body, this time it takes the full might of two super saiyans to even make a dent. It’s a drawn-out, ferocious brawl - and that’s before Meta Cooler reveals his clone army. Prideful to the end, the pair use the last of their strength to power up just as Meta Cooler’s army charges. It’s one of the most iconic shots from not just the films, but all of “Dragon Ball.” Even though they lose this round, it still stands out as one of the most well-earned team ups in the whole franchise.

#5: Vs. Super Buu

“Dragon Ball Z” (1989-96)

After absorbing Gohan and the other Z warriors, it seemed the parasitic Super Buu had become unbeatable. But Goku and Vegeta have never been good at accepting defeat, and with no other options, they begrudgingly use the Potara Earrings to fuse into Vegito. It was the first time in canon the two set aside their differences, made all the more impactful when considering at the time, they believed the fusion would be permanent. While it’s a brilliantly symbolic conclusion to their dynamic, it also delivers as a fantastically fun battle, making the most of Vegito’s effortlessly cool demeanor and flashy techniques.

#4: Vs. Omega Shenron

“Dragon Ball GT” (1996-97)

While the fight with Buu marked the end of the original manga, the finale of “GT” managed to find an even more poetic conclusion for the bitter rivals. How do you top a fusion of the two strongest characters in the series? With an even stronger fusion, of course! Enter: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Omega Shenron may possess the negative energy of every Dragon Ball wish across the franchise, but his bout with Gogeta is more a beatdown than a proper fight. Given the full-circle nature of the villain, having the renowned adversaries fuse once more to duke it out against what was, at the time, “Dragon Ball’s” final boss, is not just a cathartic end for these characters, but the entire series altogether.

#3: Vs. Fused Zamasu

“Dragon Ball Super” (2015-18)

This time-traveling arc offers plenty of action, so while it’s a treat seeing the saiyan duo partake in one of the series’ few two-on-two fights against Goku Black and Zamasu, the real meat of the conflict comes when the antagonists fuse. What was an even-playing field becomes a riveting game of cat-and-mouse until Goku and Vegeta decide to fight fusion with fusion. As the first time Vegito’s returned since his debut in “Z,” it was everything we wanted. It utilizes the fusion’s iconic techniques, alongside some excellent animation, to give the pompous God the reckoning he deserved.

#2: Vs. Janemba

“Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn” (1995)

If we have one complaint about this fight, it’s that it’s over almost as soon as it begins, but that’s what happens when the two strongest heroes in the franchise fuse for the first time. Before Vegito debuted in the main series, this noncanonical film introduced us to Gogeta in one of the quickest victories “Dragon Ball” has ever seen. With the demonic Janemba terrorizing the afterlife, and his quirky abilities proving troublesome, Goku and Vegeta play the only card left up their sleeve: the fusion dance. It’s an undeniably awesome showcase of strength, single-handedly propelling this briefly-seen fusion into a fan-favorite.

#1: Vs. Super Broly

“Dragon Ball Super: Broly” (2018)

After showing up in “Fusion Reborn” and “GT”, “Broly” marked the first animated appearance of Gogeta in over twenty years - and we can’t think of a better way to return. Following their ample development in “Super,” it’s downright cathartic seeing Goku and Vegeta immediately fuse when it’s clear neither of them can best the rampaging Broly on their own. Their teamwork is rewarded with one of the best fights in all of “Dragon Ball,” with first-rate animation, character-driven stakes, and power levels so high it literally tears open the universe. It showcases how far the two have come without diminishing the epic scope of the battle, encapsulating everything that makes this long-running fighting shonen so popular to this day.